London’s most exclusive supercar show

City ConcoursLondon’s new City Concours takes place on a five-acre lawn, hemmed in on all sides by towering offices in the heart of the Square Mile. Here, more than 100 hypercars, supercars, classic cars and racing cars gathered to be gawped at, photographed, polished and judged. Join us for a guided tour.

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Aston Martin VulcanCity Concours

They don’t come any more ‘hyper’ than Aston Martin’s limited edition, track-only Vulcan. Boasting an 812hp V12, sequential gearbox, pushrod suspension and a front splitter that doubles as a lawn mower, only the brave – and wealthy – need apply. One problem: all 24 cars have already sold out.

Ferrari 288 GTOCity Concours

We’re suckers for any Rosso Corsa Ferrari, especially a 288 GTO. The 1984 Gran Turismo Omologato is a radically re-engineered 308 GTB, originally intended for Group B rallying. With a twin-turbocharged 400hp V8, it has a claimed top speed of 189mph. However, the Ferrari F40, launched in 1987, would go 11mph faster.

Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7City Concours

There were two RS 2.7s at City Concours, but this is the even rarer Lightweight version – one of 200 made. Porsche took weight-saving seriously, with thinner body panels and glass, and no rear seats, carpets or sound insulation. This rare-groove 911 even does without sunvisors or a glovebox lid. What do you expect for seven figures?

Dodge ChallengerCity Concours

A display of classic American muscle cars made a welcome contrast to the array of European exotica. This tyre-smokin’ Dodge Challenger T/A 340 6-Pack was our favourite, with a Plymouth Barracuda and Chevrolet El Camino SS pick-up close behind. As film buffs will know, a white Challenger is the star of iconic road movie, Vanishing Point.

Ferrari DaytonaCity Concours

This, to give it its full title, is a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Competizione Series 3. But we’ll just call it a Daytona. From its plexiglass headlight covers to its sawn-off side pipes, this harder, faster Ferrari screams retro cool. The Competizione was a success in motorsport, too, finishing fifth at Le Mans and second in the Daytona 24-hour race.

Atalanta roadsterCity Concours

We recently drove this very Atalanta roadster and enjoyed it immensely. The car is a recreation of Atalanta’s 1930s Le Mans racer, with remarkably few concessions to modernity. Power comes from a 2.5-litre Ford engine developing ‘around 200hp’ and breathing through a rorty, side-exit exhaust. Only one car will be hand-built each month, priced at £150,000.

Ferrari 275 GTBCity Concours

Few Ferraris are prettier than the 275 GTB, and this early ‘short nose’ car looks particularly delectable. The 275 used a 3.3-litre version of the venerable ‘Columbo’ V12, which developed 280-330hp here (depending on spec). Buyers could choose from three or six carburettors, plus steel or alloy bodywork. A limited-run convertible version, the 275 NART Spider, was sold at auction for around $18million.

David Brown MiniCity Concours

Ironically, it was BMW’s retro-remake MINI that opened up the market for posh city cars. Now, Silverstone-based David Brown Automotive is following suit with ‘Mini Remastered’ – a modernised version of the Issigonis original with lots of bespoke options and a price tag that starts from £50k. We’ll stick with a classic Cooper, thanks.

Singer Porsche 911City Concours

Speaking of modernised classics, here’s the sublime Singer 911. Based on the 964-era Porsche 911, each car is built to order – the only limit is your budget. Flat-six engines are rebuilt by Cosworth in the US, with outputs from 300hp to 425hp. With prices for classic Porsches spiralling into the stratosphere, could this be the ultimate big-budget 911?

BMW M1City Concours

This fabulous BMW M1 was a strong contender for our favourite car at City Concours. It also wins the ‘coolest alloy wheels’ prize hands-down. In fact, the M1 was a failure when new, with a torturous gestation (including a fall-out between BMW and Lamborghini) and just 457 made. Today, it’s a sought-after classic and rightly recognised as one of the great 1970s supercars.

Aston Martin DB5 Radford Shooting BrakeCity Concours

What does James Bond drive after he’s hung up his Walther PPK, swapped the Martini for decaf tea and bought a labrador? The answer, as if you didn’t already already know, is the Aston Martin DB5 Radford Shooting Brake – a stylish three-door estate with a top speed of 150mph. Only 12 were made, although Radford went on to build six DB6 Shooting Brakes.

Jaguar XJ220City Concours

Another British hero, although the XJ220 has always played the plucky underdog thanks to its turbocharged V6 engine. When first shown, it had a full-fat V12 and four-wheel drive, but cost/engineering issues meant the production version borrowed its 3.5-litre V6 from the Metro 6R4, with rear-wheel drive only – and without the active aerodynamics and rear-wheel steering of the concept. No matter, it’s still a traffic-stopping 212mph supercar.

Aston Martin V8 ZagatoCity Concours

Love it or hate it, Italian styling house Zagato’s angular take on the Aston Martin V8 is certainly… different. Thanks to light alloy bodywork – and the small matter of a 430hp 5.3-litre V8 – the Zagato could reach 186mph. Just 52 coupes and 37 convertibles were made between 1986 and 1990. Oh, and for the record, we love it.

Lotus ElanCity Concours

Mega-horsepower hypercars are all very well, but all you really need to achieve automotive nirvana is a Lotus Elan. The diminutive British roadster is powered by a peppy 1.6-litre engine and weighs just 726kg. To put that into perspective, a new Ford Fiesta is around 1,100kg. Decades later the Elan became the inspiration for the original Mazda MX-5.

In pictures: the world’s greatest hot hatch festival

Worthersee Volkswagen FestivalThe Austrian town of Reifnitz on the side of Lake Worth, or Worthersee, has hosted the ‘GTI Treffen’ festival for 36 years. Originally a small meet of Volkswagen enthusiasts (just 100 cars attended the first event), more than 100,000 fans from all over Europe now head to the Alps at the end of May. We sent a snapper to the event and captured some of the weird and wacky VWs in attendance.

Mk1 Volkswagen Golf GTIWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

If Mk1 Volkswagen Golf GTIs are your thing, you’ll be well catered for at Worthersee. The event was first created to celebrate the original GTI, and there are still loads in attendance today. From the original example to modified ones like this bright yellow GTI, we can get behind the subtle look.

Mk3 Volkswagen Golf cabrioletWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

What were we saying about ‘subtle’? This modified third-generation Golf cabriolet is anything but. There really is something for everyone.

Audi A1Worthersee Volkswagen Festival

Although predominantly a Volkswagen show, there are other VW Group cars in attendance. Such as this interesting Audi A1, which we can barely see thanks to its camo look.

Audi 100Worthersee Volkswagen Festival

Brown with gold alloys doesn’t sound like a great look, but it works for us on this Audi 100.

Audi 50Worthersee Volkswagen Festival

The Audi 50 is what became known as the Volkswagen Polo… and the rest, as they say, is history. This fairly standard and incredibly tidy example received many admiring glances at Worthersee.

Volkswagen Passat CoupeWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

Remember when Passats were cool? This B1 generation Passat Coupe is closely related to the Audi 80 of the same era.

Mk1 Volkswagen GolfWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

In a town full of modified Vee-dubs, there’s something very refreshing about a pair of properly mint Mk1 Golfs as the factory intended.

Volkswagen campersWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

Well, if you’re visiting the Alps for a VW festival, is there a better way of doing it than an old-school VW camper?

Volkswagen BeetleWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

Thanks to their popularity, classic Volkswagen Beetles are still a relatively common sight on the roads. Plenty made it to Worthersee, including this lovely green example complete with skis on the back.

