World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

For all kinds of reasons, it has the makings of a classic. Two teams on the edge of destiny, a place in the semi-finals at stake, and an opportunity to claim bragging rights at a certain flat-pack furniture store. If there was any justice, we could settle the match on the strength of Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat, but instead we’ll attempt to predict the outcome with some automotive input. Well, if Paul the psychic octopus can do it, so can we.

Volvo XC90

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

While Southgate considers who should start up-front with Harry Kane, we’ll start with a luxury showdown. The Volvo XC90 entered the field of play and kick-started a revolution for the Swedish giant, laying the foundations for a host of superbly executed products. Enough to shoot Sweden into an early lead?

Range Rover

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

If the Volvo XC90 is a Scandi-noir drama, the Range Rover is more Lock, Stock & Two Striking Partners. While the XC90 is brooding in a Zlatan Ibrahimovic kind of way, the Range Rover is more Jordan Henderson in the penalty box. We’re giving this one to Sweden.

Saab Sonett

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

From luxury SUVs we turn to a pair of wedges from the 1970s, with England hoping to grab a quick equaliser. For Sweden, all hopes rest on the Sonnet III, complete with manually-operated pop-up headlights, Ford V4 engine and a touch of Italian flair. Sweden failed to get out of Group 2 in the 1970 World Cup, despite victory against Uruguay in their final game. The signs aren’t good…

Triumph TR7

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

But things improve for the Swedes when they turn around to see the Triumph TR7 warming up on the sidelines. Seeing the TR7 for the first time, legendary designer Giorgetto Giugiaro said “My God! They’ve done the same to the other side as well.” Not even a pair of pop-up headlights can save England here. That’s 2-0 to Sweden. Maybe football isn’t coming home after all.

Saab 900 Convertible

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

The leafy commuter belt of south east England seems a world away from Russia, but that’s where the next battle will be decided. Back in the 1980s, no Surrey street was complete without a Saab 900 Convertible parked on the manicured driveway of a mock Tudor mansion. A bonafide classic – England is going to struggle to stay in the game.

Jaguar XJS Convertible

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

Oh dear. The hopes of the nation are resting on the much-maligned shoulders of the Jaguar XJS. The last time England felt so lost and all at sea, Gary Lineker was being waved off the pitch to be replaced by Alan Smith. In fairness, the XJS had matured into a fine car by the end of its career, but it’s too little, too late. Not even VAR can save England from going 3-0 behind.

Koenigsegg One:1

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

Every squad needs its steam train sprinter able to travel the length of the pitch, to rob the opposition of all hope of reclaiming possession. That car for Sweden couldn’t be anything but the Koenigsegg One:1. Its less extreme sibling, the Agera RS, is enjoying honours at the top of the list of the fastest road cars on Earth, with a 284mph recorded maximum speed. They can get there quick enough too, with 248mph arriving within 20 seconds. Fat chance of a score as good as One:1 for England with power like that. Live with that, Lions…

McLaren P1 GTR

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

On a circuit at least, the P1 GTR absolutely can. Hybrid power, track-only slick boots and a hefty 660kg of downforce at 150mph mean a P1 GTR trumps the ’Egg in all but a straight line. With nimble moves and ample skill to outsmart the big Swede, that’s a goal for England. Could it be coming home on a wave of turbo-flutter and the hum of torque-fill?

Saab 96

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

Until the 2018 World Cup, Germany were the past meisters of football. But their performance in Russia was more Trabant than Audi R8. A hiccup, perhaps, and we fully expect Germany to return to form at the next Euros. And, what’s the most famous German car? The Volkswagen Beetle, of course. Squint and consume a few too many Kopparbergs and the Saab 96 could pass as Sweden’s Beetle. It can also call upon a rich motorsport heritage. Can it propel Sweden to a 4-1 lead?

Morris Minor

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

When it’s faced with the might of the Morris Minor, not a chance. The first British car to sell a million, the ‘Moggie’ is the quintessential English car – given the chance, it would line up alongside the England team to belt out a stirring rendition of God Save the Queen. A British success story, the Minor lives in the shadow created by Alec Issigonis’ more famous creation. But it’s good enough to put England right back in the game. That’s 3-2 to Sweden.

