510, 2018

New hybrid black cabs offer dramatic air quality boost

A new study has shown just how much pollution cab drivers are exposed to, along with how the new LEVC hybrid black cab can alleviate it

510, 2018

Fast forward: the story of the electric supercar

We chart the history of electric supercars, from the original Tesla Roadster to the record-breaking Nio EP9 and new Pininfarina PF0

510, 2018

Schoolgirl, 15, designs new Toyota GT86 livery for Wales Rally GB

A Toyota GT86 featuring a livery by 15-year-old competition-winner Kirsty Campbell will be on display at this weekend’s Wales Rally GB

510, 2018

Sports casual: the history of BMW Z cars

From Z1 to Z4, our brief history of BMW Z cars includes the 507 owned by Elvis Presley

410, 2018

Stung by a vee: 1 in 2 new Kia Stingers is a V6

The diesel is actually the worst-selling Stinger, reveals Kia UK boss

410, 2018

Ssangyong announces the longest warranty of any new car

Kia has led the warranty game for years with its seven-year/100,000-mile deal – but now Ssangyong has taken a 50,000-mile leap into the lead

410, 2018

Rise in car crime attributed to hacking

As cars get cleverer, so do those determined to get behind the wheel without your permission

410, 2018

These are the retro flying cars we really want

A French artist has created a fantastic set of flying cars images. They include a host of classics – and some less glamorous candidates, too

410, 2018

New car market plunges 20% in September – and some big brands fall by HALF

New fuel economy regulations appear to have caught many car makers out

310, 2018

Car eyelashes and cuddly toys: the car accessories people hate

While we love adding spoilers and alloy wheels to our cars, apparently, but we hate car eyelashes and copious numbers of teddies

310, 2018

25 seriously quick SUVs and pick-ups

We round-up some of the world’s fastest 4x4s and pick-up trucks, including the Lamborghini LM002, Volkswagen Touareg W12 and Range Rover Sport SVR

310, 2018

Cost of car insurance falls 13 percent – and young drivers save more

The average car insurance premium in the UK has shrunk from £553 to £483 over the past 12 months, with young drivers benefiting most

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