Hot air: the worst cars for real-world CO2 emissions

Cars are emitting an average of 39% more CO2 than official figures state - here are the worst offenders

We're not buying enough electric cars

Environmental audit committee warns that Britain is unlikely to meet its climate change targets
Opel Vauxhall Astra

Europe’s car makers concede: ‘We know the fuel economy test is obsolete’

Bring on RDE Real Driving Emissions say Europe’s 15 car, van, truck and bus makers: we’re ready (but is the EC?)
Volkswagen Passat diesel

Volkswagen to buy back half a million dieselgate cars

480,000 US owners to receive buy-back offer as part of agreement in principal with US authorities
Nissan Dayz

Mitsubishi reveals fuel economy test misconduct involving 625,000 cars

Press conference called in Japan to explain Mitsubishi minicar fuel economy irregularities
Audi TDI engine

Audi developed Volkswagen defeat device software in 1999

Volkswagen cheating tech first developed by VW Group partner Audi, reports German newspaper
TDI diesel

New £800 tax for diesel cars proposed – plus diesel scrappage scheme

Big first-year tax rate for diesels suggested – and it would help fund a new diesel-only scrappage scheme
Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

Vauxhall: we do NOT cheat emissions tests

Vauxhall has issued a strongly-worded statement insisting its cars do not have any emission test detection devices – despite the suggestion by BBC’s Panorama that they do.
French autoroute

France to ‘begin move out of diesel’

The country that first embraced the diesel car now wants to move on
Removing DPF: illegal and costly say experts

Removing DPF: illegal and costly say experts

Clogged up diesel particulate filter? Don’t remove it – it’s an instant MOT fail