Dealers are slashing thousands of pounds off cars this September

Dealers are slashing thousands of pounds off cars this September

Dealers are slashing thousands of pounds off cars this September

As the number of new car sales continues to decline following uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit vote, manufacturers are doing more than ever to tempt customers into their showrooms.

As we approach September, traditionally a hot month for new car purchases as buyers flock for the latest registration plate, research by Motoring Research has discovered a number of outstanding deals on new cars.

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Highlights include huge deposit contributions on new cars – with up to £4000 towards mainstream models such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Passat, and much bigger discounts on premium vehicles. The brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, for example, is available with a £12,327.50 dealer contribution towards an S350d AMG Line or AMG Line L.

Jeep is offering £2,000 off its Renegade, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models if you take a test drive before the end of September. That’s on top of other offers, such as the £9,500 deposit contribution towards a Grand Cherokee SRT. That means you can enjoy a £11,500 saving, leaving a £5,274 deposit to stump up. All that’s left is £819 to stump up every month for three years plus, of course, the fuel costs for that 6.4-litre Hemi V8.

What are deposit contributions?

With around 80 percent of new cars sold on finance, manufacturers are focusing their efforts in making PCP deals more tempting. When you’re considering a PCP, a dealer will outline a number of costs involved in the plan. These will include the deposit (how much you have to put down to secure the car), the monthly repayment (how much you pay every month) and the optional final payment (how much you’ll need to pay if you want to keep the car once the payment plan is up).

As well as all these, it’s increasingly common to see a ‘dealer deposit contribution’ or ‘manufacturer deposit contribution’. This is money put forward by the dealer or manufacturer to lower your deposit and/or monthly repayment. Essentially, it’s a discount if you buy on finance.

They’re more common on more expensive cars (obviously, there’s bigger margins), and particularly on older or slow-selling models. Do look at the overall cost, however – if the PCP deal is at a high interest rate, you might end up paying more than the deposit contribution in interest.

As well as simply slashing money off, manufacturers are offering other incentives to encourage people to buy new. Kia’s offering a year’s free insurance on its Picanto and Rio models, as well as offering a free upgrade from the saloon to the estate with the Optima. Seat is also offering free insurance on its new Ibiza, while Skoda’s offering free roadside assistance.

As concern grows around polluting diesel cars, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are both running scrappage-style deals for old diesels, while Vauxhall is offering £2,000 for any old banger.

Read our A-Z of September 2017 new car offers

Ssangyong, meanwhile, is inviting customers to choose their own offer – with options including a free upgrade on the Tivoli (choose a model and add an automatic gearbox or 4×4 running gear, or move on up to the roomier XLV model, for free). There’s £1,000 available as a deposit contribution on some models, too, while Ssangyong’s five-year warranty and 48-hour test drive programme will also tempt buyers.

If you care for little more than cheap PCP deals, Suzuki is offering its Celerio from just £85 a month, while the new Swift is available with 0 percent interest finance and zero deposit. Dacia’s offering its Sandero for just £89 a month following a very reasonable £1,485 deposit. With Dacia, you get a five-year warranty, too.

£200 car deals summer 2016

Best new cars for £200 a month: October 2016

£200 car deals summer 2016You can buy a new car for less than the cost of some mobile contracts, so it’s little wonder business is booming. With this in mind, we hunted down 40 of the best cars you can buy for less than £200 per month.

Please note these deals are indicative and correct at the time of preparation. In all cases, the mileage restrictions and length of contract may vary. In the majority of cases the deals are based on a Personal Contract Plan (PCP) agreements.

Images used are for illustrative purposes. Check manufacturer websites or local dealers for the latest offers.

Ford Fiesta Titanium: £169 a month

£200 car deals summer 2016

It’s the UK’s best-selling car and with deals like this it’s not hard to see why. Take out a three-year personal lease agreement on a new 1.0-litre Fiesta Titanium and you could be paying as little as £169 a month. You’ll need to pay an advance rental of £3,718, as well as being limited to 9,000 miles per annum.

