2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line Project Art Car

Hyundai makes a bold statement with unique Tucson N Line art car

2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line Project Art Car

Hyundai has enlisted the help of renowned artist Andreas Preis to create a special one-off edition of the Tucson.

Designed to celebrate the launch of the sporty N Line version of the popular SUV, the ‘Drive a Statement’ project has seen it gain a radical makeover.

The Korean brand has made major steps in recent years to appeal to performance enthusiasts. Motorsport activities have also seen the company competing in the World Rally Championship, along with entries into touring car racing.

2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line Project Art CarBavarian-born Preis has worked with a number of global brands, including Adidas, Nike, Microsoft and Samsung.

His work typically focuses on creating elaborate and detailed murals, along with illustrations and live paintings. With examples of his art having previously adorned everything from books to buildings, making a SUV look impressive was just another day at the office.

Or three days in the studio, to be exact. Having come up with a design, Andreas then spent an incredible 72 hours painting the Tucson N Line… by hand!

2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line Project Art CarThe design itself was a nod to the racing cars used in the WRC and TCR championships, along with the features seen on the performance i30 N and Veloster N machines.

Preis is said to have incorporated elements of chicanes, corners, and flags into the special Tucson, creating a patchwork mural of racing inspiration.

Hyundai’s signature Performance Blue paint option also makes an appearance, with Andreas particularly keen to make the Tucson N Line appear to be going fast, even when parked up.

2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line Project Art CarEngine Red is the main hue hiding beneath the artwork, with the wider N Line palette of black and white also involved. Preis claims to have paid particular attention to highlighting the gloss black trim used for the side mirrors, rear spoiler, and headlight bezel on the Tucson N Line.

The new Tucson N Line is the first SUV in the Hyundai range to be given the overtly sporting trim level.

Other changes include a dark mesh front grille, surrounded by dark chrome trim, along with dark 19-inch alloy wheels. Stiffer suspension, and changes to the power steering system, are said to make the N Line more engaging to drive.

2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line Project Art CarWith his work on the Tucson art car finished, Preis seems proud of his efforts, noting that it is a rare experience to “get to create an artwork where a complete car is the canvas.”

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, VP of marketing at Hyundai Motor Europe, is also impressed, saying the work by Preis “fits perfectly with our claim that you are driving a statement” and that the Hyundai will be “displaying this unique car at events around Europe.”

Ferrari tops 2019 Formula 1 sponsorship table

Ferrari already top of the Formula 1 sponsorship podium for 2019

Ferrari tops 2019 Formula 1 sponsorship table

Mercedes-AMG may have taken victory in the 2019 Australian Grand Prix, but title rivals Ferrari celebrated corporate success before the season even began.

That is the message from sports market intelligence company Sportcal, who have examined the sponsorship situation for all ten teams competing in F1.

Scuderia Ferrari took a triple crown, with the greatest number of sponsors, highest total revenue, and the top-paying title sponsor.

Ferrari tops 2019 Formula 1 sponsorship tableWhat makes Ferrari’s success more impressive is that the logo of title partner, Philip Morris International, is hardly seen on the car throughout the year.

The tobacco giant has sponsored the team with the Marlboro brand since 1995, and has continued to do so despite tobacco sponsorship being banned outright from the sport since 2006.

For 2019 it uses the ‘Mission Winnow’ brand on Ferrari’s race cars, which is meant to reflect the changes being made at the tobacco company. Regardless of the name, it still brings in an estimated $160m (£121m) according to Sportcal.

Ferrari tops 2019 Formula 1 sponsorship tableThe money from Philip Morris International takes Scuderia Ferrari’s total estimated sponsorship revenue to an astonishing $255 – 285m (£193 – 215m).

This is substantially ahead of championship rivals Mercedes-AMG, who have an estimated revenue of $135 – 165m (£102 – 125m). Red Bull Racing feature in third for total sponsorship income, bringing in $110 – 140m (£83 – 106m).

Despite the lack of a main title sponsor, McLaren manage to take fourth in the sponsor monies table, with an estimated income of $90 – 120m (£68 – 91m).

Ferrari tops 2019 Formula 1 sponsorship tableAt the bottom of the list are Haas who, despite bagging Rich Energy as a title sponsor for 2019, are believed to be taking home just $30 – 50m (£23 – 38m) in sponsorship revenue. Haas is noted to have just 10 sponsors for 2019 – the least of any team.

Instead, the outfit originally founded by Vijay Mallya has become SportPesa Racing Point. Despite the troubles suffered by Force India during 2018, the new team has attracted 30 sponsors, but only $45 – 75m (£34 – 57m) in revenue.

