Aston Martin No. 8 Dover St

‘Aston Martin World’ opens in London

Aston Martin No. 8 Dover StAston Martin has opened its first ‘brand experience centre’ in London’s posh Mayfair, which will showcase how the famous car company is becoming a luxury brand in its own right.

The site at no.8 Dover Street will showcase Aston Martin cars, but plenty more besides; it’s a curation of Aston Martin experiences, brand collaborations plus other luxury products that “embody the Aston Martin spirit”.

Indeed, it’s being called “the ultimate Aston Martin destination”.

Designed by chief creative officer Marek Reichman’s team, the new shop is to show off the ‘Art of Living by Aston Martin’ concept and will feature products from brand partners such as:

  • Hackett London (clothes)
  • Marma London (spectacles)
  • Quintessence Yachts
  • Emilia Burano (linen)
  • Silver Cross (pushchairs)
  • FPM

It will also host art exhibitions, design masterclasses, dinner experiences and other suitably luxurious events. It will be open to the public seven days a week, from 10am to 6pm in the week or 11am to 5pm at weekends.

“Dover Street mixes art, culture, shopping, luxury and elegance,” explained Reichman.

“We are surrounded by art, design and beauty and want to feature the ideas that inspire us and share them with a wider audience.

“No. 8 Dover Street is a place where existing customers, admirers of the brand and people new to the marque can understand our design philosophies and experience the spirit of Aston Martin.”

Why has Aston Martin opened No. 8 Dover St?

Aston Martin No. 8 Dover St

There will often be a car at No. 8 Dover St, but not always, says Aston Martin. It’s not a car dealer and will not actually be selling cars. Instead, it’s packed with things that showcase luxury lifestyle items that may be of interest to Aston Martin customers.

The objective is to offer an Aston Martin brand experience in a convenient location to target customers – the sort of people who may visit the Victoria Beckham shop up the road.

Aston wants to be considered alongside other luxury brands; as such, it felt it had to be represented alongside their Mayfair boutiques.

It’s a different approach to other luxury brands, who are expanding away from regular car dealers by opening outlets in the Westfield shopping centre. “We’re not interested in that,” said Reichman. “We’d rather chase the height of luxury in Mayfair.”

There is, however, a ‘Q by Aston Martin’ customisation area where bespoke Aston Martins can be specced. The AM37 speedboat can also be customised there.

“Marek and Andy can also drop down if a customer wants to meet here and chat about, say, an AM-RB 001, but can’t make it to Gaydon,” said a spokesman.

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