Polestar 1

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

This might be a tournament too soon for the electric car, but this should be a fascinating duel between two silent assassins. Polestar is the new premium electric car brand from Volvo, and the Polestar 1 will be making its public debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. If this battle was based on style, the Polestar would see off just about any competitor. But just like Beckham, it will also need a few tricks up its sleeves…

Jaguar I-Pace

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

If it’s good enough to see off the Germans, it has to be good enough to beat Sweden. In fairness, Sweden were progressing to the quarter-finals while the Germans were securing their slot on the beach, but the I-Pace remains a game-changer for the segment and Jaguar. With only a hint of tyre noise, the electric winger equalises for England. Unbelievable stuff, Clive.

Volvo 1800ES

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

No footballing duel would be complete without a pair of shooting brakes. Launched in 1971, the 1800ES took the pretty face of the P1800 and added the practicality of an estate rear end. In footballing terms, it’s a utility player, offering tremendous flexibility and stylish good looks. Just over 8,000 were built before the 1800 ES was seen off by US safety regulations.

Reliant Scimitar GTE

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

This is a tough one, not least because the Reliant Scimitar GTE beat the Volvo to market. Launched in 1968, the Scimitar GTE enjoyed a remarkably long innings, with the final car rolling off the line in 1990. This battle is going to the wire, right up until the point that England play an ace card in the form of Princess Anne. And, if that’s not enough, Noel Edmonds was another Scimitar GTE owner. England are leading 4-3.

Saab 99 Turbo

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

It’s amazing what turbocharging can do for a brand. Before the 99 Turbo, Saab was famous for building dependable and reliable cars, with a hint of aeronautical influence for good measure. That all changed in 1978, when the brand finally took off. The 99 Turbo shaped the company’s future in the same way four-wheel drive changed the fortunes of Audi. Enough for Sweden to sweep England aside?

Triumph Dolomite Sprint

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

Triumph had the BMW 2000 Tii clearly in its sights when it launched the Dolomite Sprint. Here was a four-door saloon that could boast a 116mph top speed, a sub 10-sec 0-60mph time and handling that could rival a more expensive sports car. In true English style, it could also boast a walnut veneer dashboard. But while both the 99 Turbo and Dolomite were based on ageing products, the 99’s gonna blow them away, gonna blow them away. That’s 4-4.

Volvo 850 BTCC

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

The Volvo 850 was an unlikely basis for a racing car. The estate racer was kept totally secret until its track debut in 1994 with Rickard Rydell at the wheel. Although an estate body isn’t what you’d have thought best for a racing car, Volvo liked the attention it would garner. It’d win in terms coolness and the show it put on, if not performance. We’ve seen plenty a player put on the amateur dramatics angling for a penalty, and we’re afraid to say the big Volvo might have just weighed that in here.

Rover SD1 BSCC

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

A TWR-engineered machine also, the big Rover enjoyed success in 1984 when Andy Rouse secured the driver’s championship aboard the V8-powered Group A bruiser. In later years the SD1 would begin to show its age with the championship moving towards smaller, more tightly-wound and precise machinery but in its day unlike the Volvo, it was a bonafide winner. We’d love to give this one to the Volvo – because wagon – but the SD1 was a proper monster. That’s 5-4 to Sweden.

Volvo P1800

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

Three West Bromwich Albion players, dubbed the ‘Three Degrees’ by Ron Atkinson, are credited with inspiring a generation of black players. Cyrille Regis, Laurie Cunningham and Brendon Batson played for the club in the late 1970s. What has this got to do with this gallery? Well, early examples of the Volvo P1800 were built at the Jensen works in West Bromwich.

Jensen Interceptor

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

Which presents a perfectly weighted through ball for the Jensen Interceptor, which can call upon American muscle, Italian flair and English grit as it attempts to get past the Swedish defence. The P1800 might be one of the prettiest cars ever to grace the planet, but it’s no match for the Interceptor. It’s an equaliser for England, with one round to go. Diego Maradona, if you’re watching, it might just be coming home.

Koenigsegg Regera

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

Like its bouncing bewinged older sibling the Regera is possessed of prodigious straight-line performance and serious power. However, like the One:1, in the company of some hypercars it looks to be a bit of a one-trick player. The endurance and pace to get it up to the right end of the pitch, but perhaps lacking the finer-honed skill to bury it in the net? We would suggest they kick their game up a gear, but the Regera is a cogless wonder.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs England

Finer-honed skill is the Aston Martin Valkyrie’s bread and butter. Then again, so is brutal performance. Like the England team this year, the Valkyrie is a big gun that came out of nowhere and has seemingly bucked the view that England can no longer play to a world-leading standard. Aston claims 1,000bhp per-tonne like the One:1, but compared to the relative heft of the 1,360kg Koenigsegg, the Valkyrie weighs only 1,000kg. Naturally-aspirated V12 power with a hybrid jolt, combined with Le-Mans-worthy aero performance make the 250mph+ Valkyrie a jack of all trades and a master of most.

