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Euro NCAP slams ‘life threatening’ quadricycle crash safety

Club Car Villager Euro NCAPEuro NCAP has tested sub-compact quadricycles for the first time, including the well-known Renault Twizy – and reports all of them performed poorly with some showing “serious risks of life threatening injuries”.

The crash safety test body assessed the Renault Twizy, Tazzari ZERO, Ligier IXO and the Club Car Villager. It didn’t put them through its usual crash test assessment (remarkably, quadricycles aren’t required to pass crash tests by law) but did test for front and side impacts at 31mph.

“All showed severe safety problems” reports Euro NCAP. These include:

  • Ligier: Upper connection of the driver’s seatbelt pulled out of the structure, leaving the dummy unrestrained
  • Tazzari: Driver’s seatbelt broke – driver’s head hit steering wheel with force equal to “fatal injury”
  • Club Car (pictured above): Structure of car “virtually collapsed” on frontal impact
  • Renault: Stiff structure led to dangerously high dummy readings

The Renault Twizy did at least have an airbag as standard – the only quadricycle to feature one – but, like the others, it still generally provided “a much lower level of safety than regular passenger cars” said Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP secretary general.


“It’s worrying to find that, because crash safety tests are not required by law, quadricycles show a level of safety that is way below that of cars.

“Even though they meet legislative standards, these vehicles lack the minimum safety equipment which has become commonplace on passenger cars sold in Europe.

“As quadricycles look set to become more and more popular, Euro NCAP is calling for manufacturers and legislative authorities to ensure a minimum level of crash safety for this vehicle segment.”

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