Can you jump start a car using EVShutterstock

Can you jump start a car using an electric vehicle?

Is is possible to jump start a petrol or diesel car using an EV, but we don't recommend it. Here's why you risk damaging the battery.
Rimac C_TwoRimac

Rimac C_Two: why this 256mph, £2 million hypercar matters

We chat with the founder of Rimac about the incredible C_Two – and how its EV and self-driving technology can trickle down to everyday cars.
Seat Mii Electric available to orderSeat

Seat Mii Electric available for £199 a month

The Seat Mii Electric city car is available to buy on a PCP deal for £199 a month. The first 300 customers will get a free home wall box charger.
CityEV lamp post charging pointsCityEV

London council installs EV charging points in LAMP POSTS

Barnet council has installed 40 electric car charging points in lamp posts. A second set of 40 CityEV charge points will be added in the autumn
electric vehicle adoption tipping pointsShutterstock

New electric car study reveals buyer 'tipping points'

EVs offering 300 miles of range and more rapid chargers are seen as the key to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, says 'ground-breaking' study.
Electric car chargingShutterstock

2025 will be 'tipping point' for electric cars, say experts

EVs will achieve price parity with conventional cars by 2025, reckons Auto Trader, and outsell them by 2030
google maps electric car charging

Google Maps now shows where to charge your electric car

Having trouble finding charging points for your electric car? Struggle no more – thanks to the latest update from Google Maps
Electric car MOT

How much does servicing an electric car cost – and is it cheaper?

A new survey reveals the costs of servicing and maintaining an electric car over three years. It's good news if you're planning to buy an EV
Going the distance: electric car range from shortest to longest

Going the distance: electric car range from shortest to longest

Not all battery-powered cars are confined to the city. We reveal the driving range of the best EVs on sale in 2018
Renault Zoe

Electric cars: what you need to know

The ins and outs of buying an electric car in the UK