August bank holiday 2019 trafficShutterstock

How to find road traffic information and avoid delays

With the schools out for the summer, many people will be hitting the roads to go on holiday. Here's how you can find the latest traffic information.
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You'll spend 8 MONTHS of your life stuck in traffic

New research shows that British drivers will spend eight months of their lives sitting in traffic – and 3.7 years behind the wheel.
Cars could be banned from parts of the Lake DistrictShutterstock

Cars could be banned from parts of the Lake District

The Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) and National Trust are looking at car-free zones and traffic management schemes to cut congestion.
Highways England to remove 480 miles of roadworksShutterstock

Highways England to remove 480 miles of roadworks

Highways England is promising to keep 97 percent of motorways and major roads free of roadworks during the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend
Nigel Mansell says check your vehicleNewspress

Check your car every week, says Nigel Mansell

Nigel Mansell is backing Highways England's call to make Friday 19 July 'check your vehicle day' to reduce the number of breakdowns over the summer holidays
Drivers told to prepare for Frantic FridayJaroslaw Kilian /

Motorists told to prepare for 'Frantic Friday'

RAC research suggests 'Frantic Friday' will see some 5.3 million summer getaways, adding to the already high volume of traffic at the start of the weekend.
M25 motorway

Traffic alert: Britain's five busiest road sections revealed

It's still the 'Road to Hell': four out of the five busiest sections of road in England are on the M25 motorway.
roadworks easter 2019Shutterstock

Highways England is lifting roadworks for Easter 2019

'Egg-cellent' news for motorists: 99 percent of the country's motorways and major A-roads will be free of roadworks over the Easter weekend.

Manchester traffic delays second only to London

The top 25 traffic hot-spots are all cities, with a combined area spanning Accrington and Rossendale in Lancashire the worst non-urban area
Bank holiday traffic this weekend could be 'worst in years'

Bank holiday traffic this weekend could be 'worst in years'

Brexit partly to blame for predicted traffic 'carmageddon' as millions hit the roads