Volkswagen Polo G40Worthersee Volkswagen Festival

The Polo G40 is the result of what happened when VW bolted a supercharger to the 1.3-litre engine in the GT. Although it wasn’t incredibly powerful (it produced 115hp), it’d beat both the Fiesta XR2i and Peugeot 205 GTi in the 0-62mph run.

Volkswagen LupoWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

Ah, the VW Lupo. Pre-dating the popular Up, the Lupo wasn’t quite the sales success of its successor. They’ve got quite a following in Volkswagen circles, though. This was one of a number of modified examples on show at Worthersee.

Volkswagen Polo HarlequinWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

You can imagine the meeting that led to the creation of the Volkswagen Polo Harlequin. “We need to give the Polo a sales boost. Let’s launch a special edition. But what can we do with it?” The answer, apparently, was to paint every body panel a different colour. Around 3,800 were made (and presumably sold), including this modified example.

Volkswagen TouranWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

A Volkswagen Touran people carrier doesn’t seem the obvious choice as a base for a modified car. Name the VW, however, and you’ll probably find a modded version at Worthersee.

Mk2 Volkswagen GolfWorthersee Volkswagen Festival

We spotted this lovely Mk2 Volkswagen Golf in one of the car parks at Worthersee. The decals suggest it’s an Elite special edition… we don’t know much about it, but feel free to tell us more about it in the comments if you do!

Deutsch marques: fabulous classic German cars on show

Stanford Hall Volkswagen showThis year marked the 41st anniversary of the Stanford Hall Volkswagen show, set in the grounds of Stanford Hall itself, near Lutterworth in Leicestershire.

The show is organised by the Leicestershire and Warwickshire VW Owner’s Club, and a historic Volkswagen display has been a staple part of the event.

Air-cooled actionStanford Hall Volkswagen show

Stanford Hall brings out some of the best air-cooled Volkswagens, and some of the most unusual. ‘Bertie’ is a 1958 historic rally Beetle and driver Bob Beales drove ‘him’ in events as recent as the 2016 Wales Rally GB.

Beetles aboutStanford Hall Volkswagen show

Beetles have long been a key ingredient at Stanford Hall. Amanda Clampin’s 1972 ‘Marathon’ Beetle is well known in VW circles and on the show circuit. She has owned the car for almost two years.

Marathon milestoneStanford Hall Volkswagen show

A total of 1,500 ‘Marathon’ Beetles were built for the UK and celebrated the small VW overtaking the Ford Model T as the most-produced car in the world on 17 February 1972. Special features such as 10-spoke alloy wheels and the metallic blue body colour set the Marathon apart.

Karmann everybodyStanford Hall Volkswagen show

Of course, it’s not all about Beetles, though. Volkswagen’s other classic air-cooled models such as the Type 2 campervan and Karmann Ghia also have a starring role at Stanford Hall.

Ballistic busStanford Hall Volkswagen show

While the show prides itself on standard models, this Type 2 is anything but original, and packs a fearsome V8 punch. Your cutlery and plates would fly out of the cupboards…

Shaken, not stirredStanford Hall Volkswagen show

Similarly, this Martini-liveried Karmann Ghia has been inspired by Porsche. A lurid black and red 996/Boxster snakeskin interior features inside, while the running gear is taken from a 2004 Boxster.

Metal Ghia solidStanford Hall Volkswagen show

In contrast, this Type 3-based Karman Ghia is as it rolled off the production line at Osnabrück. Introduced in September 1961, the VW 1500 Karmann Ghia is also known as the ‘Razor Edge’.

As Volkswagen intendedStanford Hall Volkswagen show

The Concours d’Elegance at Stanford Hall is considered to be the best in the country, specialising in cars of original specification. Sixteen classes cover all VW, Audi and Porsche models and feature gems such as this very early 1975 Volkswagen Golf.

Clean machinesStanford Hall Volkswagen show

The concours judging is very strict and every car has to be as clean as when it left the factory, with points taken off for dirtiness and non-original accessories. A simpler design means air-cooled engines may be easier to clean than their later water-cooled counterparts. Here, a Mk2 Golf GTI 16V engine is so clean, the proverbial dinner could be eaten off it.

Mars Red Mk1 magicStanford Hall Volkswagen show

Stanford Hall used to be a predominantly air-cooled Volkswagen show, but in recent years there has been a surge in water-cooled cars’ presence. Golf GTIs are popular concours entrants.

Super Class winnerStanford Hall Volkswagen show

The concours ‘Super Class’ features only the previous year’s winners. 2017 Super Class and Best of Show winner was Chris Burt’s Mk 2 1989 Golf GTI 8V.

Derby dayStanford Hall Volkswagen show

Even Volkswagen’s sometimes ‘forgotten’ models get a look in at the Leicestershire gathering. Older Polos are regularly on display, and Vic Kaye’s booted Derby is one of the best Mk1 models.

The 1980s called…Stanford Hall Volkswagen show

David Cross’ super-rare Mk2 Jetta GT Special is a limited edition from 1986. An officially-marketed GTI Engineering conversion, special equipment included 15-inch alloy wheels, a 1.8-litre engine, a bodykit and two-tone paintwork.

There’s a Storm comingStanford Hall Volkswagen show

Volkswagen’s coupés were well represented at the 2017 Stanford Hall event. The later Corrado (background) contrasts nicely with this early Mk1 Scirocco Storm limited edition from 1979.

Audis on showStanford Hall Volkswagen show

Audis of all shapes and sizes are welcomed into the Stanford Hall concours fold, and there’s probably not a more disparate pairing than this 1980s 200 Avant and late 80-based Cabriolet.

Four-cylinder funStanford Hall Volkswagen show

Club stands are an important part of Stanford Hall, and the biggest gathering of Porsche 912s in the UK was aimed for at the 2017 show. We don’t know if that was achieved, but there were certainly more than we’ve ever seen in one place.

Germany’s favourite sports carStanford Hall Volkswagen show

And while the number of four-cylinder 912s may have outnumbered the number of 911s, the 912’s ‘big brother’ was still very much in evidence. 

Six-figure supercars on show in Monaco

Top Marques 2017Never-seen-before supercars, revolutionary flying cars and a Bentley Azure covered in two million gems. Yes, it’s time for another Top Marques Monaco extravaganza.

Once again, some of the world’s most glamorous supercars will line up at the Grimaldi Forum, with VIPs invited take a test drive on a closed section of the famous F1 GP circuit. You don’t get to tackle La Rascasse or Tabac at a common or garden motor show. Here are some of the highlights from day one.

Vanda DendrobiumTop Marques 2017

It’s fair to assume that no child will ever grow up wanting to own a Vanda Dendrobium, but – dodgy name aside – this electric hypercar is a technological masterpiece. According to the engineers behind the project, the Dendrobium will accelerate to 62mph in 2.6 seconds, before maxing out at 200mph.

The name, in case you’re losing sleep over it, is inspired by a species of orchid found in Singapore, the home of Vanda Electrics. The company claims the car has been on the drawing board since the 1990s and is very much a ‘halo model’, designed to generate interest in a future production version.

AeroMobilTop Marques 2017

From Bratislava with love? There’s something very James Bond about a flying car, but the Slovakian company is adamant that the AeroMobil is more than the work of fiction. Indeed, it is promising to make the first deliveries in 2020, with production limited to 500 units. The price: €1.2m to €1.5m, depending on specification.

The Aeromobil is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged ‘boxer’ engine, with 300hp delivered to the propeller through a bespoke transmission. It can transform into flight mode within three minutes and offers a cruising range of 466 miles. If you fancy your own short-haul flight machine, the company is taking orders in Monaco.

PAL-V LibertyTop Marques 2017

PAL-V is offering a different take on the ‘magnificent men in their flying machines’ concept. The Liberty takes to the air using a wind-powered rotor, enabling it to, in the words of the Dutch company, “float in the air”. If the weather conditions aren’t favourable, simply return to terra firma and continue in car mode.

