London Motor Show visitors encouraged to ask three ‘life-saving’ questions

STOPTHECRASHVisitors to the 2016 London Motor Show are being encouraged by Thatcham Research, Bosch, Continental and ZF TRW to quiz exhibiting dealers about the safety credentials of cars on display – because doing so could save lives.

The three questions show visitors are being asked to revise and challenge dealers on are:

  1. What Euro NCAP rating does this car have?
  2. Is Autonomous Emergency Braking fitted to this car – and is it standard?
  3. What else should I do to maximise the safety protection offered by this car?

The four organisations want to raise awareness of modern active safety systems, of which many car buyers are simply unaware. Systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking should be the number one priority for those looking at a new car, they reckon: instead, it’s well down the list.

Autonomous Emergency Braking, or AEB, automatically brakes the car when it detects an imminent crash. In the real world, it’s statistically proven to cut rear-end crashes by 38% – yet it’s only standard-fit on a paltry 17% of new British cars. Less than half of new car buyers are adding extra safety features on as options.

That’s why the UK still has such a high toll of rear-end crashes: 100,000 a year.

“In the absence of legislation to make it mandatory, we are encouraging consumers to use the power of choice to ensure that every new car coming onto the road has this life-saving feature fitted,” said Global NCAP secretary general David Ward, a Brit who’ll be attending the show to personally drive home the safety message.

“Research shows that three quarters of all collisions occur at speeds under 20mph: even the most basic AEB system in conjunction with sensible tyre safety could prevent the vast majority of these incidents.”

The three-question challenge for the London Motor Show is part of the Global NCAP #STOPTHECRASH partnership, an initiative charged with cutting car accidents in the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety.

The organisations will be demonstrating the power of Autonomous Emergency Braking in bold fashion at Battersea Park: by running live demonstrations of how the system auto-stops when it detects obstacles ahead.

There will also be a showcase of an online tool hosted by Thatcham Research that allows car buyers to check which new cars have AEB as standard.

Video: What is Autonomous Emergency Braking?

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