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Pollution charges boost London air quality by a third

Toxicity and Ultra Low Emission Zone charges have kept polluting cars away from the capital and reduced nitrogen oxide levels significantly.

Calls to abandon ‘private cars’ over brake and tyre pollution

The government's Air Quality Expert Group has highlighted particle emissions from car brakes, tyres and the road surface as a public safety concern.

Air pollution in London tube stations up to 30 times worse than a busy road

Report warns that even short-term exposure to particulates could risk damage to health

The average new diesel is SIX times over the legal pollution limit

Independent emissions tests have revealed shockingly high NOx emissions from new diesel-engined cars

In-car pollution equal to passively smoking 980 cigarettes

A new in-car air purifier aims to tackle the worrying levels of air pollution suffered by professional drivers while at work

Google to create Street View map of London air pollution

With Google's help, we'll soon get a detailed map of air pollution in the capital

European heatwave means air pollution driving bans in force across France

Even tourists can be included in urban restrictions against dirtiest vehicles

Anti-pollution tunnels on UK motorways not the answer, says RAC

Highways England has proposed building tunnels which absorb toxic emissions over UK motorways

New EQUA ‘NCAP for NOx emissions’ test ranks real-world car pollution

Volkswagen Group the big winner of EQUA real world NOx emissions tests – who’d have thought it?