According to PAL-V, the Liberty Pioneer Edition “marks the launch of the flying car era”, and an initial 90 will be sold, each one with a price tag of circa £417,000 plus taxes. A range of 310 miles is possible in the air, or an impressive 817 miles on the road.

Donkervoort D8 GTO-RSTop Marques 2017

Donkervoort hit the headlines in 2004 and 2006 when the D8 270 RS set lap records at the Nürburgring. The D8 GTO-RS is its spiritual successor and the Dutch company is hinting at more records in the future. Power is sourced from Audi’s 2.5-litre TFSI engine.

The D8 GTO-RS was announced as a limited edition of 40 units in 2016, encouraging Donkervoort to create Bare Naked Carbon and Race editions. The Bare Naked Carbon Edition will be limited to 15 units, with all the carbon fibre elements left exposed. The Race version is optimised for the track.

Calafiore C10Top Marques 2017

We won’t claim to know much about the Calafiore C10 – the firm’s website has yet to be updated – but we know that the Italian hypercar will produce something in the region of 1,000hp. It’s the result of “the combination of supersonic jets and the cars of Le Mans 24 Hours”. Interesting…

Frangivento Asfane FV-CharlotteTop Marques 2017

The FV-Charlotte is the roadster version of the Frangivento Asfane, built in Italy and dedicated to Monte Carlo. The electric supercar is the work of Italians Giorgio Pirolo and Paolo Mancini.

Asfane is taken from ‘As-fa-nen’, meaning ‘it can’t be done’ in piemontese dialect, a reference to Pirolo and Mancini’s desire to keep pushing the boundaries. The supercar of the future is dedicated to Charlotte Church. Probably.

Sin R1 550Top Marques 2017

The Sin R1 550 was unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, but is in Monaco to give people another opportunity to check out its rather dramatic styling. It’s powered by a 7.0-litre V8 engine producing 550hp, along with an option for fitting a fully-sequential racing gearbox with paddle shifters.

We’re trying desperately hard to be polite about the styling, but it’s all in the name of airflow. The cabin features non-adjustable carbon fibre seats developed at the Sin Cars factory in Daventry.

Venturi Formula-ETop Marques 2017

For Monaco-based Venturi, Top Marques is like a home from home. After four rounds of the Formula E championship, the Venturi team is propping up the table with three points.

Venturi will be hoping for more luck when the Formula E juggernaut rocks silently into Monaco for round five of the championship. The race uses a modified configuration of the iconic GP street circuit, but retains the same start/finish line.

Test Drive PitTop Marques 2017

What makes Top Marques unique is the opportunity to test drive cars on the famous GP circuit. Note the Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive in the foreground. Monaco is the ideal location to showcase the talents of a Mini costing upwards of £50,000.

Techno Classica: Europe’s best classic car show

Techno ClassicaIn 2016, more than 200,000 visitors from around the world visited the Techno Classica car show in Essen, Germany. It’s considered to be Europe’s best classic car show, as demonstrated by these photos taken at this year’s event.

Skoda standTechno Classica

The Skoda Fabia or Octavia parked on your street can their roots back to Václav Laurin and Václav Klement and the founding of a bicycle factory in 1895. Laurin & Klement – as Skoda was formerly known – began building motorised bicycles in 1899 and cars in 1905.

Skoda looked back on 122 years of the history with the help of so-called “impressive milestones”, including the 935 Dynamic aerodynamic prototype, Popular Monte Carlo, Rapid Dalnice and a display of Favorit variants. The Favorit was the last car built by Skoda before it was swallowed by the Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen Karmann-GhiaTechno Classica

If we were dishing out awards for the coolest car in Essen, the Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia would be in with a shout. The Beetle-based coupe may have flattered to deceive when it came to performance, but it oozed West Coast cool.

As the name suggests, the pretty 2+2 was styled by Ghia and built by Karmann, positioned as an affordable – and slower – alternative to the Porsche 356. The Karmann-Ghia was superseded by the Porsche 914, the bodies of which were built at the Karmann factory in Osnabrück.

Volkswagen T1Techno Classica

The Type 2 was unveiled at the 1949 Geneva Motor Show and so-called because it was the German carmaker’s second model. The first generation models – built between 1950 and 1967 – retrospectively became known as the T1.

We suspect this 1950 model has never been stuck in a jam on the A303 or queued to get into a National Trust car park in Cornwall.

Ferrari 225 STechno Classica

The Ferrari 225 S first appeared at the 1952 Giro di Sicilia and was powered by a V12 which was being continually developed at the time. In this race, both open and closed versions were on show, each one bodied by Vignale, as seen here.

The 225 S emerged victorious in the 1952 Monaco Grand Prix, with Italian Vittorio Marzotto at the wheel. In the book, Ferrari 70 Years by Dennis Adler, it is claimed that 20 were built and that all but one had coachwork by Vignale.

Dino 246 GTTechno Classica

Despite looking almost identical to the earlier 206 GT, the Dino 246 GT introduced a number of changes. Eagle-eyed Ferrari fans at the 1969 Turin Motor Show would have noticed a repositioned fuel filler cap, longer engine cover, larger exhausts and new alloy wheels.

The wheelbase was increased by 60mm, while the engine capacity was boosted from 2.0- to 2.4-litres. A total of 2,487 units were built between 1969 and 1974.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR ‘Uhlenhaut Coupe’Techno Classica

The hardtop version of the 300 SLR ‘Uhlenhaut Coupe’ was built to go racing in the 1956 season, but with Mercedes-Benz withdrawing from racing in 1955, it was left without a competition.

Instead, it provided transport for the head of the test department, Rudolf Uhlenhaut. Two were built, but while this one lives in the Mercedes museum, the whereabouts of the other model is unknown. Check your nearest barn…

BMW 328Techno Classica

The BMW 328 was the car that put the Bavarian company on the map and would influence the styling of roadsters for years to come. Indeed, the 328 – introduced in 1936 – inspired elements of the Z3 and Z4.

It was hugely successful on the race track, too, notching up a win whilst still in prototype form at the Nurburgring, averaging 67mph over 70 miles. Only 462 units were built, making it one of the most prized sports cars of the pre-war era.

Cadillac Eldorado BroughamTechno Classica

The Cadillac Eldorado Brougham was one of the finest automobiles of the 1950s, driven exclusively by the rich and famous. None other than Frank Sinatra owned a third generation model, as seen here on display in Essen.

The Brougham cost a staggering $13,074 – more than double the price of a regular Eldorado – a price justified by opulent styling and lavish features. Air suspension, power seats, automatic boot opening, air conditioning and a perfume dispenser were just a few of the trinkets.

Porsche 356 BTechno Classica

The Porsche 356 B arrived in 1960 and introduced a number of styling changes to mark it out from the 356 A. The larger bumpers, increased amount of chrome and the repositioned headlights are just three of the distinguishing features.

Three body styles were available – Cabriolet, Roadster and Speedster – with power ranging from 60hp in the standard 1.6-litre 356 B to 140hp in the 2000 GS-GT Carrera 2.

Maserati 250FTechno Classica

According to Sir Stirling Moss, the Maserati 250F was “probably, of its era, the nicest Formula One, front-engined car to drive”.

Others believe the 250F is the most beautiful single-seater racing car of the post-war era. Is it? One to discuss over dinner…

NSU Prinz 30Techno Classica

The Prinz 30 was launched at the 1957 Frankfurt Motor Show and was the German company’s first post-war vehicle. It was powered by a motorcycle engine and despite its diminutive size, there was enough room for four people. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, mind.