Skoda Citigo Colour Edition: £149 a month

While £149/month on PCP isn’t anything to shout about, a tiny £149 deposit for a Skoda Citigo Colour Edition is definitely worth shouting from the rooftops. It might be a small car, but this is a huge deal – while a bigger deposit could bring down the monthly repayment. It’s one of our favourite city cars… what are you waiting for?

Skoda Yeti 1.2 Outdoor SE: £199 a month

We’ll stick with Skoda for a minute, because the excellent Yeti Outdoor SE 1.2 TSI is available for £199 a month. Skoda will contribute £1,000 to the deposit, but you’ll have to fork out £2,123.30. If you’re prepared to spend more on the deposit, you can drive away for £139 a month.

Hyundai i20 Coupe 1.2 Sport: £189.23 a month

Hyundai i20 Coupe 1.2 Sport: £189.23 a month

Don’t get excited by the ‘Coupe’ – this is essentially just a three-door Hyundai i20. Still, the i20 is one of our favourite hatches, and you can pick one up for £189.23 a month over three years through Hyundai’s PCP scheme. You’ll need a fairly hefty £2,805 deposit, but your dealer will add another £1,500 to that.

Alfa Romeo Mito TwinAir: £169 a month

It might not be class-leading, but the Alfa Romeo is a quirky Italian alternative to the likes of the Ford Fiesta. Following a deposit of £1,235, you can buy a TwinAir Mito for £169 a month. Hand it back after two years, or stump up £3,882 and keep hold of it.

Citroen C4 Cactus: £179 a month

Until the new C3 arrives, the C4 Cactus is the only car available with Airbumps. What better reason to splash £179 a month on a Cactus? The C4 Cactus PureTech 82 Feel is available for £179 per month using Citroen’s Elect 4 Personal Lease programme.

Suzuki Vitara SZ4: £199 a month

Suzuki Vitara SZ4: £199 a month

Fancy a cut-price Range Rover Evoque? The Suzuki Vitara is a convincing(ish) alternative and right now the SZ-T with dual-tone paint could be yours for £199 a month. That’s through the firm’s contract hire scheme, following an initial rental of £1,194.

Volkswagen Polo Match 1.0: £139 a month

The Volkswagen Polo is showing its age, but it’s still an excellent supermini, and VW is keen to get people into its dealers. For £139 a month over four years on PCP, you can drive away a 1.0-litre Polo Match. You’ll need a £2,537.02 deposit.

Dacia Duster Ambiance SCE: £149 a month

It might not be the most stylish of crossovers, but where else can you get an SUV for £149 a month? That’s following a very reasonable £1,063 deposit, with your Dacia dealer contributing an extra £750 towards your Duster. Split over two years on PCP, you’ll pay interest at 7.9% APR.

MG GS Explore: £199 a month

MG GS Explore: £199 a month

The GS is one of the latest cars to hit the market – a crossover to designed to give MG a slice of the segment dominated by the Nissan Qashqai. It’s far from being the best in class, but it does offer good value for money. The entry-level MG GS Explore could be yours for £199 a month and £3,281.34 deposit.

Honda Jazz: £179 a month

Fancy something with all that Jazz? The all-new Honda Jazz 1.3 EX could be yours for £185 a month and a deposit of £3,685.16. As with all the PCP deals mentioned here, you’ll need to take into account the hefty final payment, but if you don’t want the Jazz at the end of three years, you can simply walk away.

Fiat Panda Easy: £139 a month

The mid-range Fiat Panda Easy features air conditioning, an MP3 player and a light in the boot. It’s yours for £139 a month after a deposit of just £139. Bargain.

Renault Zoe: £139 a month

Best £200 car deals summer 2016

This is one of our favourite new car deals. You can order an electric Renault Zoe Dynamique Nav for a deposit of £1,499 and 24 monthly payments of £139. The dealer will contribute £6,000 to the agreement, but you’ll have to spend at least £59 a month on battery hire.

MG3: £169 a month

The recently revised MG3 offers excellent value for money and whether you choose the 3Time, 3Form, 3Form Sport or 3Style, you won’t spend more than £200 a month. Our money would be on the top-spec 3Style at £169 per month and a deposit of £1,658.65. Personal contract plan is over 36 months and based on 10,000 miles per annum.