Enough for a final belter to help bring it home: 6-5 to England. Hopefully our boys let their inner-Valkyrie loose during this weekend’s game…

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AutoTraderGoals World Cup competition

Auto Trader Goals World Cup new car giveaway EVERY TIME England score

AutoTraderGoals World Cup competitionAuto Trader has vowed to give away a new car every time England score a goal in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Up for grabs are an Abarth 595, Alfa Romeo Mito, Fiat 500X and a Jeep Renegade. 

The new and used car marketplace has signed up England legend (and one-time rapper) John Barnes as ambassador for the campaign. “It’s impossible to describe the feeling of scoring a goal in the World Cup,” he said, “but I imagine winning a brand-new car is up there.”

The competition launches TONIGHT, Monday 18 June, with England’s opening game against Tunisia. 

AutoTraderGoals World Cup competition

How do you enter the competition to win a new car when England score? Simply, use the hashtag #AutoTraderGoals. Do this as soon as the goal is scored, on the following social media channels: 

The competition window opens as soon as the goal is scored, and one winner will be picked at random. Fans have until the next goal is scored to enter, or until the end of the match if no more goals are scored. 

Entrants also have to be over 18, and hold a full UK driving licence. 

AutoTraderGoals World Cup competition

But what if you’re not on social media? Don’t worry, Auto Trader’s thought of that, too. You can enter online, by adding your email address to the online form. 

Barnes added the England squad is one of the youngest ever to play for the team in the World Cup. “I’m hopeful this tournament will show the fruits fo what this new generation is capable of, so I’m confident Auto Trader will be giving away plenty of new cars during what hopes to be a memorable World Cup.”

England v Germany: the World Cup of cars

Do you hear that noise? That’s the sound of the World Cup bandwagon, and we’re just about to climb aboard for a ride. We’re comparing the ‘best’ English and German cars from each World Cup year since 1966 with the aim of selecting an overall champion.

We can’t promise you will learn anything from it, but we can assure you of a nail-biting finish. And by the end of it, you probably won’t be feeling quite as bad as David Luiz at the end of the 2014 World Cup semi-final.

Rules of engagement

First, we need to establish some ground rules. This ‘World Cup’ will be split into 14 rounds – one for each World Cup year since 1966 – and we’ve selected important, successful or great cars from each country.

Remember, kids, it’s just for fun, so don’t write in. Oh, and our decision is final – we won’t be using VAR in the event of a questionable decision.


England – Jensen Interceptor

England v Germany: the World Cup of Cars

Ah, 1966 and all that. Memories, if you’re old enough to remember, of Bobby Moore lifting the Jules Rimet trophy, Nobby Stiles dancing and a ball that was certainly over the line. There can only be one winner in this round, especially with a name like Interceptor, which sounds like the nickname of a tough-tackling holding midfielder.

Germany – BMW 02 Series

Germany’s response to the Jensen Interceptor is the BMW 02 Series, the svelte, continental and nimble executive from Bavaria. It lacks the performance needed to topple the West Bromwich powerhouse in this instance, but as the forerunner to the 3 Series, we’re expecting great things in future tournaments, Clive.


England – Range Rover

In 1970, the first Range Rover rolled off the production line in Solihull, making it the ideal car for England’s 1970 World Cup bid. In Mexico, the then-champions succumbed to the midday heat, going down 3-2 against semi-finalists West Germany. In our ‘World Cup’, it’s going to take something mighty to stop the Range Rover from making it 2-0 to England.

Germany – Opel Manta

If you’re still with us, thank you. We can’t promise things will improve by the time we reach 2018, which sounds a bit like the England World Cup team. For its 1970 entry, West Germany wades in with the handsome Opel Manta, which would be happier taking on a Ford Capri in a traffic Grand Prix than it would a Range Rover. Sorry, Opel, it’s 2-0 to England. But fear not, Germany, because England took a two goal lead in 1970, and we know what happened next.