Mercedes-Benz Model STechno Classica

The model S of 1927 was the first in a series of supercharged Mercedes-Benz sports cars nicknamed ‘White Elephants’. The ‘S’ stands for Sport and the Model S was victorious in its very first race at the Nurburgring.

BMW IsettaTechno Classica

Until the Mini arrived, microcars such as the BMW Isetta were all the rage. They provided cheap and reliable transport for many, and were economical enough prove invaluable during the Suez Crisis.

BMW 502Techno Classica

The 501 was the first car be produced by BMW after the Second World War and was nicknamed the ‘Baroque Angel’ by the German public. The 502 – which arrived in 1954 – was powered by a new V8 engine and was, at the time, the fastest saloon car in Germany.

Opel KapitanTechno Classica

This Opel Kapitan rolled off the production line in 1956 and took the honour of being the two-millionth Opel vehicle ever built. Note the gold-plated fittings, which were also a feature of the cabin.

Mercedes-Benz 540 K StreamlinerTechno Classica

The one-off Mercedes-Benz 540 K Streamliner was designed as a vehicle for competition but became a test vehicle for aerodynamics and efficiency. The priceless car was put into storage in 1945 before being restored in time for the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours.

Skoda Popular Monte CarloTechno Classica

Speaking of aerodynamics, the Skoda Popular Monte Carlo was at the forefront of research and development in this field. Only 72 coupe and cabriolet models were built between 1936 and 1938, each one marking the success of Skoda at the 1936 Monte Carlo Rally.

Best of Show: Alfa Romeo 3000 CM Superflow IVTechno Classica

This car was produced in four different body styles and had a clear influence on the original Alfa Romeo Spider. It was awarded ‘Best of Show’ at Techno Classica 2017.

BMWTechno Classica

BMW put on quite a show in its home country, as demonstrated by this stunning line-up of vehicles.

1937 Lagonda LG45 RapideTechno Classica

The Lagonda LG45 Rapide can boast an enviable competition history, including victory at Le Mans in 1935. Designed to rival contemporary Bentley models, the Lagonda was enjoyed by wealthy motorists of the time. Only 25 were built.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black SeriesTechno Classica

When new, the 6.2-litre V8 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series – catchy name – cost around £230,000. Top speed is limited to 196mph and it’ll sprint to 62mph in 3.6 seconds.

Citroen Traction Avant 11CVTechno Classica

The game-changing Citroen Traction Avant is the godfather of the modern motor car. It was the first front-wheel drive production car to boast a steel monocoque body, and also featured fully independent suspension.

Mercedes-Benz E500 LimitedTechno Classica

Given the popularity of the W124 in the early 90s, you’d have been forgiven for not spotting an E500 Limited looming into view. That’s until the Porsche-built, 5.0-litre V8 super-saloon breezed past you without breaking sweat.

Barn-find cars on show in Birmingham

Barn-find cars on show in BirminghamThe barn-find display at the Classic Car & Restoration Show is as far removed from a concours d’elegance as you’re ever likely to get, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing. Indeed, there’s something bewitching about an old car emerging from its slumber, blinking its eyes as it sees daylight for the first time in years.

OK, so the term ‘barn-find’ has been massively diluted, with everything from a car stored on a front lawn to a vehicle left in the garage for a few years listed under the same umbrella. But we challenge you not to find something of interest in what the organisers are calling the “UK’s biggest collection of barn-finds”. We have photos of all 25, which you can see in the metal – or what’s left of it – at Birmingham’s NEC from 31 March to 2 April 2017.

Audi QuattroBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

There’s a good chance that all of the cars featured at the NEC will be restored to their former glory. Take this 1987 Audi Quattro, which must be the star attraction of the entire display. It belongs to serial Quattro owner Andy Bates, who discovered it sitting outside in Burton upon Trent.

“I had known about the car since 2011 but it took me until 2015 for its owner to sell it to me,” said Andy. “It had been standing outside for about eight years and the bodywork was much as you see it now; the wings, roof and sills were all in need of attention. However, the Audi was still drivable and the ‘talking dashboard’ still spoke to me!”

Ford Capri 2.0SBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

The Mk2 Capri was introduced in 1974 and ushered in a more practical body, complete with hatchback tailgate. In truth, the Mk2 never captured the imagination quite like the Mk1, and production figures tailed off year-by-year, until the introduction of the Mk3 in 1978.

The Capri S was unveiled at the 1975 Geneva Motor Show and was codenamed ‘Midnight’ after its black bodywork. Thanks to its gold stripes, the black Ford Capri S soon became known as the ‘JPS’, an unofficial name reflecting the Lotus F1 cars of the time.

Austin Metro LBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

We checked the MOT history of this 1986 Austin Metro L to discover that it has covered a mere 13,779 miles during its three decades on planet Earth. Indeed, it has only travelled 250 miles since 2006.

Does the fact that it has visited an MOT station every year for the past decade render the ‘barn-find’ tag null and void? Answers on a postcard.

Rolls-Royce Silver ShadowBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

This Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow was built in 1975, registered in 1979 and last taxed in 1984. If the moss and grime is anything to go by, this sleeping beauty will need more than some light recommissioning before the 6.75-litre V8 engine roars into life.

Beneath the layer of vegetation you’ll find silver paintwork, while the cabin is filled with wood and grey leather. It sold at a Sheffield auction in February 2017. We’d love to know its backstory.

Mini 850 Super DeluxeBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

We’re reliably informed that Tom Larkin’s Mini is an 850 Super Deluxe. This trim level was formed when Super and Deluxe models merged to create something even more… well, super and deluxe. In its day, this was the flagship model of the standard Mini range, with a hint of the iconic Cooper.

It’ll be a while before Tom’s Mini is either super or deluxe, but we’re looking forward to seeing the results.

Porsche 924Barn-find cars on show in Birmingham

The two-tone beige and brown bodywork gives this Porsche 924 the air of a Toffifee caramel cup. Both were big hits in the 1980s and both were exported from Germany.

But that’s where the similarities end, because you can’t wander down to your local supermarket to buy a Porsche 924. This 1982 example was last taxed in 2000.

BMW 728iBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

One of two cars on display belonging to John Ducker, this BMW 728i spent over a decade sat outside, exposed to the elements. “I had previously owned two 7-Series and thought that in their day they had a better ride than a Silver Shadow,” said John.

“My BMW is a very unusual manual gearbox model and the clutch is on the floor, so although the engine sounds sweet is cannot be run. For a car that was kept outside for so long, the body is comparatively free of rot, but the front passenger seat has deteriorated,” continued John.

Jensen FFBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

The Jensen FF on display at the NEC was purchased from a dealer in 1995 and remained in the same ownership for 22 years, although a long-term illness meant that the owner was unable to drive it. It remained in a workshop for many years, until the owner passed away and the FF was purchased by Andrew March.

Andrew intends to restore the Jensen to its former glory. The artwork seen here centres on William Boyd’s Solo novel of 2013, which featured a Jensen FF in its publicity campaign.

Volkswagen Golf GTIBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

What a find! A good Mk1 Golf GTIs could be worth anywhere between £10,000 and £20,000, which means a ‘barn-find’ example will be in demand.

What you can’t see is the interior, which is covered in a thick layer of mould. You might need to dress up like Walter White in a meth lab before tackling this job.

Isuzu Piazza TurboBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

Got your eye on something tasty on eBay? Put a cheeky bid on it – you never know, you might be lucky. That’s exactly what happened when John Ducker made a low bid for one of the few surviving Isuzu Piazza Turbos. The next morning he discovered he was was the new owner, and although it required some welding, Ducker describes the overall condition as “not too bad”.

