Skoda Octavia vRS

Getting to grips with electronic diffs

Skoda Octavia vRSIf you drive a rear-wheel drive car and are any sort of enthusiast, you’ll deem a limited-slip differential virtually obligatory. Only with LSD will you stand any chance of emulating Chris Harris; the satisfying feel you’ll get even when you’re not will deliver payback on the expenditure with every drive.  Read more

Skoda to up production of Octavia vRS

Skoda Octavia vRSSkoda is to increase production of its high performance Octavia vRS range and believes one in 10 Octavias built could become vRS variants.

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Skoda Octavia Greenline

Skoda launches low-CO2 Octavia – which can do 88mpg

Skoda Octavia GreenlineCompany car drivers and environmentalists alike will be queuing up for a slice of the Skoda cake, with the launch of a green Octavia hatchback model.

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