Volvo IntelliSafe Auto Pilot interface

Video: How does a Volvo self-driving car work?

So how will self-driving cars actually work? This video reveals Volvo’s vision…

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  1. Gavin Bearfield-Boyd
    Gavin Bearfield-Boyd says:

    I am loving the technology. I still find the 1994 film Timecop where Jean Claude Damme drives his autonomous car home fantastic apart from the ridiculous looking cars the filmmaker’s envisaged.
    I believe that the technology will save lives but I am sure many car owners will have the right and ability to switch the Auto Drive function off so where does this leave the Insurance Companies when accidents happen and even if they make this technology compulsory in driving and insurance premiums the lobbyists will have have a field day citing human rights and the likes.
    As for me, I didnt get into driving for the ability to sit back and look at my mobile phone during the drive home or when I decide to go for a drive in the countryside. I actually enjoy the drive and the feel of the road plus occasionally decising I want to change my mind and just drive anywhere. Driving for me is still a pleasurable experience.

    • Richard Aucock
      Richard Aucock says:

      Thanks for your feedback Gavin – really insightful thoughts. We’re looking forward to autonomous cars too – as they’re more likely to be productive time-savers, as Volvo illustrates here, rather than ‘drive-grabbers’.

      It’ll be decades before the twisting, switchback country roads we love driving on so much are ready for autonomous cars – if they’re EVER ready: need white lines, good surfaces, intricately detailed mapping, etc… we think self-driving cars will remain for long-distance highway use and low-speed city centre use for a long time yet, which is just where their benefits are most welcome.

      If we can check emails in autonomous mode then drive the last few miles to the office on a twisting road with a clear head and rested nerves, then all to the good!


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