“It is also a nice machine to drive,” continued John, “and my 1989 example is one of the only turbo automatics in the UK.” The Giugiaro-penned Piazza was influenced by the stunning Asso di Fiori concept of 1979. John certainly played his cards right.

Nissan Cherry EuropeBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

There’s little love for the Nissan Cherry Europe and its sister car the Alfa Romeo Arna, a factor that has contributed to their spiral into the abyss. So it’s nice to see a Cherry Europe on display at the NEC.

“It had been lying in a garage in Stoke-on-Trent for the past 10 years,” said owner David Roberts. “The Nissan was surrounded by junk and its interior used for storage, but it wasn’t a complete mess and there were just 32,597 miles on the clock.” The Cherry was MOTd in May 2016 and the exterior is as David found it.

Opel Commodore A CoupeBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

Opel’s General Motors parentage ensured that the styling of the oh-so-pretty Commodore A Coupe had a distinct whiff of Americana about it. The ad copy of 1969 is superb, claiming that the car “is not exactly everybody’s idea of a director’s car,” before going on to say “it’s the first one that doesn’t look too portly and dull.”

“A true pillarless coupe that’s in a class of its own – the sort of look you don’t often see in Britain.” Today, that statement holds true, with very few Commodores left in the country.

Marcos GTBarn-find cars on show in Birmingham

Marcos was established in 1959, its name a combination of the surnames of its founders, Marsh and Costin. The GT was launched in 1964, complete with a wooden chassis and fibreglass shell.

It was notable for having a fixed seat and movable pedals, with a cabin designed around founder Jem Marsh, who happened to be 6ft 4in tall. This particular GT, which dates from 1970, was last taxed in 1987. It’s powered by a Ford Essex 2.0-litre engine.

Coolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show: the coolest concept cars

Coolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor ShowIt wouldn’t be a motor show without an array of wild and outlandish concept cars. The 2017 Geneva Motor Show is no different, as this gallery of concept cars proves. Some will never see the light of day, while others provide a hint of potential new models. Pick your favourite from this lot.

Mercedes-AMG GT ConceptCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept: a glimpse into the future with one eye on the past. The concept has been unveiled as part of the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG, but is designed to give “an indication of the alternative drive configurations AMG is designing”. To this end, the GT Concept is powered by a 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbocharged engine and an electric motor to provide a total system output of 804hp.

According to Mercedes-AMG, the GT Concept will sprint to 62mph in “less than three seconds”, but it hasn’t confirmed a top speed. Whether the four-door coupe makes production remains to be seen, but with the new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo unveiled in Geneva, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this becoming the third member of the AMG GT family.

Infiniti Project Black SCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Infiniti is certainly talking a good talk with the Project Black S. Referencing a new Infiniti ‘performance grade’ and a close collaboration with with Renault Sport Formula One Team is guaranteed to pique the interest of any self-respecting petrolhead. And besides, it’s high time Infiniti delivered a car we can all get behind.

Nissan’s posh arm is investigating the potential for F1-style hybrid technology in a production car, with an energy recovery system (ERS) that could contribute a 25% increase in power for the new 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbocharged engine. As a bonus, the ERS could improve acceleration and eliminate turbo lag. An F1-inspired coupe: where do we sign? Infiniti, do the right thing.

Citroen C-AircrossCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Dare we suggest that we’re a little underwhelmed by the Citroen C-Aircross. It’s not that’s uncool, it’s just that the new C3 supermini has raised the bar sufficiently enough for us to look at this concept with a sense of ‘meh’. Whatever that means.

Oh, sure, the standard motor show trinkets are there: suicide doors, cameras for door mirrors and ‘showy’ 18-inch rims to name but three, it’s just that we’re not bowled over by the C-Aircross. There are, however, reasons to be cheerful. Firstly, it highlights just how far Citroen has come in recent years. And, secondly, it previews the next-generation C3 Picasso. Good news.

Jaguar I-PaceCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

For now, the Jaguar I-Pace remains a concept, but the model on show in Geneva looks as production ready as you’re likely to get. It also shows off a new Photon Red paintjob.

It’s the first time the I-Pace has been seen in Europe and it previews Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle, set to hit the streets in 2018. Jaguar is already taking orders for the Tesla Model X rival, with one outlet claiming that 350 deposits have already been received.

Peugeot InstinctCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

If Peugeot is to be believed, this is what an autonomous future looks like. The Instinct is a 300hp plug-in hybrid with both ‘Drive’ and ‘Autonomous’ driving modes, with Peugeot claiming that an ‘Internet of Things’ platform will learn the driver’s lifestyle.

The seats can be adjusted individually, allowing the occupant to select the position most suited to them – upright to drive or horizontal to… er… sleep. Yes, sleep. You’ll also find a so-called ‘chatbot’, a speech-driven PA offering a vast array of services.

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6eCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

You might hate the Bentley Bentayga, and – as Bobby Brown might say – that’s your prerogative. But if Bentley sells a sufficient number of the boutique SUVs, it’ll be free to explore new ideas such as this: the EXP 12 Speed 6e.

In true grand tourer style, Bentley claims that an electric vehicle with a ‘Flying B’ perched on the bonnet must offer sufficient range to be able to drive between London and Paris or Milan and Monaco on a single charge. Ideal, if you’re planning to race a train from the Carlton Hotel in Cannes to the Conservative Club in London.

Honda NeuVCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

NeuV – pronounced ‘new-vee’ – stands for New Electric Urban Vehicle, and it’s Honda’s vision of an electric future. Not only can it learn things about its driver – stop picking your nose at the wheel – it also takes advantage of the fact that privately-owned vehicles sit idle for 96% of the time.

In other words, the NeuV doubles up as automated ride sharing vehicle when the owner is not using the car. It has the potential to collect and drop off customers at local destinations, even selling energy back to the grid. Cool concept, this.

SsangYong XAVLCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Remember when you laughed at that Korean carmaker with the funny name? Laugh no more, because SsangYong is on a roll, as demonstrated by the really-rather-good Tivoli. The XAVL previews a next generation seven-seat SUV, featuring seven independent seats and a huge amount of interior space.

According to SsangYong, the eXciting Authentic Vehicle Long draws inspiration from the “iconic” Korando, meaning it might preview a replacement for the value-driven SUV.

Hyundai FE Fuel CellCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

There are those who believe that it’s hydrogen and not electric that represents the future of sustainable motoring. For now, the infrastructure isn’t there to support a fleet of hydrogen-powered cars, but the likes of Honda, Toyota and Hyundai are at the forefront of development in the sector.

The FE Fuel Cell is part of Hyundai’s plan to deliver 14 or more new environmentally-focused models by the year 2020 and has the potential to deliver a range of up to 500 miles from a single tank.

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-ClassCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

You’re unlikely to find a Concept X-Class parked outside a branch of Wickes, as Mercedes-Benz is pitching this to a more “urban lifestyle” audience. The five-seat pick-up previews the production version, set to launch later this year.

Underneath, the X-Class is little more than a Nissan Navara, but has been ‘poshed-up’ for urban lifestyle types. You can expect a suitably inflated price tag as Mercedes-Benz seeks to fill yet another niche. Will there be an AMG version? We wouldn’t bet against it…

Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by PininfarinaCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

The Fittipaldi EF7 is a concept car you can drive, at least in a virtual sense. It’s the latest in a long line of Vision Gran Turismo cars, coming to a Sony PlayStation near you soon.

It’s the result of a collaboration between Emerson Fittipaldi, Pininfarina and engineering firm HWA, and is said to fulfil Fittipaldi’s vision of building a car with “fierce track-racing capabilities” for drivers of all skill levels.

