Car Insurance

What do the car insurance write-off categories mean?

We explain the car insurance write-off categories: A, B, S and N – and what they mean when it comes…

4 days ago

New tool reveals if you are paying too much for car insurance

A new online tool will tell you if you're paying too much for your car insurance. Drivers in London might…

3 weeks ago

Surprising ways to cut the cost of car insurance

Here are six ways to cut the cost of your car insurance premium, including getting married and tweaking your job…

3 weeks ago

How wrapping your motor could invalidate your car insurance

If your car has been wrapped and you don't declare it, your insurance could be void. We explain the rules…

4 weeks ago

FCA car insurance proposals to stamp out ‘price walking’

The Financial Conduct Authority wants car insurers to stop penalising existing customers with annual price rises, which cost drivers billions.

1 month ago

T-plates for young drivers with telematics car insurance trialled

One in two young drivers feel pressured by other motorists, so Co-op is trialling T-plates to help those with telematics…

2 months ago

More motorists risk car insurance ‘loyalty tax’

There has been a 40 percent rise in motorists letting their car insurance auto-renew without checking prices – who could…

2 months ago

Car insurance claims halved during lockdown

Between April and June 2020, motor insurance claims plunged 48 percent to 324,000, reflecting fewer journeys made during lockdown

2 months ago

Motorists are letting their car insurance auto-renew – and it’s costing them a fortune

Around a fifth of motorists are allowing their car insurance policy to auto-renew, which could be leaving them out of…

3 months ago

Young drivers targeted with new ‘fuss-free’ monthly car insurance

Flow is a new car insurance product that claims to be easier and more flexible than traditional insurance cover, while…

3 months ago

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