MINI Hatch: £169 a month

The MINI remains as popular as ever and it’s possible to order a MINI Cooper 3-door hatchback for £169 a month plus initial rental of £2,369. This is a Personal Contract Hire deal and other offers are available on MINI Select. Talk to your local MINI dealer for more details.

Skoda Octavia SE Sport: £165 a month

Skoda Octavia SE Sport: £165 a month

While the £4,876.90 deposit is a little on the high side, the Skoda Octavia is one of the most practical cars you can get for £200 per month. Right now, the Octavia SE Sport hatchback is available for £165 per month over 42 months. Stretch to £219 a month and your deposit drops to £2,662.90.

Toyota Aygo X-Play: £159 a month

While £159 a month for a Toyota Aygo isn’t necessarily anything to shout about, the tiny £36 deposit makes it within reach for most of us. That’s based on an X-Play, with DAB radio, Bluetooth and air-con as standard.

Mazda2 SE: £169 a month

The Mazda2 is really rather good and right now you can order one for £169 a month. The deposit is £2,311.12, but if you spend more you can bring the monthly fee down to £129. Even a zero deposit equates to just £233.20 a month.

Vauxhall Viva SE: £129 a month

Vauxhall Viva SE: £129 a month

Not to be confused with the much-loved family car of the 60s and 70s, the new Viva is Vauxhall’s budget car for the new millennium. You can drive away in a Vauxhall Viva SE in Solar Red paint for £125 per month, following a deposit of £1,995. This is based on 48 months and 8,000 miles per annum.

Audi A1: £199 a month

So, you want an Audi for £200 a month? We can just about squeeze you in, because the Audi A1 Sport 1.4 TFSI is available for £199 a month. The deposit is a not at all unreasonable £2,711.68 and your friendly Audi dealer will even chuck £750 into the pot. The optional final payment is just below £9,000.

Suzuki Swift Sport: £179 a month

Another PCP deal that could lead us into temptation. The Suzuki Swift Sport remains our junior hot hatch of choice and right now it’s available for £179 a month following a £2,439 deposit. Be warned: after 48 months you might be so in love with the car, you’ll need to find the £4,328 required for the final payment.

SEAT Ibiza SC : £199 a month

SEAT Ibiza SC : £199 a month

The feature-packed SEAT Ibiza SC FR 1.2 TSI offers 16-inch alloys, FR styling, sports seats and suspension, plus sat nav with Bluetooth. It could be yours for a £199 deposit and £199 per month across 48 months.

Suzuki Jimny: £195 a month

Admittedly, your choices are limited if you fancy an off-roader with genuine mud-plugging ability for £200 a month. Sure, the Suzuki Jimny might be a bit long in the tooth, but it can reach parts other cars in this feature cannot reach. Yours for £195 a month and a £2,119 deposit. Mileage is limited to 6,000 a year.

SsangYong Tivoli SE: £171.71 a month

The SsangYong Tivoli was one of the most surprising new cars of 2015, offering a terrific blend of specification and value. The Tivoli SE petrol is available for £171.71 a month, following a deposit £2,590. The diesel, meanwhile, will set you back £189.03 a month following a £2,860 deposit.

Suzuki Baleno 1.0: £179 a month

Suzuki Baleno 1.0: £179 a month

Yes, another Suzuki. The Baleno is one of the newest cars on the block, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive away for less than £200 a month. There are a host of deals ranging from £179 a month and you’ll be able to enjoy the excellent 1.0-litre Boosterjet engine.

Ford Fiesta ST: £199 a month

How strong is your willpower? The best hot hatch you can buy is available for £199 a month over three years, but you’ll be restricted to 9,000 miles per annum. The problem is, with a Ford Fiesta ST sat in the garage, you’ll be forever tempted to go for yet another drive.

