Infiniti Q70

Infiniti’s BMW 5 Series gets a Mercedes-Benz diesel

Infiniti Q70Infinit’s forgotten executive car contender, the Q70, has received a major fillip with the introduction of a new tax-saving 2.2-litre turbodiesel – using a motor from tech partner Mercedes-Benz.

The new 170hp four-cylinder diesel, also found in the Q70’s Mercedes-Benz E-Class rival, transforms its business car competitiveness.

CO2 plummets from a wholly uncompetitive 199g/km to just 129g/km. Fuel economy swells from just 37.7mpg to an expected 57mpg.

With prices for the new 2.2d starting from £32,650, the Q70 immediately becomes a much more compelling option for company car drivers – particularly as even the standard Premium model comes with full LED headlights, Connectiviti+ sat nav, ventilated leather seats and 18-inch wheels.

No wonder Infiniti expects the 2.2d to become the UK best seller.

It’s still persisting with its 364hp Q70 Hybrid though: this is faster, with 0-62mph in a very rapid 5.3 seconds, coupled with CO2 from 145g/km.

There’s also a 320hp 3.7-litre V6 petrol that nobody will buy.

The facelifted Q70 range, which sports tweaks to the front and rear plus improvements in refinement and ride comfort, will be available in UK Infiniti dealers from January 2015.

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