Motoring Research Fuel Diet: Andrew Brady, week 1


My fuel diet got off to such a good start, writes Andrew. I barely went over 2,000 revs last week, and the car was used only for driving to and from work. Trips to the supermarket were done on foot, and my fuel use was slashed.

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Diesel Bosch saves drivers

Diesel saves drivers a pound a day in a decade

Diesel Bosch saves driversCar industry parts supplier Bosch says the diesel driver of today is spending at least £360 a less a year on fuel – and putting out 21% fewer pollutants as they go.

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Skoda Octavia Greenline

Skoda launches low-CO2 Octavia – which can do 88mpg

Skoda Octavia GreenlineCompany car drivers and environmentalists alike will be queuing up for a slice of the Skoda cake, with the launch of a green Octavia hatchback model.

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Real world fuel economy: there is a limit


So there I was, innocently trying to see how economical a Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion can go in real world conditions.

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MPG is biggest factor in car purchases


The majority of drivers in the UK will consider changing their car for one that is more economical – unless fuel prices are reduced.

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