Skoda Fabia Colour Edition: £189 a month

Another great offer from Skoda. Take out a 42-month, 35,000-mile Solutions Personal Contract Plan and the Skoda Fabia Colour Edition 1.0 could be yours for £189 a month. The deposit is just £189, but if you’re prepared to spend £2,532.48, the monthly fee drops to £125.

Nissan Juke 1.2 N-Vision: £189 a month

Nissan Juke 1.2 N-Vision: £189 a month

We’re big fans of the funky Nissan Juke – but you’ll need a hefty £5,117.71 deposit. If you can stretch to that (or have a part-ex of that value), you can enjoy a Juke for £189 a month with 0% interest. That’s over three years.

Honda Civic 1.4 Sport: £189 a month

The Honda Civic 1.4 Sport is available with a £3,767.40 customer saving and a monthly payment of £189 over three years. The only catch is a £3,767.40 deposit, but the 30,000-mile restriction is generous.

Nissan Pulsar: £129 a month

If you’re looking for a hatchback with rear legroom that could shame a limo, look no further than the Nissan Pulsar. The Acenta DIG-T 115 is available for £129 a month, but the deposit is a hefty £4,315.80. That’s spread across three years.

Fiat 500 Pop: £159 a month

Fiat 500 Pop: £159 a month

The Fiat 500 was treated to a cosmetic overhaul in 2015 and its image remains as strong as ever. There are a number of offers available on the 500, with the Pop 1.2 available for £159 a month following a tempting £159 deposit.

DS 3: £189 a month

The DS 3 remains one of the most stylish superminis money can buy. Take out an Elect 3 contract and the DS 3 can be yours for £189 a month. The agreement is based on a three-year contract and a deposit of £2,845.

Jeep Renegade: £175 a month

The Jeep Renegade is an increasingly common sight on Britain’s roads, and with finance offers like this it’s no surprise. Buy a Renegade 1.4 Longitude on a PCP deal and it’s yours for £175 a month. Jeep will contribute £1,500, leaving you to find £6,442 for the deposit. In two years time, you can decide whether to spend £9,528 to keep the Jeep, give it back or exchange it for a new PCP deal.

Volkswagen Golf Match: £199 a month

Volkswagen Golf Match: £199 a month

Despite everything Volkswagen went through in 2015, the Golf is still in demand. You can buy a Golf Match 1.4 TSI for £199 a month, based on a four-year agreement and after a £4,265 deposit.

Smart Fortwo Passion: £129 a month

The really tempting thing about this deal is the £0 deposit. Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to cover huge miles in a Smart Fortwo, so the 7,000-mile per annum restriction is no big deal. After four years, hand it back, or stump up £4,420 to buy it outright.

Best new cars for a fiver a day

Best new cars for £5 a day: Spring 2016

Best new cars for a fiver a dayDecisions, decisions. You could spend a fiver a day on take-away coffees, or you could drive away in a new car.

We’ve assembled 30 new cars that are available for £150 a month, or the equivalent of £5 a day. Still want that overpriced cappuccino?

Vauxhall Corsa SRi: £149 a month


Though it plays second fiddle to the Ford Fiesta in the sales chart, the current Vauxhall Corsa is a fine supermini. The Corsa SRi 1.4-litre is available for £149 a month over 35 months, with an advance rental of £2,086.

Ford Fiesta Zetec: £159 a month


Opt for the Ford Fiesta Studio and you could drive away for less than £150 a month, but we’d recommend upgrading to the popular Zetec 1.0-litre EcoBoost model. It’s available for £159 a month on Ford’s Personal Lease programme, with mileage capped at 9,000 per annum.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 SE: £129 a month


Think of the Skoda Fabia as a better value version of the Volkswagen Polo and you won’t be too far wide of the mark. To get the £129 a month figure you’ll need a hefty £2,438.09 deposit, but Skoda will contribute £1,500. The term of the agreement is 42 months.

Renault Twingo Play SCe 70: £149 a month


Renault’s finance offer on the Twingo is perfect if you don’t fancy splashing out on a large deposit. For £149 down, you can drive away in a Twingo Play SCe 70 for £149 a month over 49 months. The Renault dealer will even add an extra £523 to the deposit.

