MR LT Renault Clio

First 5 Minutes: Renault Clio 1.5 dCi Stop&Start long-termer

MR LT Renault ClioThis is a First 5 Minutes with a difference. One, because my first five minutes with this Renault Clio in question didn’t involve so much as the turn of a wheel or the dip of a clutch, and two, because this is my Renault Clio.

I say mine, I mean for the next six months, at least. It’s the latest addition to the MR long-term test fleet – and I’ve already fallen for it. Heavily.

I remember attending the launch of the fourth-generation Renault Clio back in 2012. I liked it then and I’m glad to say those feelings came flooding back the moment I sat inside our French Blue example.

MR LT Renault Clio

It’s slick inside, the upgraded touchscreen multimedia system with Renault’s R Link package is intuitive and, combined with the piano black tablet-style housing and mature climate controls, it all looks very grown up and expensive.

Importantly, it feels it, too – although the Tricolore interior pack adds a little bit of youthful fun and continues the Gallic theme inside.

The styling seems to divide opinion in some quarters, but I love the look of it. The gloss black wheels and exterior details contrast nicely with the exterior colour, then there’s that interior to look forward to.

First impressions count, and the Clio has once again won me over with its feeling of quality. I have a feeling we’re going to get on well.

MR LT Renault Clio

That’s if it can deliver the goods when it comes to fuel economy. The highly economical 90hp 1.5-litre turbodiesel engine returns 88.3mpg combined, according to Renault.

Realistically, I’m not expecting to see that, but I’m going to have a damn good go at exceeding the 50mpg it’s showing over its delivery journey.

That’s the whole point of our time with the car, to see just how far we can push the Clio’s parsimonious nature. It’ll be a test for me and the Renault, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy every minute of it…

Keep an eye out on twitter for the #MRLTClio hashtag to see how we’re getting on in our quest for economy, and check back to for updates on our findings and more on why we’re already quietly please by the little Renault.

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