England – Lotus Elite

England isn’t exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a squad for 1974, unless you fancy taking on the Germans in an Austin Allegro Vanden Plas. Instead, it’s left to Hethel’s elite – quite literally – in the form of the Lotus Elite. The 2+2 hatchback-cum-coupe represented a shift upmarket for Lotus, but we sense Germany might have this covered.

Germany – Volkswagen Golf

Indeed, West Germany is toying with England’s defense, demonstrating some fancy footwork with the Volkswagen Scirocco, before going in for the kill with the all-conquering Golf. England is powerless to prevent the Germans clawing a goal back, courtesy of elegant Italian styling and ruthless German efficiency. England 2-1 Germany.


England – Vauxhall Chevette HS

Time for England to restore a little pride with some rallying of the troops. Vauxhall is channeling its inner ‘Flying Finn’ with the 2.3-litre Chevette HS, a highly capable homologation special, especially at the hands of Pentti Airikkala. But England is unable to call upon help from Finland in this instance…

Germany – BMW M1

Boom: have some of that. The BMW M1 may have had its problems during development – a rare lack of commitment from the Italians didn’t help matters – but Vauxhall cannot stop the 3.5-litre mid-engined sports car from romping to victory in 1978. It’s an equaliser for West Germany, with the score tied at 2-2.


England – Bristol Brigand

England head to Spain for the 1982 World Cup in need of a strong performance. Time to restore some pride. A development of the earlier 603, the Bristol Brigand can call upon the might of a V8 engine to launch a string of attacks, with the large two-door coupe capable of speeds of up to 150mph. Enough for England to retake the lead?

Germany – Mercedes-Benz 190

There are a few players jockeying for position in West Germany, with the new E30 BMW 3 Series and Audi 100 lining up to take on the Bristol. In the end it’s left to the Mercedes-Benz 190, the most important new car from Stuttgart in many years. But while the 190 was a quantum leap forward over the old 200, it cannot tackle the mighty Brigand in Spain, which puts England back in front.


England – Jaguar XJ

None other than Gary Lineker finished as the top scorer at the 1986 tournament in Mexico, which will remembered for Diego Maradona’s brilliance (not to mention his handball). England take on West Germany with the Jaguar XJ40.

Germany – BMW 7 Series

But the XJ40 is powerless to see off the BMW 7 Series, which scythes down England like a Thomas Berthold tackle. This was a hugely important car for BMW, not least because it replaced an ageing product and was destined to spend its entire time running down the left-hand flank (of the German autobahn). That’s 3-3. Are we destined for a penalty shootout? Nobody tell Gareth Southgate.


England – Lotus Carlton

This will hurt Germany, as the Lotus Carlton also wore an Opel badge. But, as a product of Hethel, it qualifies for the England team, and it’s hard to see how Germany could respond to the 176mph supercar-slayer. Ah, the sweet taste of revenge for the 1990 penalty shootout, although this tie isn’t over yet.

Germany – Mercedes-Benz 500E

Besides, Germany isn’t going down without a fight. Don’t let the subtle looks fool you, because the Mercedes-Benz 500E is as powerful as Lothar Matthäus and as ruthless as Jürgen Klinsmann at his peak. MB’s performance saloon was powered by a 5.0-litre V8 and assembled by Porsche in Stuttgart. It’s a bona fide legend, but the Carlton manages to hang on to put England in front.


England – Jaguar XJ

Sorry, England, but you’re not winning this one. Failure to quality for USA ‘94 meant that England had to sit this one out, so there’s no way a Jaguar XJ (X300) is going to perform well here, even with a choice of six and 12-cylinder engines.

Germany – Audi A8

With its groundbreaking aluminium construction, lightweight body, huge array of engines and choice of interior comforts, the Audi A8 made the Jaguar XJ look rather outmoded. A unified Germany may have lost against Bulgaria in the US tournament, but the A8 cruises to an easy win against England. It’s 4-4, Jim.


England – Bentley Arnage

It wouldn’t be a World Cup without a little controversy, which is why we’re not afraid to give the Bentley Arnage its England debut. Some fine players have emerged from Crewe’s academy, most notably Dean Ashton, Danny Murphy and David ‘in the last minute of extra-time’ Platt. So what’s controversial about another Crewe export? That’d be the 4.4-litre BMW engine, used to power the Arnage at its launch. Don’t mention the engine and we might just get away with it.

