Resale values for new Suzuki Jimny ‘in the supercar league’

Suzuki Jimny residual value

As if we needed another reason to justify wanting a new Suzuki Jimny, it seems the financial argument stacks up, too. Suzuki reports that the residual (resale) values for its retro-styled off-roader should be unusually strong.

The figures come from industry specialist CAP Automotive, which predicts that the fifth-generation SZ5 Jimny should retain 52 percent of its value after three years and 60,000 miles.

Suzuki Jimny residual value

However, based on prior ownership trends that suggest owners cover less than 40,000 miles over three years, it could retain 61 percent of its value.

That’ll be a residual record for Suzuki if it holds true. “This figure places the new Jimmy up in the supercar league of cars for retained value,” says the company.

What could this mean for buyers? It certainly leaves scope for some great value PCP and finance deals. It also offers peace of mind that their money is safer in a Jimny than it might be elsewhere.

Suzuki Jimny residual value

At present, the Jimmy is joined by the stratospherically expensive Mercedes G-Class in the properly old-school off-roader market. Like the G-Class, the Jimny name has been around since the 1970s. It’ll be 50 years old in 2020.

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Super-cool Suzuki Jimny pick-up stars at Tokyo Auto Salon

Suzuki Jimny concepts

If you thought the Suzuki Jimny couldn’t get any cooler, you are sorely mistaken. Meet the Suzuki Jimny Sierra Pick Up Style – a concept car due to debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon on January 11-13.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra

Built by an aftermarket company, this petite pick-up looks ready for a safari, with wooden side panels, towing loops and chunky side steps. Note the classic Suzuki rhino logo and retro body-coloured snout, too. As for that dull sandy yellow colour, we can’t decide whether we hate to love, or love to hate. Still, there’ll be no going dark on your adventures across the desert, thanks to four chunky LED spotlights up-top.

The rear seats and boot have obviously gone in favour of the pick-up load bed; no huge loss given the standard Jimny isn’t exactly commodious. The ride height has also been jacked up, and the white/chrome wheels have bigger tyres for boosted off-road chops.

Suzuki Jimny Survive

The Sierra isn’t alone. A ‘Jimny Survive’ concept will also join it in Tokyo. This isn’t quite as extreme a transformation as the Sierra, but features some cool toys befitting its name: jacked-up suspension, front and rear skid plates, bigger tyres, a protective rollcage and light guards. Get it stuck (unlikely) and it looks like there’s also provision for a winch.

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LB Works G mini

New Suzuki Jimny gets G-Class treatment: meet the Liberty Walk G Mini

LB Works G mini

If you’ve heard of Liberty Walk, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the polarising things they do to the world’s fastest and most expensive cars. Aventadors, 458s, even a Miura – all with wide-body kits, wings and air suspension to ‘slam’ them to the ground. Their next project? Chiron? 812 Superfast? Nope.

Say hello to the Liberty Walk Suzuki Jimny – the G mini.

As you might have worked out from images and from the name, they’re making no secret of the fact this kit is designed to bring out the baby G-Wagen in the Jimny. Both are the last bastions of body-on-frame design, yet are at polar opposites of the market.

Hollywood Boulevard meets the Lake District. What could be more fun than giving farmer boy Jimny a G-Class suit jacket?

That’s exactly what they’ve done, with very last-gen G bumpers and arches that echo LB Works’ own G-Class modifications. A new grille, carbon bonnet as well as lashings of carbon elsewhere, G63 style side-exhausts (!) and Brabus-style wheels complete the transformation.

Your sense of humour has to be lacking if you don’t think the G mini is hilariously brilliant. What we don’t know is what’s going on underneath (if anything) or indeed what the price is. Hit “Buy now” on the website and you’re invited to sign up to enquire.

The new Jimny was already definitely one of the coolest new cars you can buy. Whether Liberty Walk’s kit makes it cooler is down to specific taste. We’re just happy it exists – clever name, too.

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