Honda Civic Swindon 2015

Honda secures Swindon plant with £200 million investment

Honda Civic Swindon 2015Honda has revealed the future of its Swindon car plant is secure by announcing it will receive £200 million investment to build the next generation Civic. Read more

Audi TTS review: 2015 first drive

Audi TTS review: 2015 first drive

Audi TTS review: 2015 first drive

More driver-oriented than ever. But it still won’t be the first choice for keen drivers. Read more

2015 Vauxhall Adam Grand Slam

Vauxhall Adam Grand Slam review: 2015 first drive

2015 Vauxhall Adam Grand SlamThe hottest Vauxhall Adam yet offers impressive performance and agility. But with premium pricing can it compete it a tough market?  Read more

Alfa Romeo Mito within the London Congestion Charge zone

London Ultra-Low Emission Zone gets green light for 2020

Alfa Romeo Mito within the London Congestion Charge zoneLondon will become the world’s first city to operate an ultra-low emission zone from 7 September 2020, London Mayor Boris Johnson has confirmed. 

The ultra-low emission zone, or ULEZ, will operate within the London Congestion Charge zone – but run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

London ULEZ map

It requires vehicles to meet defined emissions standards to travel for free; for cars, this means petrol cars must be compliant with Euro 4 exhaust emissions standards, which came into force on 1 January 2006.

It means petrol cars aged 14 years or younger will be able to drive within the ULEZ for free from 7 September 2020.

However, for diesel cars, the regulations are tougher: they stipulate cars must meet Euro 6 emissions standards, which only become mandatory for all new cars sold on 1 September 2015.

It means the youngest diesel cars able to travel for free will be aged five years or younger – it’s concerns over diesel tailpipe emissions, particularly levels of NOx, that have encouraged Transport for London to act.

For cars not meeting ULEZ standards, a £12.50 daily charge will be enforced.

Those living within the ULEZ will, however, have a three year ‘sunset period’: they won’t have to meet the new ULEZ standards until September 2023.

ULEZ: improving air quality

Michele Dix, managing director of planning at TfL, said: “London’s air quality has an impact on the health of every person living in this city which is why addressing emissions from road transport is such a priority.

“The ULEZ is a feasible and effective way to improve air quality not only in central London but it will also have a positive impact across the whole city too.

“We believe that giving owners of non-compliant vehicles more than five years to prepare means that they have fair warning to decide whether to change their vehicle to one that meets the emissions standards of the zone or pay a daily charge.”

Car industry trade body the SMMT supported the move. Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: “The London ULEZ will play a key role in driving the market for ultra low emission vehicles in Europe’s leading mega city, and set a precedent not only in the UK but around the world.

“SMMT supports this vision and wants to see London meet its air quality and climate change targets, while driving innovation and supporting jobs.

“We are pleased to see the Mayor has recognised that the latest diesel technology has a place in an Ultra Low Emissions Zone. It is only by encouraging motorists to invest in the latest, lowest emission technology, regardless of vehicle or fuel type, that the Mayor’s vision be fully realised.”

Jeremy Clarkson ‘fracas’ – official BBC investigation findings in full

Jeremy Clarkson

The BBC has announced that Jeremy Clarkson will not be returning to Top Gear following a ‘fracas’ which left a producer with injuries requiring hospital attention. This is the official statement, in full, by BBC director general Tony Hall.

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Jeremy Clarkson

Official: Jeremy Clarkson dropped from Top Gear

Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson has been axed by the BBC following an internal investigation over a ‘fracas’ with a producer.

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Skoda Superb 2015

Skoda Superb SE Business launched for company drivers

Skoda Superb 2015Skoda has introduced a new SE Business variant of the new 2015 Superb that’s aimed specifically at company car drivers. Read more

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: I want Jeremy Clarkson’s job

Boris Johnson

London mayor Boris Johnson has said that he would put his name forward for the role of Top Gear presenter, should Jeremy Clarkson be sacked over allegedly punching a producer.

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Westminster drivers hit with £20 fines for not turning their engines off


Westminster City Council has launched a crackdown on motorists who leave their car idling and refuse to turn it off – issuing £20 fines in a bid to tackle pollution.

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Great Motoring Disasters Saab

Great Motoring Disasters: Saab

Great Motoring Disasters SaabThis is a tale of desperate behind-the-scenes manoeuvrings, corporate jealousy and a slow, accidental death. A death inadvertently triggered, bizarrely, by Jaguar and Ford. And less inadvertently by General Motors. Read more