Peter Andre It's Me or the Car

Insania! Peter Andre to host ITV’s Top Gear ‘rival’

Peter Andre It's Me or the Car

Well it has certainly been a good week to bury bad news. The combination of #piggate, #dieselgate and #fifagate has created a smoke screen sufficient enough to slide any kind of negative publicity under the radar.

Which is the only explanation we have for the news that Peter Andre is set to host ITV’s Top Gear ‘rival’: It’s Me or the Car.

Peter is very excited

Sources are suggesting that the former star of those ‘brilliant’ Iceland TV adverts has already shot a pilot episode of the show, which is billed as a family-oriented version of Top Gear. According to The Sun, “It’s a big-money deal for Peter. It’s still in the pilot stage at the moment but the initial signs are promising.

It’ll be like ‘Top Gear’ for all the family. Peter’s very excited.”

Which is great news for everyone. These really are golden times for fans of television car shows. Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May have moved to Amazon Prime, Chris Evans is to front Top Gear, while in an unexpected twist, Dermot O’Leary is to host ‘The Getaway Car’, in which the BBC is promising “thrills, laughter and challenges.”

Peter Andre at the car wash

Keen car washer

For his part, Peter Andre is no stranger to cars, having been spotted behind the wheel of many an exotic supercar. He has also lent his weight (and ripped torso) to the Children in Need appeal, taking part in Peugeot’s Largest Car Wash. Fans of Saturday night TV will no doubt be aware that he’s the current favourite to win I’m A Strictly Ice Dancer Get Me Skating Factor.

And Mr Andre has form in front of the TV cameras. According to his Wikipedia entry, he was a guest judge on Your Face Sounds Familiar (whatever that was), as well as a team captain on Odd One In (no, we’ve got no idea either). All of which means we’re anxiously waiting the arrival of his new car show. It should prove to be a lot of fun.

So in the week that started (and is likely to finish) with news of dirty air, we hope this story isn’t just a load of hot air. And with that, we’ll leave you with a word from our, er, sponsors:

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