Video: watch an Uber rally driver scare passengers in a Ford Focus RS

Video: watch an Uber rally driver scare passengers in a Ford Focus RS

Video: watch an Uber rally driver scare passengers in a Ford Focus RS

When you order a lift through Uber, you can never be sure who’s going to turn up – or what car they’re going to be driving.

But as a publicity stunt for the excellent new Focus RS, Ford Romania loaned rally driver Simone Tempestini a car and told him to demonstrate drift mode to a few (un)lucky punters.

In the video clip, Tempestini is shown telling his customers that they could have the ride for free – as long as they could spare 10 minutes for a demonstration of the car’s abilities.

You can guess what happens next – he turns onto a convenient empty piece of concrete and does a bit of sidewaysness.

The passengers are all suitably impressed with the car some are dubbing the hot hatch of the century. We’ll let the video do the rest of the talking.

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Ford Focus RS

UK to remain number 1 for new Focus RS

Ford Focus RSFord of Britain chairman and MD Andy Barratt expects the UK to remain the biggest market in the world for the new Focus RS, despite the £29,995, 350hp hot hatch now being a global Ford Performance car.

Speaking as he pulled the covers off the very first early-build production-spec car, Barrett said the UK will “without doubt take the lion’s share of production” – and confirmed that the firm already has almost 2,000 orders for the new five-door RS.

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“Without the UK, Ford wouldn’t have produced the Focus RS. We’re the dominant market for it – it was Britain that took two-thirds of volumes for the old five-cylinder RS, so it was much easier to make a business case for it.”

Barratt expects to sell around 4,000-4,500 new Focus RS in Britain during the car’s lifetime, and says it will be very hard to secure extra units for the UK, such is the expected global demand for the car. “We’re almost at daily production capacity already, and that’s before anyone’s seen or sat in a production-spec car.”

The Ford chairman – who was launch manager on the original Focus RS – is also expecting very strong retained values for the new car. Used market experts have already seen the car, “and we pointed out to them that secondhand examples of the old one are still selling for almost list price…

“We’re thus expecting to offer extremely competitive lease deals on the new car to entrepreneurs and small business owners keen to run a fast family hatchback.”

Britain v Australia

Focus RS product boss David Calder does, however, expect newfound competition for the new car – from another right-hand drive market, Australia.

“It’s being officially sold there [in full production volume] for the first time and the Australians are already responding very positively to it. We haven’t had to fight for right-hand drive cars before, but if enthusiasts down under start to demand more cars, we may have a battle on our hands.”

However, despite it being sold globally, Calder added that the UK will remain the spiritual heartland for the Focus RS. “RS is very much a strong ‘asset’ brand in Britain that commands a huge following.

“We’re already seeing thousands of enthusiasts putting their orders in and this fantastic early response will ensure the UK will be the key market for the new car.”

2016 Ford Focus RS

Official: Ford Focus RS to produce 350hp!

2016 Ford Focus RSFord has revealed the new Focus RS will produce an astonishing 350hp – that’s 10% more than the Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost it shares an engine with!

The headline-grabbing peak power output has been revealed on the eve of the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed, where hoonigan Ken Block is set to entertain the crowds on the Goodwood Hillclimb behind the wheel of the new Focus RS.

Making its UK debut, the new ultra-hot Ford’s battery of driving tech will be demonstrated, including the industry-first Drift Mode that allows controlled oversteer drifts.

Ford has also confirmed a maximum torque of 324lb ft (440Nm) will be boosted to a heady 346lb ft (470Nm) for 15-second intervals during hard acceleration. Making it of the most powerful AND punchiest hatchbacks ever.

“We promised enthusiasts a serious driving machine and, with 350 PS under the hood, that is exactly what we will deliver,” said Dave Pericak, global director, Ford Performance.

“The stunning pace and innovative technology of the all-new Focus RS place it head-to-head with performance models from luxury and exotic marques, and it’s ready for the challenge.”

Deliveries of the new Focus RS are due to begin in early 2016; prices are yet to be confirmed.

Ford Focus RS

Video: Ford Focus RS teased ahead of UK Goodwood debut

Ford Focus RSThe new Ford Focus RS will this weekend make its UK debut in dramatic fashion – being driven by Ken Block up the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb.

Expect smoke. And sideways action. And… by the looks of a teaser video just released by Ford, rather a lot of noise, speed and excitement on top.

2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed on MR

We’ve no idea how the feverishly anticipated Focus RS drives for, despite the intense clamour for all nuggets of news about it, Ford’s let nobody outside Ford inside the Focus RS.

Except, it seems, Block.

It has, however, been hard at work testing the new Focus RS at its Lommel test track in Belgium. If you can call getting it sideways and chucking it around a handling course ‘hard work’.

What struck us is just how mean the Ford Mustang Ecoboost-engine’d Focus RS sounds, though. It’s no anodyne, sanitised turbo motor, this, by the sounds of it. A bit of the Mustang’s flame-spitting crackle seems to have rubbed off.

Will this be the same in real life? Guess we’ll just have to wait for the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend to find out.

At least the spitting exhausts means we’ll be able to see where Block is through all the four-wheel tyre smoke that’s bound to ensue.

2016 Ford Focus RS

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New Ford Focus RS revealed: 320hp AND 4WD!

New Ford Focus RS revealed: 320hp AND 4WD!

New Ford Focus RS revealed: 320hp AND 4WD!

Ford has revealed the new Focus RS will produce a hefty 320hp to give it bragging rights as the fastest and most powerful Focus in history. Read more

Ford RS

New Ford Focus RS confirmed

Ford RSFord has confirmed an all-new Focus RS hot hatch is in development and will be sold in all markets worldwide. Read more


Ford Focus RS to outmuscle VW Golf R with 310hp?

Ford-RSFord has revealed the new Mustang will pack a 310hp 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine – which almost certainly confirms the heavily-rumoured new Focus RS is set to be a VW Golf R-beating superhatch. Read more