A reasonably-priced Christmas bargain? Top Gear's Vauxhall Astra for sale on eBay

Fancy treating yourself to the ultimate in Top Gear souvenirs this Christmas? A Vauxhall Astra that appeared in Jeremy Clarkson’s last series on the BBC is for sale on eBay – with bids currently at £8,100.

The red Vauxhall Astra has featured as Top Gear’s reasonably-priced car since 2013, driven by celebrities including Will Smith and Ed Sheeran. The fastest celeb to drive the Astra was Olly Murs, who completed a lap of the Top Gear track in 1:44.6.

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Being sold by Vauxhall with all proceeds going to automotive industry charity BEN, the Astra is listed as an auction with an end date of 27 December.

The listing says the Astra is a five-door 1.6-litre Tech Line model – showing just 2,908 miles on the clock.

It features, as standard, 17-inch alloys and a digital radio system – but has also been fitted with racing seats as well as a five-point safety harness and full roll-cage.

The advert advises that the roll-cage means that the airbags have been disabled, so the Astra should not be driven on the road.