SEAT Mii: £79 a month with free insurance too


SEAT has revealed one of the sharpest new car deals around – a Mii, for £79 a month, with a year’s free insurance thrown in for good measure.

The deal is subject to a £2630 deposit but the free insurance deal may offset that for younger drivers: it’s valid for drivers aged over 21 years…

… and AA British Insurance Premium Index analysis shows the average premium for a 23-29 year old stands at £1136 a year. And that’s an average – the younger you are, the more you’ll pay. Or the more you’ll save in this deal.

It isn’t just a bog-standard Mii, either. The deal is centred on the special edition Mii Toca, a model based on the SE that includes alloys, rear parking sensors and the touchscreen SEAT portable touchscreen system – which, remarkably, comes with built in sat nav and Bluetooth!

Air con is also standard, as are electric door mirrors, split rear seat and a gloss white dash trim.

It uses the 60hp 1.0-litre engine which averages 62.8mpg and emits 105g/km CO2. And an insurance rating of 1E means it should remain affordable when the free insurance deal runs out, too.

SEAT’s offering the £79 a month deal as part of a 42-month PCP, which is based on an average 5000 miles a year. Below the national average but still realistic for a city car. Just be aware every extra mile over this will cost 4.4 pence.

Even so, it’s a pretty tempting deal for the car Motoring Research’s Sean is currently running as a long-termer. Such sophistication for less than £20 a week? We reckon it’s little short of a steal… /By Richard Aucock