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1 in 3 car firms already cutting jobs due to Brexit

‘Dangerous’ no-deal Brexit talk is already harming the UK automotive industry with a third of firms admitting they’ve made job cuts

No-deal Brexit threat to Nissan Qashqai production in Sunderland

Reports suggest that Nissan could reopen decision to produce the popular family SUV on Wearside, in the event of the UK crashing out of the EU with no deal

No-deal Brexit would ‘devastate’ EU car industry

The European car industry has issued a joint statement saying ‘no’ to a no deal Brexit, warning its impact would be devastating

Beating Brexit: supercar maker secures £20 million export deal

British carmaker BAC, which builds the single-seat Mono, has secured £20 million of export business to Hong Kong and the United States.

Eurotunnel makes ‘Brexit Promise’ for driving to France

Eurotunnel is reassuring travellers that Brexit will not prevent them driving to France. The message is that whatever happens, the tunnel will stay open

No-deal Brexit could cost UK automotive £4 billion a year

There have been more warnings come that a no-deal Brexit could hit the UK car industry hard, to the tune of £4 billion every year.

UK new car investment plummets as firms spend £330 million on no-deal Brexit

In 2019, car firms have spent FOUR TIMES as much preparing for Brexit as they have invested in new models and workers, new figures reveal.

Car industry warns PM no-deal Brexit ‘an existential threat’

The UK automotive industry has written to new Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stress its fundamental objection to a no-deal Brexit

Brexit for classics: UK cars leaving for Europe

The weak pound is benefiting EU classic car collectors, with a 'noticeably higher than average' sale rate of cars shipped to European countries.