Renault Zoe e-sportCoolest concepts of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

A case of saving the best ‘til last? The Zoe e-sport is the electric car you’ve always dreamed of, drawing upon Renault’s experience in Formula E. It’s packing a 455hp electric punch, enough to propel the Zoe to 62mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Use of carbonfibre and kevlar keeps the weight down, while a lowered ride height, wider tracks and four-wheel drive should provide exceptional cornering ability. Double-wishbone suspension, 20-inch rims, Ohlins dampers, Recaro seats and Formula E-style controls complete the transformation from humdrum to hero. Renault, we have two words: build it.

New SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

New SUVs and crossovers revealed at Geneva

New SUVs and crossovers launched at GenevaWhether they are new cars ready for launch, concepts offering a vision of what’s to come or updates of current models, SUVs and crossovers are everywhere at Geneva 2017.

Arguably, Jaguar and Land Rover have the hottest stands at the show, with the world premiere of the Range Rover Velar and the first sighting in Europe of Jaguar’s revolutionary all-electric SUV concept: the I-Pace.

If it’s luxury you’re after, look no further than the most opulent version of the Bentley Bentayga, or the monster that is the Mercedes-Maybach G65 4×4 Landaulet. There really is something for everyone at the Geneva Motor Show.

Nissan QashqaiNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

Europe’s most popular crossover just had a facelift. Due to hit UK roads later this year, the Nissan Qashqai now sports a V-shaped grille at the front, along with new bumper and headlamp designs, plus a reshaped bonnet.

The new Qashqai doesn’t just look better, it has more of a quality feel. Propilot autonomous driving tech gives it the ability to steer, accelerate and brake itself within a single lane on motorways.

Volkswagen Tiguan AllspaceNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

VW’s acclaimed Tiguan has grown into a full seven-seater. On sale in the UK this summer, there’s an extra row of seats, thanks to 109mm added to the wheelbase – stretching the car by 215mm overall.

Despite the stretch, the Tiguan Allspace doesn’t look out of proportion. What’s more, it now boasts 760 litres of luggage capacity (up 140 litres) with the front two rows of seats in place. With all the rear seats down, there’s a van-like 1,920 litres available.

Bentley Bentayga MullinerNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

Meet the new Bentley Bentayga Mulliner: “the most exquisitely appointed luxury SUV ever created”. Bentley’s in-house bespoke division, Mulliner, has given the Bentayga a makeover to create a range-topping, uber-sumptuous sports utility vehicle.

High-end features on the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner include ‘Duo Tone’ paintwork, Mulliner 22-inch Paragon seven-spoke wheels with floating centres, a bespoke Mulliner bottle cooler, exclusive Ombré burr walnut veneer, plus ‘My Mood’, which allows occupants to choose from 15 different interior lighting colours, while also adjusting the brightness in doors, armrests and footwells.

Vauxhall Crossland XNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

A world premiere for the latest crossover from Vauxhall/Opel, which is now part of PSA Europe (Peugeot-Citroen). Effectively replacing the Meriva MPV, it will slot below the Mokka X in terms of size and price.

Billed as an urban crossover, rather than an SUV, Vauxhall reckons the Crosland X “has a firm family focus, with a Tardifs-like cabin providing high degrees of practicality and flexibility”.

Range Rover VelarNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

The sleek Velar is Geneva’s SUV star. Slotting into the Range Rover line-up between the Evoque and Sport, it’s an obvious rival to the Porsche Macan. And indeed its cousin, the Jaguar F-Pace.

Priced from £44,830 to £85,450, the British-built Range Rover Velar will go on sale from July in the UK and more than 170 markets worldwide. Combining Land Rover’s legendary all-terrain ability with an upmarket cabin and lashings of tech, it promises to be the most driver-focused Range Rover ever.

Subaru XVNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

The wraps are off Subaru’s next generation XV, which is due to go on sale in the UK early in 2018. Looking like an evolution of the current car, it’s certainly more appealing to the eye and should bring the model into the mainstream.

Built on a new global platform, just like the new Impreza, Subaru claims the XV will have significantly enhanced refinement, safety, ride comfort, and agility. Needless to say, symmetrical four-wheel drive will be standard on all models.

Mitsubishi Eclipse CrossNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

Plugging a gap between the ASX and Outlander, Mitsubishi’s new Qashqai-rival doesn’t look as flash as the teased design studies suggested, but it will freshen up the Japanese company’s range.

With its distinctive, wedged profile, the Eclipse Cross will certainly stand out when it hits UK roads early in 2018. Its most unusual design element is at the back, where a high-mounted strip of rear lamps divides the upper and lower segments of the rear window.

Jaguar I-PaceNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

A European premiere for Jaguar’s all-electric SUV concept – now in vibrant Photon Red. The I-Pace isn’t due to go on sale in the UK until 2018, but this show car looks pretty much ready for production.

The I-Pace’s looks seem to divide opinion, but there’s no doubting that it stands out from the crowd – those massive 23-inch wheels are something else. Two electric motors, producing a combined 400hp, power the car, allowing it to sprint to 62mph in around four seconds, with a claimed range of 300 miles.

Mercedes-Maybach G65 4×4² LandauletNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

Mercedes-Benz is giving Range Rover and Bentley something to think about with its ultra-luxurious all-terrain Mercedes-Maybach SUV – a landaulet version of the legendary G-Wagen. In other words, a covered cab with a retractable fabric roof at the back.

Powered by a new twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12, the Landaulet is likely to become the world’s most expensive sport utility vehicle, with a rumoured price of around £400,000. Just 99 will be built, but sadly this opulent monster is not due to be sold in the UK. For the record, it is 5.3m long, 2.2m tall and has more than half a metre of ground clearance.

Audi Q8 Sport ConceptNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

Based on the Q8 Concept first revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2017, the Q8 Sport Concept is more sporty – and very orange. It combines a 3.0-litre V6 and a mild hybrid system (a world first) that enables it to deliver a handy 476hp “with the efficiency of a four-cylinder”.

Perhaps the most obvious visual change is that Audi’s signature ‘singleframe’ grille design has ditched the vertical bars and horizontal slats for a more pleasing honeycomb design. Capable of 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds, it has a top speed of 170mph.

Skoda Kodiaq ScoutNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

A rugged version of the Skoda Kodiaq has been unveiled at Geneva. With seating for up to seven and the largest interior and boot space in its class, the Scout also boasts off-road ability thanks to all-wheel drive, hill-hold and hill-descent control, plus a ground clearance of 194mm.

Apart from its slightly raised ride height, the Scout looks pretty similar to the standard Kodiaq, with only tinted windows, silver colour details and special 19-inch-alloy wheels emphasising the visual differences.

SsangYong XAVLNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

South Korean brand SsangYong has previewed its XAVL seven-seater SUV concept at Geneva. An eventual rival to the Land Rover Discovery, Kia Sorento and Hyundai Sante Fe, its awkward moniker is derived from “eXciting Authentic Vehicle Long SUV”.

The angular show car looks like a work in progress, or a larger, less attractive version of SsangYong’s Tivoli. Inside, there’s plenty of connectivity, while a 10.25-inch infotainment screen dominates the centre console. Expect to see the final version on the road by 2020.

Citroen C-Aircross ConceptNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

Citroen’s new SUV concept looks like an overgrown C3 and is expected to appear in showrooms as soon as 2018. Effectively replacing the C3 Picasso in the line-up, it will take on the likes of the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur and Audi Q2 in the highly-competitive compact crossover category.

Rear-hinged rear passenger doors are a stand-out feature on Citroen’s concept, though it has to manage with just three Airbumps on each side. A 12-inch touchscreen dominates the centre console, while the C-Aircross also makes use of Grip Control for extra traction when soft-roading.

