Bloodhound to be tested at 200mph in November... in Cornwall

Bloodhound to be tested at 200mph in November… in Cornwall

Bloodhound to be tested at 200mph in November... in Cornwall

The team behind the Bloodhound supersonic car has revealed that it will make its world debut at the Newquay Aerohub in Cornwall on 17th November 2015.

It comes after a delay with its rocket system meant plans to test it at speeds of up to 800mph in Africa have been pushed back to summer next year.

The rocket will work as part of a hybrid setup with a Eurofighter jet engine to create over 135,000hp.

During testing, the impeller that pumps fuel into the motor at extremely high pressure has been found to be too powerful – meaning the shaft and bearings that support it have been damaged.

The Bristol-based team says the fix is relatively simple – but it has pushed the programme back by around 10 weeks.

Testing of speeds up to 200mph will take places at Cornwall’s Newquay Aerohub before the Bloodhound is fitted with airbrakes and winglets and tested in Hakskeen Pan, South Africa, in 2016.

It is then hoped to reach speeds of more than 1,000mph – breaking the current land speed record by more than 33%.

Jaguar F-TYPE Bloodhound SSC

Jaguar reveals F-Type R Bloodhound SSC special

Jaguar F-TYPE Bloodhound SSCJaguar will debut a new F-Type R AWD Bloodhound SSC Rapid Response Vehicle at Coventry MotoFest later this month.

The 550hp supercharged F-Type Coupe will be one of the support vehicles for the Bloodhound SSC World Land Speed Record attempt – and actually shares an engine with Bloodhound SSC.

The 1,000mph target speed record car uses Jaguar’s 5.0-litre V8 to power its hydraulic services and power its rocket fuel oxidisers pump.

Created by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations, the special F-Type wears a Bloodhound SSC livery from Jaguar Design.

Jaguar is not revealing any more about the Bloodhound SSC support car at this stage though, preferring to save final details for a rare world debut in the heart of Coventry.

Coventry MotoFest 2015

Held on 30 and 31 May, Coventry MotoFest celebrates the city’s automotive heritage and will see hundreds of special cars being showcased – in action as well as on static display: organisers have, remarkably, arranged for the city’s famous ring road to be closed off for high-speed demonstrations over the weekend.

The Bloodhound SSC Jaguar F-Type R will thus be showcased in hot laps around the ring road during the MotoFest weekend.

Jaguar will also show cars from its heritage fleet (freshly back from Mille Miglia 2015), including:

  • 1938 SS 100
  • 1956 Jaguar D-type Long Nose
  • 1966 Jaguar XJ13
  • 1974 Jaguar E-type Group 44
  • 1976 Jaguar XJ12 Coupe Broadspeed
  • 1988 Jaguar XJR-9 Le Mans winner (in action!)

Motoring Research will be at MotoFest in force throughout the weekend, and may even get a few hot laps in some of the exhibits. Be sure to say hello if you’re there!

Revealed: the parts that go into the 1,000mph Bloodhound SSC

How to make the 1,000mph Bloodhound SSC

Revealed: the parts that go into the 1,000mph Bloodhound SSC

Got a model kit for Christmas? It might seem like a challenge, but we bet it’s not quite as tricky to put together as the Bloodhound SSC.

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