David Brown

New British ‘modern classic’ sports car brand launched

David BrownA British car enthusiast has revealed plans to launch his own classic sports car brand for the 21st century.

David Brown has said his company, David Brown Automotive, will deliver his vision for a new take on the British sports car.

We may have seen many shed-specials over the years, but this promises to be a little bit different. For a start, David has drafted in experts to help bring his plans to life, such as ex-Land Rover chief designer Alan Mobberly.

Automotive engineering experts Envisage Group have developed it, while David has commissioned a completely new exterior and interior design, using bespoke British suppliers for trim and materials.

The car will sell in low numbers, and is said to combine the latest manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship. So, it’s a kind of McLaren/Morgan hybrid, built on a very small scale. And completely different…

David explains: “I wanted all the impact and style of a classic sports car, but with modern capabilities and conveniences. This is what I want in a car, but it’s not something anyone really offers. So, I’ve created it myself.”

We’ll first see the car – codenamed “Project Judi” – in April. In the mean time, keep an eye on MotoringResearch.com and we’ll give you more information as we get it.

Oh, and the brand itself: we’re sure it’s pure coincidence David Brown has the same name as Aston Martin saviour David Brown, whose initials were used on the most famous Astons past and present. Complete coincidence.

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