Volvo has been knocked off Sweden's best-selling car top spot

Volvo has been knocked off Sweden’s best-selling car top spot

Volvo has been knocked off Sweden's best-selling car top spot

The best-selling car in Sweden in 2016 was a Volkswagen Golf – the first time since 1962 that it wasn’t a Volvo.

That’s according to figures released today by the country’s carmakers association, Bil Sweden, which revealed that Volkswagen sold 22,084 Golf models, accounting for 5.93% of all new car sales in Sweden.

Despite grouping in the Volvo V70 and its V90 successor, along with the S90 saloon, just 21,321 models of Volvo’s biggest seller were registered.

The last time Volvo was not the best-selling car in Sweden was 1962, when a Volkswagen Beetle took number one spot.

As a company, Volvo registered more than 71,000 cars in Sweden last year – well ahead of Volkswagen’s 58,000, with four of its models dominating the top six.

A strong economy, combined with low interest rates and a growing private leasing market, is responsible for strong sales across the country, with 372,296 new cars registered last year – an increase of 7.8 percent compared with 2015.

Bil Sweden CEO Bertil Molden said: “We’ve had 36 months in succession with increasing registrations.”

 Make and model2016 sales2015 sales Percentage of all new car sales 
 Volkswagen Golf22,082 22,779 5.93%
 Volvo V70/S90/V9021,321  28,613  5.73%
 Volvo S60/V60 16,755 14,698 4.5%
 Volvo XC6016,266 14,834 4.37%
 Volkswagen Passat15,716  14,392  4.22% 
 Volvo V40 12,691 10,333 3.41% 
 Toyota Auris 7,423 6,868  1.99%
 Volkswagen Polo 7,091 4,585 1.9%
 Kia Cee’d 6,778 6,726 1.82%
 Skoda Octavia 5,889 5,519 1.58%
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