Volvo XC60New SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

The long-awaited next-generation XC60 crossover takes a bow at Geneva. It’s a good-looking car that pays homage to its best-selling predecessor, while sharing many design cues with its big brother, the XC90.

Naturally, the new XC60 will be one of the safest cars ever, so it’s packed with tech. However, just like the XC90, there will be a T8 Twin Engine petrol plug-in hybrid version capable of reaching 62mph from standstill in just 5.3 seconds.

DS7 CrossbackNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

The first SUV from DS could be the car that gets the till ringing for Peugeot-Citroen’s standalone premium brand. Just as the F-Pace has accelerated Jaguar sales, the stylish DS7 Crossback should put DS on the map.

Rivalling established SUVs such as the Range Rover Evoque and Audi Q3, the spacious DS7 Crossback is fully connected and packed with tech. The interior is dominated by two 12-inch touchscreen displays. Outside, the front of the car features a dramatic diamond-effect grille and distinctive jewel-like LED headlights.

Mazda CX-5New SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

First revealed at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, Mazda’s next-generation CX-5 makes its European debut at Geneva. Always a good-looking crossover, the new model is now longer, lower and sexier.

The CX-5 is hugely important to Mazda. Not only is it the company’s best-selling model in Europe, it’s also sold in more than 120 countries and represents around a quarter of Mazda’s global sales. The new model delivers “responsive performance” while also “prioritising passenger comfort”.

Renault CapturNew SUVs and crossovers launched at Geneva

Renault’s best-selling compact crossover gets a welcome mid-life makeover inside and out. The most notable exterior change is the updated front end, which is now similar to its big brother, the Kadjar. There are also new skid plates, front and rear, plus three new wheel options.

Three new colours now join the updated Captur’s palette, meaning that 36 different combinations are now available. The new Captur, which goes on sale in the UK this summer, looks especially good with two-tone paint and a fixed glass roof.

Detroit Motor Show 2017

Detroit Motor Show 2017: in pictures

Detroit Motor Show 2017Detroit has seen hard times, but it’s still America’s Motor City – and home of its most important car show. We reveal the cars and trucks making headlines at the Cobo Centre, from the bold Audi Q8 concept seen here to Kia’s exciting new sports saloon.

Audi Q8Detroit Motor Show 2017

The Q8 concept previews Audi’s forthcoming SUV flagship – due in 2018. It’s sleeker than the current Q7, with a sweeping, coupe-style roof. Powered by a petrol/electric plug-in hybrid drivetrain, the 450hp Q8 will hit 62mph in 5.4 seconds.

Inside, the Q8 boasts four luxurious Nappa leather seats, plus an advanced version of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit with graphics projected onto the windscreen. Battery-charge time is two hours, with an all-electric range of 37 miles. We reckon the Range Rover should be worried…

Kia Stinger GTDetroit Motor Show 2017

Kia wants to sex-up its image, and a brawny, V6-engined sports coupe is a good way to do so. The 370hp Stinger GT will take on the Audi S4, BMW 340i and Mercedes-AMG C43 when it arrives in Europe in late 2017.

The Stinger GT’s platform comes from Hyundai’s Genesis luxury saloon, but with a stiffer chassis for sharper handling. Buyers will have a choice of four engines, including a four-cylinder diesel. But it’s that 167mph twin-turbo V6 we’re really excited about.

Volkswagen I.D. BuzzDetroit Motor Show 2017

What? Yet another VW Microbus concept? Yes, but this one stands a good chance of being built – and let’s hope so. The all-electric I.D. Buzz uses Volkswagen’s new scalable MEB platform. Quoted power output is 369hp and range is 373 miles.

The eight-seat I.D. Buzz can also drive itself. Push the steering wheel and it disappears into the dash as the car slips into ‘I.D. Pilot’ mode. This uses cameras, lasers and radar sensors to detect other road users. Oh, and the rear seats turn into a bed, so you can nap while the I.D. Buzz does all the hard work.

Lexus LSDetroit Motor Show 2017

With dramatic looks influenced by the LF-FC concept car, the new Lexus LS luxury saloon debuted at Detroit. As you’d expect, it will be available with petrol/electric hybrid power, but the big news is a hydrogen fuel-cell option – following the lead of parent company Toyota and its hydrogen-powered Mirai.

While other companies such as Volkswagen bet on electric power, Toyota/Lexus hopes hydrogen will be the fuel of the future. The LS may emulate the LF-FC, with in-wheel electric motors for dynamic four-wheel drive.

Mercedes-AMG GT CDetroit Motor Show 2017

Taking pride of place on the Mercedes stand at Detroit is the Mercedes-AMG GT C. It’s the coupe version of the GT C Roadster, revealed last year. Slotting in between the GT S and GT R, the GTC’s 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 produces 550hp – the same as the soft-top version.

That means 62mph in 3.7 seconds and on to a top speed of 197mph – even quicker than the GT S seen here. It’s 35kg lighter than the Roadster, while the rear track is 57mm wider. The GT C will initially be launched as an Edition 50 special edition, celebrating 50 years of AMG, featuring black chrome trim and two paint colours: Designo Graphite Grey Magno and Designo Cashmere White Magno.

Audi SQ5Detroit Motor Show 2017

Alongside Audi’s Q8 concept at Detroit is this sporty little number: the 354hp SQ5. It’s powered by the same 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 as the S5 – a departure from the old model, which was diesel-only.

That power accelerates the near-two-tonne SUV to 62mph in 5.4 seconds, helped by its all-wheel-drive system. There’s also an optional rear Sport differential, which divides torque across the rear axle. Combine this with Sport mode for school-run heroics.

Ford BroncoDetroit Motor Show 2017

The original Ford Bronco was never sold in Europe, but it was a popular no-thrills 4×4 on sale in the USA for 30 years from 1966 to 1996. Although Ford hasn’t taken a concept Bronco to Detroit, it has revealed a Bronco graphic on its stand – with the words ‘coming in 2020’ underneath.

The firm hasn’t revealed much more information on the new Bronco, although it has hinted that it’ll be a rugged retro 4×4 with genuine off-road ability. It’s also said it’ll be a global vehicle and, although a decision hasn’t been made, it could be sold in the UK. Fans of the classic original are suitably excited.

Infiniti QX50Detroit Motor Show 2017

This attractive SUV is the new Infiniti QX50 concept. It follows the QX Sport Inspiration seen at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, but is closer to being a production-ready rival to the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Lexus NX. It could be exactly what Nissan’s premium brand needs to boost its image in Europe.

Power comes from Infiniti’s clever new 2.0-litre VC-T turbocharged petrol engine, which the brand is claiming will have the efficiency of modern turbodiesels. The QX50 concept also features clever autonomous tech – but the manufacturer says it’ll work with the driver, rather than taking over entirely.

Porsche 911 GTSDetroit Motor Show 2017

The controversial new flat-six 911 has now been given the GTS treatment: meaning an extra 30hp over the regular Carrera S (and 20hp more than its predecessor). Unfortunately, Porsche decided against revealing the GTS in the metal at Detroit, so you’ll have to settle for this press photo.

As you’d expect, here are a wide range of GTS models available: coupe, cabriolet or Targa, and two- or four-wheel drive. Oh, and you can choose between seven-speed manual or PDK auto gearboxes.

Volkswagen Tiguan AllspaceDetroit Motor Show 2017

Good news: from summer 2017, you’ll be able to buy a Volkswagen Tiguan with a slightly longer wheelbase and seven seats. That extra practicality means it’ll be an interesting, German alternative to the likes of the Nissan X-Trail.

It’s difficult to spot the external differences between the Allspace and the regular Tiguan, but anoraks will spy a 110mm longer wheelbase (the overall car is 215mm longer), while the bonnet and grille are also revised.