Nissan Juke Acenta: £139 a month


There are many offers available on the Nissan Juke, but we’d be tempted by the Acenta dCi 110 for £139 a month. Nissan will contribute £1,000 to the deposit, but you’ll need to find £4,947.16.

Suzuki Swift 4×4 SZ3: £149 a month


You can get your hands on the excellent Suzuki Swift for just £99 a month, but we’d recommend spending an extra £50 a month on the Swift 4×4 SZ3. If your daily commute includes a few green lanes and tracks, it’s the perfect supermini.

Volkswagen Polo SE Design: £149 a month


This is one of our favourite £150 deals. The Polo SE Design features 16-inch alloy wheels, rear tinted windows, front fog lights, air conditioning and front sports seats. Volkswagen will contribute £1,400 to the deposit, leaving you to find £2,689.13.

Peugeot 2008 1.2 Access: £149 a month


Fancy something a little more practical than a supermini? Peugeot has the answer, with the popular 2008 available for £149 a month. The model in question is a 1.2 Access and you’ll need to find a deposit of £2,111.18.

Kia Rio 1: £115 a month


The entry-level Kia Rio 1 is available for £115 a month over 37 months. Kia has slashed £1,000 off the price, bringing it down to £9,345.

Hyundai i20 SE: £139.74 a month


If you’ve got access to a £2,498.75 deposit, Hyundai will offer its i20 SE model for £135.72 a month. Amazingly, if you stump up £4,997.50, it’s yours for £33.58 a month.

SEAT Design Mii: £136 a month


SEAT’s cute Mii city car is the rarest of the Up/Mii/Citigo trio, so some degree of exclusivity is guaranteed. The 1.0-litre Design Mii is available for £136 a month after a small deposit of just £136.

Fiat Panda Easy+: £129 a month


Don’t be fooled by our photo, because the Fiat Panda Easy+ looks resplendent with exclusive red styling and 15-inch alloy wheels. It also features parking sensors, air conditioning and a hands-free media system. It’s yours for £129 a month.

Suzuki Vitara SZ4: £149 a month


This is an excellent deal on one of the best crossovers you can buy. Right now, Suzuki is offering the Vitara SZ4 for £149 a month after a £1,833 deposit.

Fiat 500 Pop: £149 a month


The Fiat 500 is still one of the most fashionable cars you can buy, so the opportunity to buy a 500 Pop for £149 a month will appeal to many people. The deposit is £2,000, of which Fiat will contribute £500.

Nissan Micra Acenta: £149 a month


If you fancy a Micra, Nissan will hope to tempt you with a bewildering array of offers. Monthly payments start at £79, but the well-equipped Acenta 1.2 could be yours for £149.

Nissan Pulsar Tekna: £149 a month


You can drive away in a Nissan Pulsar Tekna dCi 110 for £149 a month, but there’s the not so small matter of a £7,044.23 deposit to consider.

Fiat Punto Pop+: £139 a month


Fiat’s ageing and forgotten Punto is still available to buy new and, if you’re tempted, it’s yours for £139 a month over 48 months.

Citroen C3: £145 a month


Another ageing car is the Citroen C3. Introduced in 2009, the C3 was facelifted in 2013 and can be yours for £145 a month. The deposit is £2,985, with Citroen contributing £1,000.

Hyundai i10 SE: £150.21 a month


For a deposit of just £500, you can get your hands on a Hyundai i10 SE for £150.21 a month. The i10 is one of the best city cars you can buy and also promises to be one of the most reliable.

Peugeot 208 Allure: £149 a month


The refreshed Peugeot 208 remains a popular choice in the supermini segment, not least because of some of the tempting offers. The 208 1.2 Allure is available for £149 a month, with a deposit of £3,556.

Toyota Aygo X: £127.42 a month


Toyota is offering a range of flexible finance deals on its Aygo city car. The three-door Aygo X could be yours for £127.42 after a deposit of just £800.

Skoda Citigo SE: £139 a month


The Skoda Citigo is arguably the best value of the Up/Mii/Citigo trio, as demonstrated by this tempting deal. Skoda will add £500 to your £849.41 deposit, enabling you to drive away in a three-door Citigo SE for £139 a month.

