Ford Mustang badge customizer

Ford unveils Mustang badge customizer

Ford Mustang badge customizerWhile personalizing your pony might sound like an activity enjoyed in the darkest corners of the internet, Ford has invited Mustang fans the world over to style their own versions of one the most iconic automotive logos of all time: the Mustang Pony.

Using the Pony Personalizer online toolkit, enthusiasts start with the classic pony template and then choose one of five design starting points. From there, a circular picker swirls colors and patterns in nearly infinite combinations, from psychedelic to geometric, from rock-n-roll to New Wave.

While it may sound simple enough, it’s quickly addicting. Creators can save each iteration to one of three templates, then download or share the finished product to social media.

Users can also submit their designs to Ford for potential use in upcoming advertising.

Even better, Ford has set up a Zazzle store where each unique design can be printed on a variety of t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and other Zazzle-tastic merchandise. The apogee is a personalized, Ford-licensed, OEM Mustang Pony emblem that really fits on the latest Mustang.

$68.75 well spent, if you ask us.