Asda fuel savings 2020Asda

Fuel prices UP for the second consecutive month

Fuel prices increased by 3p a litre in July. It costs £2 more to fill tank with petrol or diesel than it did at the start of the month.
2035 petrol and diesel ban could be brought forward to 2030Shutterstock

Can diesel engines CLEAN urban air?

A rather shocking report finds that, depending on the environment a diesel car is operating in, it can actually clean the air it’s driving through.
Diesel use down for the first time in a decadeShutterstock

UK diesel use in decline for the first time in a decade

'Decline of diesel’, often refers to a fall in diesel car sales. Now, the actual amount of diesel that the UK has burned in its vehicles is down
Drivers oppose diesel banShutterstock

84 percent of drivers oppose city diesel bans

The majority of motorists say they oppose plans to ban diesel cars in city centres, such as planned by Bristol from 2021.
'make or break' for diesel in 2020Shutterstock

Why 2020 will be ‘make or break’ year for diesel

Diesel’s difficult journey over the last few years may be about to come to a head, with some claiming 2020 will be 'make or break' for the under-fire fuel.
Extinction Rebellion fire engineBruno Mameli /

Extinction Rebellion uses dirty diesel for climate change protest

Painting the town red: Extinction Rebellion used a Dennis Sabre fire engine with an 8.3-litre diesel engine to protest against climate change.
Nissan criticised over dirty diesel responseNissan

Nissan slammed by DVSA for failing to fix Qashqai diesel

Nissan has come under fire from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency for its reluctance to tackle excessive emissions from the Qashqai dCi diesel.
diesel engine emissions real-world tests londonShutterstock

U-turn by EU lawmakers could mean a total ban on diesel cars

The European Commission has been found guilty of illegally allowing a huge loophole in diesel emissions regulations. We assess the implications for diesel-powered cars
EV power

Will electric cars outsell diesel by 2020?

Ready to ditch your diesel-buying sensibilities? A survey, backed up by SMMT figures, suggests we’ll be well on our way by 2020.
Diesel's decline

Diesel new car share could plummet to just 5% by 2030

New predictions indicate the rate of diesel decline is more severe than ever