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Huge convoy of Ferraris takes over London

Ferrari is determined not to let its 70th anniversary pass without fanfare. The Prancing Horse is galloping around the world, with a series of events designed to mark 70 years of the world’s favourite supercar brand. In the UK, Ferrari is the midst of a nationwide tour of the official dealer network, with the London […]

35 hot new cars still to come in 2017

Just because we’re halfway through the year doesn’t mean we’re running low on new cars to get excited about. Here are 35 new models currently scheduled to roll off the production line before the end of 2017. More new car advice on Motoring Research The 30 hottest new cars of 2017… so far Revealed: the […]

The 30 hottest new cars of 2017… so far

We’re already racing through 2017 so, as the halfway point of the year approaches, we’ve taken a look at the best new cars launched so far. These are the cars we’d be spending our own money on. More new car advice on Motoring Research:  Revealed: the best-selling cars in May 2017 Best new cars for […]