2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercarsFrom wild supercars you can’t buy, to four-door saloons you can, we’ve selected the best performance cars at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T is likely to make some enthusiasts V happy. Ferrari has ditched the complex four-wheel-drive system in favour of a purer, more agile rear-wheel-drive setup. Great news, then? There is one catch…

Gone is the naturally-aspirated V12 engine in favour of a 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8. Now you know what the T in GTC4 Lusso stands for. But don’t worry, if you’re not turned on by the thought of a turbocharged Ferrari, the ‘standard’ GTC4 Lusso is still available.

Audi RS3 saloon2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

If you thought compact saloons were all beige interiors, comfortable cardigans and trips to the bowls club, think again. This is the snarling Audi RS3 saloon that’s likely to make a few people think twice before signing that finance deal on a Golf R.

The figures are nothing short of astonishing: 400hp – yes, four hundred – 0-60mph in a little over four seconds, and four-wheel drive. Best of all, it’s powered by a 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine, so it will sound fantastic as you cruise the mean streets of suburbia. This might be the car we’d most like to leave Paris in.

MINI Clubman JCW2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Question: name a car you can buy with six doors, all-wheel drive, 231hp and 258lb ft of torque that will cost around £30,000. The answer is the new MINI Clubman JCW.

It features all the familiar JCW upgrades, so you can rest assured that the brakes, suspension and cooling have been sorted. MINI claims the JCW will sprint to 62mph in 6.3 seconds, helped in no small part by the ALL4 all-wheel-drive system.

Mercedes-AMG GT R2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

The ‘beast from the Green Hell’ was certainly the brightest performance car at the Paris Motor Show. But far from being all show and no go, the Mercedes-AMG GT R packs a mighty 577hp 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, developing 577hp.

Alongside the GT R, Mercedes-AMG also showcased the new GT Roadster and GT C Roadster. It has promised to build 48 new AMG and AMG Line models over the coming 12 months, so we hope you like what you see.

Porsche 919 Hybrid2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Last week, the Porsche 919 Hybrid grabbed the headlines when Mark Webber drove this Le Mans car through the streets of a sleepy London.

This was a chance to see a Porsche 919 Hybrid in a more sedate environment. The turbocharged V4 engine develops around 900hp and weighs 875kg. We did volunteer to take it for an early morning tour of Paris, but Porsche wasn’t keen.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 702016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

How do you celebrate your 70th anniversary? Invite a few friends to the village hall and spend a few quid on party food at Iceland? Not if you’re Ferrari. Next year, the Italian firm will be 70 years old, and to mark the occasion it has been looking through its photo album of iconic liveries.

Keen not to do things by half, Ferrari will recreate 70 individual liveries, to be used to create a maximum of 350 unique cars. This is ‘The Stirling’, which is inspired by the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB: winner of the 1961 Tourist Trophy with Stirling Moss at the wheel.

Hyundai RN302016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Thought Hyundai was all five-year warranties and dependability? Yeah, that causes a problem for Hyundai, as it wants to prove it is able to let its hair down once in a while. The RN30 is like Colin the accountant announcing his resignation in order to take up cage fighting.

Believe it or not, underneath that ‘expensive running shoes’ exterior you’ll find a humble i30. Its four-cylinder engine is chucking out a mighty 375hp and 333lb ft of torque, combining to create the wildest Hyundai the world has ever seen. It previews the company’s first performance N car, although we doubt the i30N will look quite this menacing. Somebody think of the children.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

For those who are about to race, the announcement of a new Porsche racing car is a big deal. The new 911 GT3 Cup is powered by a 4.0-litre flat-six engine developing 485hp – 25hp more than the outgoing GT3 Cup.

The huge rear wing lets the world know you’re a serious racer, while Porsche claims to have made significant changes under the skin, designed to improve reliability and make it easier for track-side maintenance.

Honda Civic Type R2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Few cars here in Paris have divided opinion quite like the Honda Civic Type R, but you need to get used to it because it’s coming fast – quite literally. Officially, the Paris show car is a concept, but it looks production-ready to us. In fact, it’s likely to make its debut at the SEMA show in November.

Honda hasn’t announced any performance figures, but you can’t dress up a car like Mr Angry without loading it with aggression. Besides, the Focus RS beat the current Type R in a punch-up and Honda isn’t about to let that happen again.

Ferrari 488 Spider 702016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Oh look, another one of those Ferrari party celebration cars. Whether they fall under ‘class’ or ‘crass’ is a matter for debate, but needless to say some look better than others. This is the 488 Spider, aka ‘The Green Jewel’, inspired by the green livery of the 365 P2 fielded by the David Piper Racing team.

Ferrari at 702016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Here are five examples for your viewing pleasure. Next year, Ferrari will embark on a world tour spanning 60 different countries.

Peugeot 3008 DKR2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

The name says 3008, but the DKR has virtually nothing in common with the new Peugeot 3008 that’s coming to a supermarket car park near you. Sadly, your friendly Peugeot dealer won’t be offering a 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel option.

That means you won’t be able to enjoy 340hp and 590lb ft of torque, not to mention an ability to drive over pretty much anything. Sand dunes, mountains, canyons, speed bumps – all no problem for the 3008 DKR, which starts its racing career next month.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

It wouldn’t be an international motor show without a car that is already sold out. The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is just like the regular LaFerrari, only with less roof. As you may have guessed, all 208 units have been spoken for. If your name’s not down…

Ferrari claims the Aperta retains the torsional rigidity of the tin-top version, which is a claim we’d like to test. Unfortunately, our name wasn’t down.

Renault Trezor2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Before you say anything, we know, the Renault Trezor is just a concept. But we figured the more buzz it receives, the more chance it has of making production. Besides, we’re happy to keep looking at it.

The photos don’t do it justice, so we’d encourage you to visit the Paris Motor Show, if only to gawp at its majesty. Keep an eye on the next Hot Wheels catalogue, because the Trezor is a sure-fire winner.

Jaguar F-Type SVR2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Another candidate for the list of cars we’d most like to leave Paris in: this is the storming SVR version of the Jaguar F-Type. We figure the short hop from Paris to Blighty would give us ample opportunity to enjoy the 575hp from its supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine.

That active rear spoiler deploys at 60mph and combines with the flat underbody to give a top speed of 200mph.

BMW i82016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

The big news from BMW is the announcement of a new and improved i3, with 50% more range. But three years on from its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the i8 remains every inch the showstopper.

In Paris, BMW unveiled a new Protonic Dark Silver Edition, which is set to go into production in December. It’s the colour Batman would choose, probably.

Ferrari 488 GTB 702016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

This is a ‘Ferrari at 70’ model we can get behind. It’s called ‘The Schumacher’ and, as its name suggests, it pays homage to Michael Schumacher’s F2003-GA of 2003.

Abarth 124 Spider2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Proof that good fun can come in small packages? This is the Abarth 124 Spider, complete with 1.4-litre MultiAir turbocharged engine developing 170hp. To our eyes, the Abarth looks streets ahead of its Fiat sibling, and the sub-seven-seconds 0-62mph time is a reason to be cheerful. As is the black bonnet.

Honda NSX2016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

Another motor show, another chance to see the Honda NSX. It feels like thing has done more shows than the Suzuki Jimny. First drives are taking place as we type. Soon you’ll be able to drive one for yourself.

Infiniti Q602016 Paris Motor Show: the best performance and supercars

This is the car Infiniti hopes will steal sales from the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe and BMW 4 Series. It’s called the Q60 and it’s the first Infiniti to be powered by a twin-turbocharged engine. One is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder developing 211hp, but the other is a snarling 3.0-litre V6 with a mighty 405hp. Colour us intrigued.