The top car-inspired names for girls and boys

Baby driver: These are the most common car-inspired names for boys and girls, including Morgan, Clio and Kia

  • Baby drivers

    Baby drivers

    © Renault

    A baby boom is expected later this year, as couples struggle to find something to do during the lockdown. Well, Disney Plus was only going to keep minds occupied for so long. ChooseMyCar has looked at government data to reveal the most common car-inspired baby names. Sadly, it would appear that nobody (yet) has named their child Toyota Mega Cruiser.

  • 10. Bentley

    10. Bentley

    © Shutterstock

    Bentley is the tenth most common boys name when using data since 2000. Mr and Mrs Flying Spur are said to be particularly pleased with their choice of name. In total, 1,330 Bentley boys have been born since 2000.

  • 9. Prince

    9. Prince

    © Ned Snowman / Shutterstock

    The Prince Motor Company merged with Nissan in 1966. Prince had its roots in the aircraft industry, with its expertise extending to solid propellant rockets. Other famous princes include Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Naseem, Kevin-Prince Boateng and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

  • 8. Hudson

    8. Hudson

    © guilhem gaubert / Shutterstock

    We wonder how many boys were named after Doc Hudson, aka The Fabulous Hudson Hornet. We suspect the answer is not many. A total of 2,777 Hudsons have been born since 2000.

  • 7. Aston

    7. Aston

    © Aston Martin

    Meanwhile, a total of 2,840 boys have been named Aston. A brave choice in the West Midlands, especially if your surname is Villa.

  • 6. Cooper

    6. Cooper

    © sippakorn / Shutterstock

    We could make a joke about the Copper Climax, but we won’t. A total of 3,065 boys have been named Cooper since 2000.

  • 5. Lincoln

    5. Lincoln

    © Photo Spirit / Shutterstock

    Brooklyn Beckham got his name because that’s where his mother, Mrs Posh Spice, discovered she was pregnant. Of the 3,897 boys named Lincoln, we wonder how many were so named because their mothers discovered they were pregnant while shopping in the Lincolnshire capital.

  • 4. Hunter

    4. Hunter

    © Richard P Long / Shutterstock

    There are thought to be 119 Hillman Hunters on the roads of Britain. Well, there were before the lockdown. Meanwhile, 4,286 boys up to the age of 20 are named Hunter.

  • 3. Rio

    3. Rio

    © Kia

    According to ChooseMyCar, a total of 4,286 boys have been named Rio. We suspect the vast majority are very good at dancing on the sand.

  • 2. Austin

    2. Austin

    © photogeoff / Shutterstock

    Ask a member of the public to name five famous Austins and they’re likely to respond with Powers, Healey (the rugby player), Butler, Austin (Texas) and that guy from the X Factor. Ask a car enthusiast and they’ll say Allegro, Maxi, Mini, Metro, Montego, Maestro, Ambassador, Princess, A35, A40 and Cambridge, before you stop them from droning on.

  • 1. Morgan

    1. Morgan

    © Morgan

    Morgan tops the list for the boys, with a whopping 15,181 so named since 2000. Coincidentally, that’s roughly the same number of films you’ve watched starring Morgan Freeman. Does the man ever sleep?

  • 10. Lotus

    10. Lotus

    © Pavel L Photo / Shutterstock

    Moving to the girls, we find that 59 have been named Lotus since 2000. We can guarantee that they’ll be the lightest girls in their class.

  • 9. Aston

    9. Aston

    © Marko Rupena / Shutterstock

    It’s Aston again, this time for the girls. The number is 77, which gives us the perfect excuse to use a photo of the One-77.

  • 8. Porsche

    8. Porsche

    © totojang1977 / Shutterstock

    We can think of at least 911 reasons why naming your daughter Porsche could pose a few problems when she gets older, but that hasn’t stopped 113 parents taking the plunge.

  • 7. Jazz

    7. Jazz

    © Honda

    There were jazz hands all round when these 124 girls were born. Readers of Which? magazine were particularly pleased to hear news of the births.

  • 6. Lexus

    6. Lexus

    © Lexus

    At least a few of the 181 girls named Lexus were destined to be called Toyota until their parents decided they needed a touch more class.

  • 5. Clio

    5. Clio

    © Renault

    A total of 217 girls have been named Clio, presumably because Corsa, Fiesta, 208, i20 and Swift were ruled out on grounds of good taste.

  • 4. Mercedes

    4. Mercedes

    © Rudiecast / Shutterstock

    Thanks to affordable car finance, 1,237 parents have been able to name their daughter Mercedes. A decade ago they’d have been stuck with Ford, Vauxhall or Peugeot.

  • 3. Kia

    3. Kia

    © Kia

    The problem with naming your daughter Kia is that she’ll be past her prime once she’s reached the age of seven.

  • 2. Alba

    2. Alba

    © Dan74 / Shutterstock

    Of the 1,556 girls named Alba, we suspect more were named after the electronics brand than the Portuguese car from the 1950s.

  • Morgan


    © Alisa24 / Shutterstock

    We desperately wanted to find a photo of the U.S. footballer Alex Morgan driving a Morgan sports car for this slide, but the picture libraries failed to deliver. Shame.