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Coventry MotoFest 2016

Video: drifting, stock cars and Gymkhana for Coventry Motofest 2016

Coventry MotoFest 2016Coventry Motofest is back for 2016, promising an ‘Edinburgh Festival’ for cars and bikes.

This year, a second circuit will host drift cars, stock cars and Gymkhana-style racers. The new short oval track will be created near Junction 7 of the Coventry Ring Road.

Drift cars will include vehicles from Coventry-based outfit Slip Wheel, who will perform stunts and tricks on the circuit.

Stock cars, which regularly race at Coventry Stadium, will also venture onto the circuit, with BRISCA F1, F2 and V8 cars, mini stocks and heritage stock cars all taking part.

Finally, the Gymkhana racers – fresh from the UK Formula G Championship – will be competing against the clock, screeching around slaloms made of monster truck tyres and washing machines.

A promo video for the event (see below) shows two Gymkhana-spec Subaru Imprezas performing demo runs on a temporary night circuit on Coventry Ring Road.

Darren Langeveld, Coventry Motofest Race Director, said: “Coventry Motofest has doubled the fun, as we now have not just one but two circuits for this year’s event and will feature an array of smokin’ hot, four-wheeled action of all shapes and sizes.

Coventry Motofest takes place on Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5, with additional launch events on Friday 3 June.

Video: Gymkhana cars on Coventry ring road


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