Germany – Audi TT

Actually, it would be controversial if England win the 1998 tie, but there’s no chance of that with the Audi TT looming into view. The oh-so-fashionable TT arrived in 1998, dressing to impress like a concept car for the road. With its trendy suit and bespoke interior, the TT knocks the Arnage into submission and gives Germany the lead. Five rounds to go, it’s up for grabs now, Ron.


England – Range Rover L322

The design of the 2002 Range Rover was inspired by yachts, fine furniture and first-class seating, but today it must grab its shin pads for a battle royale. Sure, there’s the small issue of the launch-spec BMW powertrains to gloss over, but the L322 feels like it stems from the golden generation of luxury SUVs.

Germany – Volkswagen Phaeton

Ferdinand Piech’s flight of fantasy faces an uphill battle if it hopes to give Germany a two-goal advantage. Indeed, much like Germany in the 2002 tournament, the Germans must be content with a runners-up medal in our ‘World Cup’. Blimey, this really could go to penalties. That’s 5-5.


England – Lotus Europa S

We head to Germany for the 2006 World Cup, so this will be a tough challenge for England. We’re using a wildcard in the shape of the Lotus Europa S, hoping that, much like Michael Owen at the 1998 tournament, it can surprise a few people.

Germany – Audi R8

Sorry, but not a chance. Germany’s response to Hethel’s lightweight challenger is ruthless in its execution. How could it fail? Based on the Lamborghini Gallardo, the R8 could boast 5,000 unique parts and, at launch, a 4.2-litre V8 engine. With three rounds to go, Germany race into a 6-5 lead.


England – Bentley Mulsanne

It’s perhaps fitting that England’s entry for 2010 is a £220,000 luxury motor, as it seems to reflect the rise in footballers’ wages. The Mulsanne was the first entirely new Bentley in 80 years, with an opulent cabin and a 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. How will Germany respond?

Germany – Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

There’s a lot to love about the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The gullwing doors provide crowd-pleasing theatrics, while the 6.2-litre V8 is a German masterpiece. This is a tough one. Keen not to show any bias, we’re giving this one to the Germans, but it’s by the narrowest of margins. That’s 7-5 to Germany with two rounds to go. It’s not looking good for England.


England – Aston Martin DB10

But we needn’t have worried, because you can always rely on James Bond to keep the English end up. The Aston Martin DB10 was created for Spectre, in which 007 takes on Mr Hinx in a Jaguar C-X75.

Germany – BMW i8

On another day, BMW’s futurist i8 might have won this, but not today. This round belongs to James Bond and to England. To paraphrase a Bond villian, do you expect us to justify our decision? That’s 7-6 to Germany.


England – McLaren Senna

Chasing a goal to grab a late equaliser, England has a formidable bench to choose from. The Jaguar I-Pace, Aston Martin Vantage, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and TVR Griffith fail to make the cut, leaving it to the McLaren Senna. We’re out testing it, so we’re unable to deliver our definitive verdict, but the signs are good. Besides, adding some Brazilian flair to the England attack is a compelling proposition.

Germany – Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Germany isn’t short of new talent: the BMW 8 Series, Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door, Ruf SCR and Audi Q8, to name a few. But even the Porsche 911 GT3 RS is unable to resist the full force of the McLaren Senna. The tournament has finished 7-7, so it’s time for penalties.

2018: Penalties

The Jaguar I-Pace steps up like a silent assassin to win it for England. Why? Because the electric car takes the fight to Tesla and sees Jaguar beating the Germans to the market. England winning against Germany on penalties – now there’s a thing. If you’re still here, thank you, we know you have better things to do.

Kahn Chelsea Truck Co. World Cup Edition

World Cup Defender special: it’s all kicking off

Kahn Chelsea Truck Co. World Cup Edition

What better way to celebrate the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup that with a £70,000 custom Land Rover Defender? That’s the view of vehicle modifier Chelsea Truck Company, part of Kahn Design.

It’s hard to argue with the description that the World Cup Edition sets itself apart from ‘virtually anything on the road’, with the Honey Mustard paintwork certainly not subtle. It makes the recent Kahn Vengeance Green Superhero look almost subtle.

The eye-searing colour is applied to Chelsea Wide Track bodywork, with the stretched wheel arches the most obvious feature.

Stainless steel mesh fills vents in the bonnet, there’s a custom X-Lander front grille, and a new bumper with integrated lights. The headlights themselves are replaced with shadow chrome units, and it is also impossible to ignore the gloss black 20-inch Mondial alloy wheel.

