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What is E5 petrol and B7 diesel?

Petrol and diesel have got themselves a new identity at filling stations. You’ll now find petrol labelled E5, and diesel labelled B7.

Insurance companies refuse cover for using the wrong fuel

In recent years, many insurers have refused to pay the cost of repair after motorists put the wrong fuel in their cars.

The best-selling cars that go furthest on a tank of fuel

As petrol prices soar at near-unprecedented rates, car buyers will be extra curious about the bang they got for their buck, when fuelling their new car

RAC calls for motorway fuel price cap as 8p a litre premium revealed

Drivers are getting ripped off by filling up at motorway service stations, research by the RAC has found. The report suggests motorists are “being held to ransom,” and a worrying one in four motorists are risking...