The cheapest new cars from £99 a month

Car showrooms are reopening, and many may now be looking for alternatives to public transport. Here we show you just what you can get for your money…

New car sales recommence after lockdown

New car sales recommence after lockdown © Dacia

New car showrooms are reopening on 1 June after months of lockdown. It means the UK car market can get back into action after sales figures for last month showed a 97 percent decline.

But with many now advising Brits avoid public transport where they can, some may be considering buying a car instead.

We’re here to show you just how affordable new cars can be, by highlighting the motors you can buy from £99 a month. It could be the perfect post-lockdown lift!

Dacia Sandero: £99

Dacia Sandero © Dacia

The UK’s most affordable new car is the Dacia Sandero. Prices start from just £6,995, an incredible bargain for a brand-new car with five doors and a 1.2-litre engine. The deposit is manageable too, just £861 – and Dacia throws in an extra £250 on top for the four-year, 6.9 percent APR PCP deal.

Dacia Sandero PCP deal

Dacia Logan MCV: £119

Dacia Logan MCV © Dacia

If the Sandero is too small, Dacia has another alternative, called the Logan MCV. This is basically a Sandero estate, with a huge 573-litre boot (that’s just 32 litres smaller than a Volkswagen Golf estate). It’s yours from £119 a month, with an £1,109 deposit.

Dacia Logan MCV PCP deal

Mitsubishi Mirage: £119

Mitsubishi Mirage © Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi recently facelifted the Mirage. It’s still a rather average small car, but looks more distinctive and, if you have a £2,115 deposit, can be yours for £119 a month. Mitsubishi will give you £250 towards it too – and if you only have £169 for the deposit, you can get a Mirage and then pay that for the next four years.

Mitsubishi Mirage PCP deal

Peugeot 108: £129

Peugeot 108 © Peugeot

The stylish little Peugeot 108 costs pennies to run and, provided you can find a £1,746 deposit, can be yours for £129 a month, at 5.9 percent APR.

Peugeot 108 PCP deal

Dacia Sandero Stepway: £129

Dacia Sandero Stepway © Dacia

Back to Dacia. The Sandero Stepway is the raised-up, SUV-style alternative to the regular Sandero, with tougher-look body cladding, although it doesn’t offer any more interior space. For £129 a month, it’s yours, and all you need is a £775 deposit. 

Dacia Sandero Stepway PCP deal

Toyota Aygo: £129

Toyota Aygo © Toyota

The Toyota Aygo is related to the Peugeot 108 – they’re actually built in the same factory. The Toyota is the more distinctive-looking though, and costs just £129 a month if you have a £2,500 deposit – better still, it’s 0% finance and Toyota will give you £500 on top of your deposit as well. Even equipment is pretty impressive, with standard climate control and alloy wheels.

Toyota Aygo PCP deal

Kia Picanto: £139

Kia Picanto © Kia

Kia cars are particularly appealing because they come with a seven-year, 100,000-mile warranty. The Picanto adds extra temptation with a 0% finance deal that costs £139 a month, over two years – the only problem you might have is finding the 20% minimum deposit.

Kia Picanto PCP deal

Dacia Duster: £139

Dacia Duster © Dacia

Cheap cars are small cars, right? Not necessarily. The Dacia Duster is a family-sized five-seat, five-door crossover SUV, powered by a perfectly punchy 100hp turbo engine. And if you don’t mind lacking luxuries such as alloy wheels, it can be bought for £139 a month over four years, with a £1,612 deposit.

Dacia Duster PCP deal

Volkswagen Up: £145

Volkswagen Up © Volkswagen

Even Volkswagen is offering bargain-basement models now lockdown is lifting. The small and clever Up, in 1.0-litre three-door guise, is offered for £145 a month on a three-year 0 percent finance deal. Make sure you can afford the £3,760 deposit, though.

Volkswagen Up PCP deal

MG3: £149

MG3 © MG

MG is a value brand just like Dacia. The MG3 is its five-door supermini model, which is available on 0 percent finance for £149 a month. The deposit is £1,525.  

MG3 PCP deal

Suzuki Ignis: £149

Suzuki Ignis © Suzuki

The Suzuki Ignis is a cute miniature-look SUV with five doors and surprising space inside. If you can find a £1,750 deposit, Suzuki will take £1,000 off the list price and sell it to you over four years for £149 a month. The PCP APR rate is 6.9 percent.

Suzuki Ignis PCP deal

Hyundai i20: £161

Hyundai i20 © Hyundai

Hyundai is asking customers to find £2,700 to buy a roomy i20 1.2 SE – but it will match this with a £2,000 sum of its own, taking the total deposit up t £4,700. With an APR rate of 4.9 percent, this means a four-year PCP deal will cost £161 a month.

Hyundai i20 PCP deal

Fiat 500: £169

Fiat 500 © Fiat

The ever-popular Fiat 500 now comes in fuel-saving hybrid guise. The entry-level Pop is on offer for £169 a month to anyone who can find just a single £169 monthly payment – to which Fiat will add in a whopping £2,275. APR is 4.9 percent.

Fiat 500 PCP deal

MG ZS: £169


The MG ZS can’t quite square up to the similarly-sized Duster with the deal for its neat-looking SUV, but £169 a month over four years, at 0 percent APR, isn’t bad. The deposit is just over £1,100.

MG ZS PCP deal

Ford Fiesta: £170

Ford Fiesta © Ford

The Ford Fiesta is, month after month, Britain’s best-selling new car. Until June 30, the 95hp 1.0 Ecoboost Trend five-door can be bought for £170 a month, at 0 percent APR, on Ford Options PCP. The customer deposit is £4,197, to which Ford will chip in an extra £1,000.

Ford Fiesta PCP deal

Volkswagen Polo: £175

Volkswagen Polo © Volkswagen

Surprise, our final new car bargain is another Volkswagen, the 80hp 1.0 Match variant. The four-year PCP has an APR of 5.4 percent and, once you’ve placed a £3,703 deposit, will cost you £175 a month – and Volkswagen will even add in a further £1,250 for the deposit as well.

Volkswagen Polo PCP deal

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