Mitsuoka ViewtBuoyed by the attention it’s getting from importing the distinctive Mitsuoka Roadster, south east car dealer group TW White is asking London Motor Show visitors if they want more – a 1963 Jaguar Mk2 recreation based on a brand new Nissan Micra automatic.

Called the Mitsuoka Viewt, the remarkable modern-classic new car is on show for the first time at Battersea, with TW White chiefs canvassing opinions on the model with a view to imports beginning, if enough people want it, in early 2017.

Mitsuoka executives have even flown over specially to see the car on show and find out what show-goers think of it.

Mitsuoka Viewt

It’ll be a suitably high-spec car if it does go on sale here, with a standard automatic gearbox, leather interior and, as you can see, lashings of chrome. TW White will offer a full three-year warranty and even include three years’ free servicing.

But it won’t be cheap. Estimated on-the-road price is £27,000. You could buy an actual Jaguar for that – the new XE starts at £26,995.

But the all-aluminium Ian Callum-designed XE doesn’t look anywhere near as distinctive as this micro-sized Jaguar pastiche – you decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Indeed, you decide if you want one: if you do, TW White is listening and will happily take your order at the London Motor Show.

Don’t think it’s some new leftfield creation either: Mitsuoka has been building the Viewt since 1993 and has to date sold more than 15,000 of them…