Bugatti London car dealer opens in Mayfair

New Bugatti dealer opens in London’s Mayfair

Bugatti London car dealer opens in MayfairWith the arrival of the new Bugatti Chiron hypercar, the French luxury brand has reopened its London showroom – once again becoming Britain’s one and only new Bugatti dealer.

Developed in partnership with premium car dealer H.R. Owen Bugatti, the new Bruton Street showroom sits adjacent to the retailer’s famous Jack Barclay Bentley dealership, which is a neat fit: Bugatti and Bentley sit in the same exalted division of the Volkswagen Group.

Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. board member Dr Stefan Brungs helped cut the ribbon to the new dealer, which is packed with past and present cars, plus art installations and sculptures.

Bugatti London car dealer opens in Mayfair

“London is one of the most important locations for Bugatti worldwide,” he said. “Many of our current customers love this city and have a residence here.

“The launch of H.R. Owen Bugatti means that we are now able to serve our exclusive clientele in a perfect setting.”

And despite the new 1,500hp Chiron’s £1.9 million price tag, the dealership may still do strong business: Bugatti today revealed 65 Veyrons are owned by customers in the UK… and 15 Brits have already placed orders for the new Chiron.

Bugatti London car dealer opens in Mayfair