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Speeders get 1-minute grace period on smart motorways

New research reveals that when a speed limit changes on a smart motorway, drivers have a one-minute ‘grace period’ before cameras will flash them.
Speed cameras UKShutterstock

Revealed: the margin for error for UK speed cameras

It's one of the great burning motoring questions, be they speed demons or straight-laced. What can you 'get away with' when it comes to speed cameras?
Smart motorway cameras always onTegiwa Imports

PROOF that smart motorway cameras are always on

If you wanted proof that smart motorway speed cameras are always on, even when the gantries aren’t, here it is. Pictures of a driver getting flashed
French speed camera tolerancesShutterstock

French speed cameras 'much stricter' than in the UK

A new report claims tolerances for French speed cameras are much tighter than in the UK – here's how to avoid getting fined.