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How to use the Eurotunnel for a holiday abroad

The Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is the quickest way to cross the English Channel. It takes just 35 minutes to travel from platform to platform.

Blanket motorway tolls planned for Europe

Germany is considering the introduction of blanket motorway tolls across Europe as part of its presidency of the European Union.
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Are you aware of these European driving rules?

Here are 12 European driving rules you may not be aware of, including carrying a spare pair of glasses in Switzerland and not driving off-road in Iceland.
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The UK has the second safest roads in Europe

British roads are among the safest in Europe, according to new figures – only Sweden is safer. But the number of deaths in eastern Europe is much higher.
New cars in Britain

Britain has newer cars than every European country – apart from one

Figures show that only Luxembourg has a newer fleet of vehicles than Great Britain, where sales have been propped up by affordable finance and PPI payments.
Two-thirds of Brits think you drive ON THE LEFT in France and SpainShutterstock

Two-thirds of Brits think you drive ON THE LEFT in France and Spain

A staggering 62 percent of UK drivers mistakenly believe they drive on the left in Spain and France, according to a new survey of 1,253 motorists.
London is the worst city for touristsShutterstock

London is the second worst city to drive in as a tourist

Not Nice: London is named the second worst European city to drive in as a tourist, while Frankfurt and Nice are named the best cities for holidaymakers.
European cars you can’t buyMotoring Research / Alfa Romeo

No Deal: European cars we can’t buy in the UK

Presenting a list of 20 cars you can buy in Europe, but are strictly off limits in UK showrooms
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The essentials you didn’t know you needed for driving to Europe

The DVLA has warned motorists of the essential documents you might need when taking a European road trip
Revealed: Europe’s most popular compact SUVs

Revealed: Europe’s most popular compact SUVs

Figures reveal the compact SUVs that are being bought across Europe right now