MPG Marathon 2015

Q&A: how do you outperform the official mpg test?

Official MPG figures aren't a load of old baloney. You just need to tweak the way you drive...
Dieselgate company car drivers

#Dieselgate: company cars set for a nasty shock?

Company car drivers could be in for a shock in the wake of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. That's according to London chartered accountants, Blick Rothenberg. Company car benefits are based on the list price and the approved CO2 emissions of the vehicle, with diesel-engined cars attracting a 3% supplement.
Martin Winterkorn resigns

Dieselgate latest: Martin Winterkorn resigns

As expected, Martin Winterkorn has resigned from his position as Volkswagen CEO. The news comes following a meeting of the executive committee of Volkswagen's supervisory board, in which Winterkorn was invited to present his case.

Volkswagen diesels ‘manipulate’ US emission testing: VW CEO ‘deeply sorry’

EPA finds 'defeat device' on around half a million cars: VW could face $18 billion in fines