These are 2020’s most valuable car brands

Using data from the Best Global Brands 2020 study, we reveal the world’s most valuable car brands

  • Best Global Brands 2020

    Best Global Brands 2020

    © Tesla

    Interbrand has published the results of its Best Global Brands 2020 study. It measures brand strength by looking at the financial performance of branded products or services, the role the brand plays in purchase decisions, plus the brand’s competitive strength. The result is a top 100 of global brands, with Zoom making a new entry at number 100, and Apple sitting at the top of the tree. Here, we reveal the biggest automotive brands, including a new entry for Tesla.


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  • 15. Mini

    15. Mini

    © Mini

    It’s been a tough year for global brands. The Interbrand report reveals that 43 percent of brands have experienced growth in 2020, with 57 percent declining in value. It’s interesting to note that, of the 15 car companies to make the top 100, only one manages to record growth, while another (Tesla) is a new entry. Mini is ranked 95th overall, with a brand value of $4,965m (£3,828m). It’s sandwiched between Tiffany & Co. and Uber.

  • 14. Land Rover

    14. Land Rover

    © Land Rover

    In 93rd position, sitting between KFC and Tiffany & Co, is Land Rover. A brand value of $5,077m (£3,914m) represents a decline of 13 percent, so there’s a lot resting on the shoulders of the new Defender. Charles Trevail, global CEO of Interbrand, said: “Businesses that cannot serve citizens and brands that fail to gain the consent of customers will not stay ahead of our constantly renewing expectations and they will fail.”

  • 13. Kia

    13. Kia

    © Kia

    Kia has a brand value of $5,830m (£4,498m). This puts it in 86th position, between Panasonic and Johnson & Johnson. Only 41 brands from the top 100 in 2020 remain on the table today. Twenty years ago, few would have guessed that Nokia, AOL and Yahoo would fall from grace. There are five new entries in 2020: Instagram, YouTube, Tesla, Johnnie Walker and Zoom.

  • 12. Ferrari

    12. Ferrari

    © Ferrari

    The diversity of the Best Global Brands study is highlighted by the fact that Ferrari is nestled between Corona and Huawei. Ferrari is valued at $6,379m (£4,918m), which represents a decline of one percent. Charles Trevail commented: “Climate change is the next apocalyptic event we face, so sustainability has to become a radical priority for organisations and brands.”

  • 11. Nissan

    11. Nissan

    © Nissan

    Nissan is ranked 59th overall, just ahead of PayPal, a company that has experienced 38 percent growth in 2020. The biggest risers in 2020 are Amazon (60 percent growth), Microsoft (53 percent), Spotify (52 percent), Netflix (41 percent) and Adobe (41 percent). It’s no surprise to discover that these are companies well placed to deal with, not to mention benefit from, the global pandemic. More than half of the top growing brands have significant subscription model businesses.

  • 10. Porsche

    10. Porsche

    © Porsche

    Porsche is ranked 10th on the list of automotive brands, but is down in 55th place overall. This means it’s sandwiched between Gillette and Starbucks. In the first three quarters of 2020, Porsche delivered 191,547 vehicles to customers worldwide. China is the largest single market, accounting for 62,823 vehicles from January through September. Customers in the US received 39,734, while the figure for Europe is 55,483.

  • 9. Volkswagen

    9. Volkswagen

    © Volkswagen

    Volkswagen is on an electric charge, spearheaded by the arrival of its all-new ID.3 electric car. The Touareg is also not available to order in two different plug-in hybrid versions. Not that VW is showing any signs of going 100 percent electric, as the 300hp Golf GTI Clubsport was unveiled earlier this month. Volkswagen has a brand value of $12,267m (£9,458m), which places it between eBay and AXA.

  • 8. Audi

    8. Audi

    © Audi

    Audi is worth a little more than Volkswagen. It’s sandwiched between L’Oreal and Visa, so you could say it’s worth it. The company is redefining ‘Vorsprung’, having announced a new slogan ‘Future is an Attitude’. Henrik Wenders, senior vice president of brand, said: “Audi’s ambition is to shape the future of premium mobility and to create fascinating experiences.”

  • 7. Ford

    7. Ford

    © Ford

    Ford is ranked 42nd overall, with a brand value of $12,568m (£9,690m). That puts it a place behind Netflix ($12,665m), a company that has grown by 41 percent year on year. CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings says he spends 25 percent of his time on building the alignment required to support a culture of context rather than control.

  • 6. Tesla

    6. Tesla

    © Tesla

    Tesla has re-entered the rankings at number 40 overall, having last appeared in the Best Global Brands table in 2017. A valuation of $12,785m (£9,857m) puts it between Allianz and Netflix. In July, Tesla overtook Toyota as the world’s most valuable car manufacturer, despite making 370,000 cars against Toyota’s 10 million, not to mention a fraction of its revenues.

  • 5. Hyundai

    5. Hyundai

    © Hyundai

    Hyundai’s global brand value is up one percent year-on-year to $14,295m (£11,021m), ranking 36th overall despite recessionary market conditions. Interbrand points to the 2008 economic downturn, when Hyundai committed to taking cars back if customers lost their jobs. Wonhong Cho, global chief marketing officer of Hyundai, said: “We’ve adapted to rapidly evolving market conditions to become a leader in future mobility and we’ve also been agile in responding to unexpected factors, such as those caused by the pandemic.”

  • 4. Honda

    4. Honda

    © Honda

    Honda is one of four automotive brands to make the top 20, with a brand valuation of $21,694 (£16,725m). This puts it between Instagram and Chanel. Interbrand pioneered brand valuation more than 30 years ago. The idea was to change the way the world thought of brands, from trademarks to valuable brand assets.

  • 3. BMW

    3. BMW

    © BMW

    BMW is ranked 11th overall, sandwiched between Disney and Intel. The company posted year-on-year sales growth of 8.6 percent in the third quarter, with a total of 675,680 vehicles delivered to customers. The sales performance from January to September reflects the global impact of the pandemic, with the company selling 1,638,316 BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce vehicles worldwide.

  • 2. Mercedes-Benz

    2. Mercedes-Benz

    © Mercedes-Benz

    Second in terms of automotive and eighth overall – this is a solid result for Mercedes-Benz. The brand valuation is just shy of $50,000m (£38,549m), placing it just ahead of McDonald’s. The Mercedes board is loving it. Probably.

  • 1. Toyota

    1. Toyota

    © Toyota

    With a brand valuation of $51,595 (£39,778m), Toyota is ranked seventh overall, behind Coca-Cola and ahead of Mercedes-Benz. The figures for the top five companies are staggering: Apple ($322,999m), Amazon ($200,667m), Microsoft ($166,001m), Google ($165,444m) and Samsung ($62,289m).