This places it level for sponsorship income with Alfa Romeo Racing, who have renamed the established Sauber team completely for 2019, following a sponsorship deal which began in 2018.

Ferrari tops 2019 Formula 1 sponsorship tableWhilst Williams Racing may be struggling on track with a dismal performance in the Australian Grand Prix, they can at least find solace in their financial situation.

Sportcal’s estimate of total revenue from sponsorship of $90 – 105m (£68 – 79m) places Williams in the middle of the pack. New lead sponsor Rokit accounts for $20m (£15m) of that money.

Regardless of the action on the track, seeing teams attracting and retaining sponsorship is vital to the success of Formula 1.

The sport is facing competition from new championships such as Formula E,  along with the battle to generate interest amongst younger motorsport fans.

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

This Land Rover Defender is ‘screwed up in a beautiful way’

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110“Why paint a car where no one can see it?”

For Ricardo Pessoa, CEO of Land Rover custom restoration shop CoolNVintage, art is profoundly personal. Like a journey or a place, it’s the awareness of the experience that makes it meaningful.

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

That philosophy underlies all the Land Rovers brought back to life at the Lisbon company. Rather than building “flashy attention-getters,” the restoration focuses on what the vehicles will enable their new owners to do.

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

Pessoa calls the creations “a physical embodiment of what is possible if only we can imagine it.” The simplicity and honesty of the Land Rover is preserved, with around 1,000 hours added to get the journey underway.

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

This build, No. 77, is about Lisbon itself. Pessoa enlisted artist and long-time collaborator Vasco Costa to hand-paint the chassis in a celebration of the city, Land Rovers, and art itself. Over 2,000 hours were invested in the project. With the restored body back on the frame, the finished vehicle is elevated on a foundation of vibrant color.

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

“Every square centimeter of that painted chassis that cannot be seen is about Lisbon,” says Pessoa. “It is the soul of the machine.”

At the start of this project, some people said, “This is a stupid idea. Why paint a car where no one can see it?”

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

“The one fortunate owner of this vehicle will always have the opportunity to put it up on a lift or crawl underneath it,” Pessoa explains, “To reveal the artistry of the artist and engineers who brought this car back to life—and share it with whomever he or she wishes.”

Rather than a garish paintjob braying that this vehicle is unique, the hidden artwork creates an intimate experience that demands the viewer drop everything to contemplate only the Land Rover, and as Pessoa explains, “how and why we screwed it up in a beautiful way.”

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

The mindfulness demanded by the vehicle is clearly the “why.” Pessoa insists No. 77 is rolling art meant to be used and enjoyed, that the journey in it is the experience he intended to build.

The donor Defender 110 is a 1983 model and one of the first to roll off the Solihull, England assembly line. CoolNVintage completely disassembled it—engine, gearbox and all mechanical parts—before beginning a complete nuts-and-bolts rebuild and restoration.

Nothing was left untouched. All the panels were stripped to bare metal before priming, hard parts were powder coated, the wiring was restored or refitted, new brakes and Fox suspension were installed, and new fuel tank and lines fitted.

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

A black mohair top protects Connolly leather seats and a wireless Marshall sound system. On the tailgate, a handmade saddle leather tool bag hides a Alentejo blanket for cold nights. A brass CoolNVintage plaque displays the No. 77 build number, and even the No. 77 keychain demands pause.

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

Pessoa says he “first tasted real freedom” in a Land Rover. This unique build expresses that freedom and invites its new owner to turn off the hectic high-tech world and be the journey.

Or, as Pessoa puts it, “Live the signal, lose the noise.”

CoolNVintage 1983 Land Rover 110

More amazing cars from Motoring Research:

The 675hp Lister LFT-C is a 205mph drop-top

Lister LFT-C

Following what it is calling “high demand for an open-top LFT-666”, Lister has unveiled its most powerful open-top supercar – the LFT-C.

But while Lister is building 99 tin-top variants, just ten drop-top LFT-Cs will be available, each one with a price tag of £139,000. Not that many cars will leave the factory in standard form, with Lister offering “an almost unlimited” number of options for the LFT-C.

Thanks to its supercharged 675 horsepower V8 engine, the Lister LFT-C will hit 62 mph (100 kph) in “just over three seconds”, before reaching a top speed in excess of 205 mph. Each LFT-C will feature a solid silver (solid silver!) number plaque on the engine cover, so you can go full on UB40 with the ‘One in Ten’ bragging rights.

