Smart motorway refuge

How to use the emergency refuge areas on smart motorways

Emergency refuge areas are a safe haven for stranded vehicles on busy smart motorways – but many motorists don’t know what they are or how to use them.
Smart motorway section of the M1

Smart motorway safety plan revealed by government

Transport secretary Grant Shapps has responded to safety concerns over smart motorways with a series of 18 measures to improve driver confidence.
Smart motorways slammed in MP's reportShutterstock

Explained: The pros and cons of smart motorways

We look at the advantages and disadvantages of smart motorways, and what comes next for these controversial roads in the UK.
smart motorway rollout haltedRAC

Smart motorway rollout is put on hold, pending safety review

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has put the expansion of the smart motorway network on hold, following a high number of road deaths.
speed awareness courses cancelledShutterstock

Speeders get 1-minute grace period on smart motorways

New research reveals that when a speed limit changes on a smart motorway, drivers have a one-minute ‘grace period’ before cameras will flash them.
Smart motorways slammed in MP's report

Smart motorways: "I was totally misled," says MP

Sir Mike Penning, the MP who gave the go-ahead to smart motorways, has strongly criticised safety on the roads in a new report.
Smart motorways 2020

Smart motorway 'near misses' soar by 2,000 percent

A section of the M25 motorway has seen a 20-fold increase in 'near misses' since it was converted to a 'smart' all-lanes-running system.
Smart Motorway stopped vehicle detection doesn't always work

Smart motorways don’t always detect broken down cars

It’s been revealed that the SVD system, currently in use on the M25 and proposed for other smart motorways, isn't always effective
Smart motorways slammed in MP's reportShutterstock

Part-time hard shoulders are 'too complicated', says motorways boss

The chief executive of Highways England has described dynamic smart motorways, with a temporary hard shoulder, as “too complicated for people to use”.
Rex X smart motorwaysHighways England

Smart motorways should be banned, says road safety group

A road safety and breakdown organisation is calling for an immediate halt to the smart motorway network – but Highways England insists they are safe.