The final Saab ever made is up for sale

The final Saab ever made

The very last Saab is for sale – and in ‘brand new’ condition. Its a 9-3 Aero, one just 420 cars built by Saab’s effective successor company, NEVS.

The 420 Saabs were assembled in 2013 and 2014, long after official production stopped in 2011. NEVS put the cars together following its acquisition of the Saab marque and all its assets.

Today, the company builds EVs that wear very Saab-like suits.

The last Saab ever is being sold

An older 2008 model year 9-3 Aero

This 9-3 has just 5km on its odometer. Its 220hp turbocharged engine sends power to all four wheels.

Spec-wise, there’s little to discern its significance, coming in a typically Saab silver hue. Intriguing yet unassuming – fitting, we think.

Where can I buy the final Saab?

The last Saab ever is being sold

The 9-3 Aero will be on display at the Saab Car Museum festival, June 7-9, at the Trollhättan site. It will be put up for auction shortly thereafter.

As for how much you can be expected to pay, no ballpark figure has been given yet. However, Saab has a passionate and dedicated following, so expect keen interest. 

Son accidentally buys Saab sold by his dad 43 years ago

Son accidentally buys Saab sold by his dad 43 years earlier

Son accidentally buys Saab sold by his dad 43 years ago

Saab fan and garage owner James Edwards couldn’t resist buying a Saab 96 at a classic car auction in October.

When he got the car home he discovered that his father had sold the car, registration number BAW 77IL, when it was new 43 years earlier.

  • 1960 Saab 96: new arrival

John Edwards, 81, who retired from running Westbury Garage in 1996, fell in love with the Saab in 1972. He was so taken with it that he photographed it and hung its picture on the garage wall for many years.

He sold it for £1,023 and hadn’t seen it again until James brought it home from the Richard Edmonds’ Chippenham auction on 25 October.

Former garage employee, Doris Williams, now aged 86, was also reunited with the car, which she had washed while it was up for sale.

James Edwards said: “I was amazed to discover Dad had sold the car all that time ago. I knew there was a local connection, but had no idea it was such a strong one.”

Auctioneer Richard Edmonds added: “When James told us the story about the car and his father, we were blown away. I feel like we’ve played matchmaker in this story, which is wonderful for us and our team.”

James will display the car at Westbury Garage and use it occasionally. He is researching the car’s history, and would like any previous owners to contact him by email

1960 Saab 96: new arrival

1960 Saab 96: new arrival

1960 Saab 96: new arrival

For the first month after I bought it, almost everyone, including those who should know better, have asked me a) why I bought a Saab 96, and b) had I always wanted one?

No, I’d not always wanted one, but my friend John Simister has one and I’ve grown to admire it. Then that TV programme For the Love of Cars restored a Saab 96, and I went down to Coys for a look, pre-auction. And hence I got dragged along a well-trodden path that some will surely recognise.

The Coys car was in great condition, and had had stupid amounts of TV money spent on it. But it also sold for silly money. I missed the initial auction in January, when it went for an unprecedented £8,000. Then the buyer put it back into auction in April where it raised £15k, for charity. Add in Coys buyers fees and that’s almost £18,000. Crazy money.

1960 Saab 96: new arrival

Meanwhile Mr Simister had got the bit between his teeth and found a Saab 96 on a German website. This one had much to recommend it. It was a very early model, with the original “bull nose” rather than the less pleasing extended bonnet of later cars. And it had an original three-cylinder two-stroke engine, not the Ford V4 of the auction car.

I got in touch with Philip in Sweden who owned it, and his cousin Daniel in Germany who was looking after the car. They send over 80 pictures, half a dozen videos and I was smitten. Enough to book two one-way tickets to Stuttgart with my pal Ralph Morgan.

Mid-June we arrived in Stuttgart, got picked up, ate cake, gave the Saab a once over and a quick drive, then headed off on the 1000km trip back home. It was a great excuse for a road trip in a little car with no safety belts and a top speed of 100kph. Maybe faster, but we were cautious. The Saab has a semi-sporting exhaust, which is very fruity but important on a two-stroke where getting the gases out of the engine as easily as possible releases a few extra horsepower.

1960 Saab 96: new arrival

The Saab bats along surprisingly well, even though it has only three gears on the steering column-mounted change. At 30mph you can’t help reaching for 4th gear, but after a bit you simply get used to the engine smoothing out as the revs rise.

Then there’s the freewheel. As soon as you lift your foot off the throttle the engine drops back to idle and the Saab 96 simply coasts along until you re-engage drive by accelerating (being careful to avoid a transmission jolt).

The two-stroke side of things means there’s no sump for oil, but instead you simply pour a litre of two-stroke oil into the petrol tank before adding 30 litres of unleaded. It’s a piece of cake.

I am thoroughly enjoying the Saab, and have proved it can knock off hundreds of miles in one go with out any problems. Well only one. On a long downhill stretch, freewheeling, the engine has a tendency to get bored with idling and just stops altogether. We think it may be too much fuel pressure, so it’s getting a fuel regulator as the next step. And a touch of welding on a front upright. It is 55 years old, after all.

1960 Saab 96: new arrival

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