Dacia Logan MCV: 1518 litres for £6995


Dacia has revealed the UK’s most affordable estate car will cost from £6995 when it is launched in July – giving it an unbeatable space-to-price ratio.

The new Logan MCV boasts a 573-litre boot with the seats up: that’s virtually as large as a Volvo V70. Yet it also costs less than a VW Up – and three and a half times less than the cheapest Volvo V70.

Hence the name: MCV – or, Maximum Capacity Vehicle…

Seats down, space extends to 1518 litres. The opening is more than a metre wide too, with 787mm from base to roofline. It should be practical enough then – even if the base engine might not have the guts to quite cope with it.

The £6995 Dacia Logan MCV

The £6995 tag buys you a 1.2-litre 75hp engine that will be familiar to drivers of the outgoing Renault Clio. It’s hardly the fastest thing in the world and claimed economy of 48.7mpg is likely to be a high water mark, given how you may have to drive it.

Much better is the 0.9-litre TCe 90 three-cylinder petrol, a delight of an engine that has the added bonus of turbocharged torque, too. Just one problem – that starts at £8395, rather than £6995. But it does average 56.5mpg and, with CO2 emissions of 116g/km, also comes in under the new 130g/km CO2 company car writing down allowance barrier.

The 135g/km entry car doesn’t.

Or there’s a 90hp 1.5-litre dCi diesel, with much more torque still, and 74.3mpg fuel economy (along with free road tax courtesy of 99g/km CO2 emissions). That starts at £9395.

The trim lines of the Dacia Logan MCV

Dacia offers three trim lines with the Logan MCV, in line with other models: Access, Ambiance and Laureate. Only the meek 1.2-litre engine comes in Access trim, and it’s pretty basic: no stereo, no wheel trims, no electric windows (it does have body-colour bumpers though, unlike the £5995 Sandero Access).

Ambiance adds all this plus Bluetooth, remove central locking and posher interior trim. Impressively, Laureate trim (costing from £8995 with that 1.2-litre motor) is expected to sell best: it adds air con, electric door mirrors, cruise control and alloys.

You can even get sat nav on the Laureate, for just £250.

Dacia Logan MCV: the deal

Keen to bag the UK’s cheapest estate? Get in fast, then: although test drives don’t start until July, orders can be placed from today – and with a lead time of a couple of months, you should act fast if you’re to steal a march on other buyers.

It’s Sandero-based so won’t set the world alight in how it drives, but will still be perfectly passable for the undemanding. And really, driving dynamics won’t be top of your list if you’re shopping for a cheap estate: space and price will be…

… and there really is no other new car on sale in the UK that can match the price-busting new Dacia Logan MCV. /By Richard Aucock