The best gadgets for a summer music festival

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

The best gadgets for a summer music festivalWith Glastonbury just around the corner and a host of other summer music festivals on the horizon, you might well be packing up a suitcase or rucksack full of kit for one of these occasions.

Amongst the spare clothes, wellies, towels and stacks of toiletries getting thrown into your bag, you should consider a gadget or two to make the whole experience more enjoyable and convenient…

1. Creative Sound Blaster Roar

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

Bluetooth speakers let you blare out your tunes through something other than your phone’s tinny speakers. The Sound Blaster Roar, although a little expensive, is one of the best and most powerful.

It’s only the size of a hard-back book, but the speaker boasts some serious oomph in the audio output department, and it includes an integrated subwoofer.

£129.99 from Creative

2. Betron Pop Up Travel II Capsule

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

The Travel II Capsule by Betron is very small and portable. Bluetooth connectivity means it’s compatible with the vast majority of mobile phones on the market.

The speaker offers 10 metres of range and comes in a choice of eight different colours. You can expand the speaker like a concertina to improve the volume and bass levels.

£39.99 from Amazon

3. Boom Box Touch Speaker

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

The beauty of the Boom Box Touch Speaker is you don’t even need Bluetooth to make the connection — just place your phone or MP3 player on top of the device and the music starts pumping out. It uses a special technology to amplify the noise coming from your phone’s speakers.

There’s a built-in rechargeable battery that can be topped up using a microUSB cable and the manufacturers say you’ll get 10 hours of playback from each charge.

£24.99 from Firebox

4. Mophie Power Reserve

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

Whatever gadgets you’re taking with you to your festival of choice, power is going to be an issue: portable chargers are crucial.

The Mophie Power Reserve is available in black, white and red, and is small enough to hang off your keyring. It gives your smartphone up to 60 percent extra battery life, and this model uses the Apple Lightning connector.

£39.95 from Mophie

5. Belkin Mixit Power Pack 4000

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

Belkin kit is usually reliable and these power packs shouldn’t let you down. The price is reasonable and there’s a choice of five colours to pick from: blue, red, black, green and pink.

With 4,000 mAh of juice built into the pack, it’s longer-lasting than the average smartphone battery. Two USB outlets allow two devices to be charged at once.

£24.99 from Belkin

6. Voltaic Amp Solar Charger

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

OK, the Voltaic Amp Solar Charger is expensive, but this is a device that’s sure to be in demand while you’re away. Not only does it keep your other devices juiced up, it doesn’t need a power supply itself — it recharges via solar energy.

It comes in a lightweight, waterproof, extremely robust case so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged out in the wild.

£102.35 from Amazon

7. Tile Tracker

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

Tile is a simple, lightweight Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to pretty much anything to help you find it again. It doesn’t feature GPS but uses a Bluetooth connection with your phone to tell you when you’re getting closer to or further away from the object you’re trying to find.

It can’t pinpoint something on a map but it will remember the last time it was communicating with it, so if you drop your camera somewhere all is not lost — you can go back to the ‘last seen’ location.

£23.99 from Amazon

8. Goalzero Lighthouse 250

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

One resource you might be short of when festival time comes around is light. Enter the Goalzero Lighthouse 250’s ultra-bright 250 lumens of LED light.

There are a number of ways to recharge the light: USB cable (connected to a plug socket or portable power pack), solar panel or hand crank, so in an emergency you can simply wind it up to bring the light back. The lamp can also charge up other small devices over USB.

£70.57 from Amazon

9. Pure Move 2500

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

Before smartphones, we all kept in touch with the rest of the world via radio — and when living off the grid at a festival, a radio set is still essential. Most festivals also have some kind of temporary radio station you can tune into for the latest updates.

The Pure Move 2500 is small, elegant, rechargeable and able to tune into FM and DAB stations. It comes with in-ear noise-isolating headphones and 15 hours’ listening between charges. It’s available in black or white.

£79.99 from Pure

10. Urban Armor Gear Rogue Folio Case

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

The Urban Armor Gear Folio Case, which you can get for several different types of phone, meets military drop-test standards. Yet it remains very light and easy to hold.

It doesn’t get in the way of the camera lens or the flash, and stays clear of the speakers on your handset too.

£25.55 from Urban Armor Gear

11. Bushnell 8×25 Binoculars Bear Grylls Edition

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

Inexpensive binoculars can be invaluable at festivals – to see the bands, spy out food vans and check up on what your friends are doing back at the tent.

The Bear Grylls-branded pair we’ve chosen here offer 8x magnification, a rugged design and waterproofing, so they’re a good festival choice.

£49 from Jessops

12. BioLite CampStove

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

Not only can the BioLite CampStove boil water and cook food for you, it can also convert the energy from burning wood into electricity — and that gives you another way of charging up your smartphone.

It produces smokeless flames so you shouldn’t create too much of a distraction and all you need to get it going are a few handfuls of sticks and wood (so there are no canisters to deal with). The whole kit is very compact and light to carry.

£139.95 from BioLite

13. GoPro Hero

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

GoPro’s matchbox-shaped action cameras are capable of producing amazing footage considering the small size of the devices. Their wide-angle lenses make them particularly suitable for recording gigs.If you’re thinking they’re prohibitively expensive, think again: the entry-level GoPro is a touch over £100 and provides crisp 1080p video at 30 frames-per-second.

It’s small enough to fit anywhere or clip to anything, and the included case provides protection against splashes and rough weather.

£109.99 from GoPro

14. HTC Re

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

If you’re in the market for something a little more distinctive and fun than the GoPro, then the HTC Re could fit the bill.

With a top resolution of 1080p at 30fps (just like the budget GoPro Hero), you should be able to capture a ton of photos and videos using this dinky waterproof video recorder, which is available in blue and white. Footage is transferred over to Android and iOS apps in a snap.

£129 from Amazon

15. Polaroid Cube

The best gadgets for a summer music festival

The Polaroid Cube is an inexpensive video camera from the world-famous photography company. It can’t quite compete in terms of video quality with the other cameras here, but it is smaller and cheaper.

Measuring just 1.4 inches (35mm) square, the camera is resistant to shocks and the weather — built-in magnets let you stick it to metal surfaces and it’s easy to hold in the palm of your hand.

£79 from Amazon

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