Snapped: this Toyota MR2 thinks it's a Ferrari

There was a time, 10 years or so ago, when replica Ferraris based on second-generation Toyota MR2s were all the rage. But now, tidy MR2s are desirable in their own right – appreciating classics, even.

The owner of this MR2, spotted outside our local Sainsbury’s, has discovered a way of convincing people he owns a Ferrari without going to the trouble of ruining an MR2. He’s simply covered it in Ferrari badges.

It’s got an F355 model badge on the back, and little prancing horse stickers on the number plates. There are horses on the wheels, too, and there appears to be a Ferrari steering wheel in the cabin.

Snapped: this Toyota MR2 thinks it's a Ferrari

And, to perhaps excuse its inventive parking, there’s a sign off a 10-year-old’s bedroom wall in the window stating ‘Ferrari parking only’.

At least an MR2 should be more reliable than the real thing. An MOT history search reveals it had covered 117,998 miles when it passed its MOT in July. Can you imagine the maintenance costs of a real Ferrari F355 with more than 100,000 miles on the clock?

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