Chris Evans

Chris Evans on Top Gear rumours: ‘it’s absolute nonsense’

Chris Evans

BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans has said that rumours that he’ll replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear are ‘absolute nonsense’.

He told listeners to this morning’s breakfast show that reports that he was being lined up to replace Jeremy Clarkson are ‘not true’.

He added: “Not only is it not true, it’s absolute nonsense.

“Looking on Twitter, there’s a 50/50 split about me being in the show would be a good idea.

“Everyone waiting outside to speak to me can go home and have a cup of tea.”

A report by the Daily Telegraph says that Jeremy Clarkson is expected to be confirmed as sacked by the BBC today, with bosses attempting to persuade Evans to take his place.

It’s not known whether James May and Richard Hammond would remain in the show, but it’s speculated that they would leave to support their controversial co-star.

It comes after Clarkson was suspended from the show following a ‘fracas’ with a producer.

Previous Stigs have already spoken out, disagreeing about whether Top Gear should be able to continue without Jeremy. London mayor Boris Johnson has said that he would consider taking Clarkson’s job.

Last week, someone dressed as the Stig delivered a petition to the BBC calling for Clarkson’s job to be saved. It was signed by over a million people.

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