Polestar Precept reveals exciting future for Volvo EV brand

Polestar Precept Geneva 2020

Polestar has revealed the Precept concept ahead of its debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. It’s an ‘expression of intent’, designed to show Polestar’s future design and philosophical direction. It might have already snagged the title of Geneva 2020’s coolest concept.

Even the name ‘Precept’ tells the car’s story, meaning ‘a manifesto of things to come, a declaration’. For Polestar, it’s the biggest diversion yet away from parent company Volvo in terms of design and ambition.

Polestar Precept Geneva 2020

“Precept is a declaration, a vision of what Polestar stands for and what makes the brand relevant,” says Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar.

“The car is a response to the clear challenges our society and industry face. This is not a dream of a distant future, Polestar Precept previews future vehicles and shows how we will apply innovation to minimise our environmental impact.”

Firstly, that styling. It’s a proper knockout, isn’t it? It might be the first EV design to do away with the internal combustion design trope of an air intake at the front, and look good for it. Polestar says the grille has been replaced by a ‘Smartzone’. Instead of an inlet, there’s an arsenal of sensors to aid the car’s autonomous efforts.

‘From breathing to seeing. An area which once channelled air to radiators… now houses technology for safety sensors and driver assistance’, says the company. In the Smartzone are two radar sensors and a high-definition camera, while at the top of the glasshouse is a lidar pod.

Polestar Precept Geneva 2020

Otherwise, Polestar says the design ethos for the Precept is ‘minimalistic athleticism’. You can see its Volvo roots, but there’s more definition and much more aggression. The ‘Thor’s hammer’ lighting has been split into two pieces, for example, for a more Polestar-specific design.

The styling is also aimed at improving aerodynamics. The integrated front wing gets air flowing over the car more efficiently, while the rear features vertical aero elements integrated into the light bar.

The Precept is also designed to be practical, with a large 3.1-metre wheelbase and a boot that latches high up for a large aperture. 

Polestar Precept Geneva 2020

“Polestar Precept’s aesthetics are rooted in cutting-edge technology rather than looking back in time at historical, automotive references,” said Maximilian Missoni, head of design at Polestar.

On the inside, Polestar has pushed the envelope of sustainable material use. New flax-based composites for cabin panels and seat-backs shave weight by 50 percent, and plastic waste by 80 percent. In place of leather comes a 3D-knitted fabric made from recycled PET bottles. The seat bolsters and headrests are made of recycled cork vinyl and the carpets from reclaimed fishing nets.

Polestar Precept Geneva 2020

In terms of technology, the new portrait 15-inch centre touchscreen and 12.5-inch driver display use a next-generation interface powered by Android. Very Tesla-esque, but a generation or two ahead. The instrument cluster also houses driver monitoring sensors, including eye-tracking.

Curiously, no mention is made of what powers the Precept, besides how the ‘large battery pack’ and its location in the car enable its sleek looks.

You’ll be able to see the Precept at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, March 5-15, in Hall 5. We wonder if Mr Musk will pay the stand a visit.

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