Inside the usually spartan Defender interior, almost everything has been covered with leather. That includes the sports seats, the instrument binacle, and the central glove box. A Kahn Design steering wheel made from billet aluminium is not the biggest trinket, as that prize goes to the Churchill Time Clock.

Beneath all the exterior adornments and interior details, the World Cup Edition is powered by the same 2.2-litre TDCI diesel engine as found in a regular Defender. Adding all the additional bits doesn’t come cheap, with the lucky buyer needing £69,995 to take home the World Cup edition.

Kahn Design founder and CEO Afzal Khan also has plans to try to encourage members of England’s football team to give it their all at the World Cup.

Should England lift the trophy, Mr Kahn has promised to gift midfielder Eric Dier the number plate ‘NO 4’, said to be valued at £500,000. Defender Danny Rose would also have a choice of number plates, said to reward him for his openness about his battles with depression.

England play their first game of the 2018 World Cup against Tunisia on Monday 18th June. That might give us some indication as to whether the promise of number plates helps England score.

Sir Geoff Hurst and MAN

Sir Geoff Hurst is the MAN

Sir Geoff Hurst and MAN1966 World Cup winner Sir Geoff Hurst has approved a new limited-edition MAN TGX truck as the German-owned firm helps celebrate 50 years of England’s only major football triumph.

The special MAN TGX tractor unit will be limited to 66 examples, all wearing 66 registration plates (which go live on September 1): unique features include a special door badge and 66-logo dashboard mat, plus a framed replica 1966 England football shirt signed by sir Geoff.

MAN suggests it will equip all trucks with variations of the ’66 TGX’ registration plate.

The hat-trick star in England’s 4-2 World Cup final victory will also attend a handover ceremony at Wembley in September: all 66 buyers of the MAN trucks will be invited to attend, before driving away in their new vehicles.

Simon Elliott is a football fan and also MD of MAN UK. “Our entire business, both here in the UK and in Germany has total respect for him as a player and a footballing ambassador, and we just couldn’t miss the chance to recognise this landmark and the 66 plate.”

Hyundai Kia World Cup

Hyundai ‘extremely concerned’ about FIFA corruption scandal

Hyundai Kia World CupFootball World Cup sponsor Hyundai Motor has said it is ‘extremely concerned’ following the arrest of senior FIFA officials on corruption charges.

Nine current and former FIFA executives have been arrested and charged in Zurich following arrests on behalf of U.S. authorities.

The charges relate to corruption around the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 football World Cups.

In a statement, lead sponsor Hyundai has said it is “extremely concerned about the legal proceedings being taken against certain FIFA executives and will monitor the situation closely”.

Hyundai Motor joined other World Cup title sponsors in expressing its concern about the FIFA arrests. Coca-Cola said they had “tarnished” the World Cup and Visa expressed its “disappointment”.

Hyundai Kia FIFA World Cup

Hyundai and sister company Kia first became involved with FIFA in 1999, with prominent involvement from the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. It is a top-tier sponsor of the World Cup and Automotive Official Partner until 2022.

Hyundai supports all FIFA World Cup competitions, including the Confederations Cups, Women’s World Cups, U-20 World Cup and U-17 World Cup.

Hyundai Kia World Cup

Hyundai 'extremely concerned' about FIFA corruption scandal

Hyundai Kia World CupFootball World Cup sponsor Hyundai Motor has said it is ‘extremely concerned’ following the arrest of senior FIFA officials on corruption charges.

Nine current and former FIFA executives have been arrested and charged in Zurich following arrests on behalf of U.S. authorities.

The charges relate to corruption around the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 football World Cups.

In a statement, lead sponsor Hyundai has said it is “extremely concerned about the legal proceedings being taken against certain FIFA executives and will monitor the situation closely”.

Hyundai Motor joined other World Cup title sponsors in expressing its concern about the FIFA arrests. Coca-Cola said they had “tarnished” the World Cup and Visa expressed its “disappointment”.

Hyundai Kia FIFA World Cup

Hyundai and sister company Kia first became involved with FIFA in 1999, with prominent involvement from the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. It is a top-tier sponsor of the World Cup and Automotive Official Partner until 2022.

Hyundai supports all FIFA World Cup competitions, including the Confederations Cups, Women’s World Cups, U-20 World Cup and U-17 World Cup.