Mitsubishi Mirage Attivo: £149 a month


The Mitsubishi Mirage isn’t the sharpest supermini in the box, but it should be cheap to run. For a deposit of £3,154, Mitsubishi is offering the Mirage Attivo for £149 a month.

MG 3Form: £159 a month


Sitting just above our £150 budget is the MG3 3Form at £159 a month. For us, the deposit of £1,167.58 makes this a better prospect than the £99 a month 3Time, which requires a deposit of £2,110.78.

Nissan Note Acenta Premium: £139 a month


Nissan is offering the Note Acenta Premium for £139 a month on a two-year contract, but you’ll need to find £5,450.25 for the deposit. Alternatively, opt for a three-year deal and Nissan will contribute £2,000, bringing the monthly cost down to £99.

Suzuki S-Cross SZ3: £149 a month


Though our money would be on the Vitara, the S-Cross remains a tempting proposition. The two-wheel drive 1.6-litre SZ3 is available for £149 and a deposit of £1,769. Suzuki will add an extra £1,000 to the pot.

Fiat Qubo Active: £155 a month


Here’s another Fiat you may have forgotten about. The Qubo is a van-based MPV that majors on practicality and value. The Qubo Active 1.4 is yours for £155 a month and a deposit of £1,999.

Mazda 2 SE: £119 a month


If you value driving dynamics, the Mazda 2 could be the supermini for you. Right now, The Mazda 2 SE is available for £119 a month, with a deposit of £3,474.62.

Peugeot 108 Top Allure: £149 a month


Fancy going topless this spring? The Peugeot 108 Top features a fold-back roof, so you can let the sunshine in. That’s assuming we get some. The well-equipped Allure is yours for £149 a month and a deposit of £2,611.86.

Citroen C4 Cactus: £159 a month


We’ve pushed the budget by £9 to bring you this Citroen C4 Cactus PureTech Flair for £159 a month. You just need to find a deposit of £2,785.

Peugeot 208

Peugeot Just Add Fuel for 18 year olds extended to 208, 2008

Peugeot 208Peugeot has extended its Just Add Fuel telematics insurance deal for 18 year olds to the 208 supermini and 2008 crossover range – meaning teenagers can now drive one of the firm’s most popular models for a one-off, all-inclusive fee.

First introduced for 18 year olds on the 108, the telematics-based Just Add Fuel deal has already seen an increase in teenagers signing up for a new Peugeot, report dealers: broadening it to the firm’s highest-volume cars will accelerate this further.

The full range of 208 and 2008 models are available too with the obvious exception of the fruity 208 GTi hot hatch variants. The offer is also now available in Northern Ireland.

It’s the latest step in the Just Add Fuel ‘retail car lease’ scheme that, since its launch in 2010, has got more than 30,000 Brits into a new Peugeot for a fixed-payment three-year term (with a 4.9% APR rate).

Servicing, road fund licence and roadside assistance are all included – as is car insurance. It’s the addition of telematics insurance to Just Add Fuel that’s made it possible for Peugeot to offer it to higher-risk teenage drivers.

It doesn’t mean teenage Peugeot Just Add Fuel drivers have a free pass though: because telematics monitors and stores driving activity, it’s able to keep an eye on how safely the driver is.

If the score falls below a pre-agreed level, the driver gets a warning. Receive four warnings in a year and the insurance policy is cancelled. You have been warned…

Ford Focus

Knockout new car deals for Boxing Day

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Skoda Fabia No VAT deal

'No VAT' offer on current Skoda Fabia range

Skoda Fabia No VAT dealSkoda is helping shift remaining stocks of the current Fabia range with an aggressive 20 per cent ‘No VAT’ price cut off the manufacturer’s list price. Read more

Skoda Fabia No VAT deal

‘No VAT’ offer on current Skoda Fabia range

Skoda Fabia No VAT dealSkoda is helping shift remaining stocks of the current Fabia range with an aggressive 20 per cent ‘No VAT’ price cut off the manufacturer’s list price. Read more