Taxi! New eco-friendly van is based on London cab

The new LEVC LCV van

LEVC, the company behind the TX London taxi, has launched a small van. Meet the LCV based on the familar, eco-friendly cab, and revealed by London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

‘The clean and green urban delivery van of tomorrow is here,’ says LEVC. Like the TX cab, the ‘Light Commercial Vehicle’ uses the e-City range extender powertrain.

That means batteries and an electric motor, in combination with a petrol engine, for a total of 80 miles electric range, plus a total range of 377 miles.

The new LEVC LCV van

What makes this powertrain well-suited for a London cab, also works for a small delivery van. Eighty miles of electric range could see delivery drivers in the capital through an entire day before the petrol engine is called upon.

At present, the UK market for small vans is around 50,000 vehicles a year, while there are around 65,000 unique LCV journeys in London every day. That must amount to hefty ULEZ and congestion charge fees, all of which the LEVC LCV can avoid.

The new LEVC LCV van

The LCV is targeted to achieve a best-in-class total cost of ownership, compared with conventional petrol and diesel-powered vans. Durability is said to be world-class.

Along with the £3,500 scrappage incentive, plus up to £8,000 granted for ‘New Energy’ van adoption, the LCV could be a tempting prospect indeed for urban businesses.

The new LEVC LCV van

Van drivers should also be happy. The LCV has been benchmarked against premium MPVs for comfort and ease-of-operation on the inside. The TX cab’s super-tight turning circle features, too.

“The light commercial vehicle sector is the only growing vehicle traffic segment in London,” said LEVC CEO, Joerg Hofmann.

“This is due to the rapid rise in internet shopping – the Amazonisation of retail. Every day there are 65,000 unique LCV journeys into London, but mobility must not come at the expense of air quality.

The new LEVC LCV van

“We have combined our existing knowledge of the urban environment with EV technology that can put urban mobility on a sustainable pathway. Durable, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and high quality, that is our new LCV.

“London and the UK will be first to market, then we will extend the vehicle to Europe and further afield. Our goal is to be the leading European electric commercial vehicle provider.”