2019 Lister LFT-C

In common with the LFT-666, the LFT-C features carbon fibre body panels, along with extended rear arches, a new grille design, lightweight alloy wheels and Michelin tyres. Lister has also uprated the suspension and braking system, while a bespoke exhaust has been designed to enhance the sound of the V8 engine to work with an open cockpit vehicle.

Each LFT-C will be built to order, with the interior retrimmed by hand using Nappa hides from Bridge of Weir leather.

Lister LFT-C interior

Lawrence Whittaker, Lister CEO, said: “Launching the new LFT-C is a personal triumph, as I have always loved convertible cars, even since my second car, an MG Midget.

“While we are famous for cars like the Knobbly and the Storm, the LFT series heralds a new era for Lister and continues our historical enhancement of Jaguar drive trains, which dates back to 1957.

“In 2019, we will see the launch of at least two new cars and have also just opened our new £5m headquarters in Lancashire that will be known as the home of the new Lister.

There is lots more to come, and we look forward to sharing more news in the near future.”

Lister LFT-C 2019

Lister hasn’t provided a delivery date for LFT-C, but said its launch is timed for it to be “ready for summer 2019”. Meanwhile, although the entire 2019 allocation of LFT-666 has been snapped up, buyers can place an order for the remaining cars for delivery in early 2020.

Porsche restarts production of 911 GT2 RS after delivery boat sinks

Porsche GT2 RS sink Mexico

As reported on Carscoops, Porsche is due to restart production of the now-defunct 991 GT2 RS. The reason? A boat loaded with cars due for Mexican customers has sunk. As such, Porsche has some cars it needs to replace…

Production of the GT2 RS actually finished in February. Nevertheless, Porsche obligated to deliver cars to customers that have lost theirs to the Mexican depths. Luckily, none were due to find their way to the new Porsche ‘cathedral’ in Palm Springs.

The ship, named Grand America, sank off the coast of France earlier in March 2019 after a fire on one of the containers. It wasn’t just precious 911s that were lost, either. Reportedly, the boat was loaded with as many as 2,000 cars, including Audi A3, A5, Q7, RS4 and RS5 models.

Porsche GT2 RS sink Mexico

Porsche never actually confirmed that its cars were lost on this same ship, but Carscoops was tipped with a letter of apology from the marque to a prospective customer. A rough translation opens as follows: “We are sorry to inform you that, due to a fire, a Grimaldi group ship that was transporting your vehicle sank on March 12, 2019. For that reason, your GT2 RS cannot be delivered”.

The letter goes on to profess that ordinarily, resuming production wouldn’t be on Porsche’s to-do list. However, due to the special nature of the car and the loyalty required by Porsche from a customer in order for them to get their hands on one, they’re firing up production again.

2021 Fisker new electric luxury SUV

First details of new Fisker electric SUV – due to cost around $40,000

2021 Fisker new electric luxury SUV

Los Angeles-based Fisker has revealed the first details of its forthcoming electric SUV, aimed at making luxury EVs affordable.

The SUV has an ambitious target price of $40,000 (£30,800) in the U.S., which pitches it squarely against new products from Tesla, including the new Model Y.

Although initial information is limited, Fisker does promise the as-yet-unnamed SUV will offer a ‘a futuristic, elegant muscular EV with clean surfaces and a dramatic shape’, along with an interior that features ‘some of the latest emerging in-vehicle technologies’.

Along with the bold price, the other big claim is a 300-mile range when fully charged, thanks to an extended 80kWh battery pack. Four-wheel drive is on the cards, with individual electric motors powering each separate axle.

Fisker plans to have the SUV on sale by late 2021, with a pre-production version hitting the streets later this year.

What other cars does Fisker have planned?

2021 Fisker new electric luxury SUVThis new affordable luxury SUV is intended to be the first in a three-model mass-market range from Fisker.

The company had previously shown the high-end EMotion four-door electric car, featuring a carbon fibre body and dramatic 24-inch wheels. However, Fisker has decided to push back the launch of this flagship model until the cheaper SUV hits the market.

Fisker also intends to sell cars directly to consumers, in a manner similar to Tesla. A concierge system to handle servicing and maintenance will also be set up.

Where have I heard the name Fisker before?

2021 Fisker new electric luxury SUVCompany founder and CEO Henrik Fisker is no stranger to the automotive industry.

Born in Allerod, Denmark, he previously worked as a designer for major car manufacturers. At BMW, he helped create the retro-inspired Z8 roadster, while at Aston Martin he was responsible for the beautiful DB9.

The Dane founded Fisker Automotive in 2007, launching the luxury plug-in hybrid four-door Karma in 2011. Some 2,000 examples of the Karma were delivered to customers, but Fisker himself left in 2013 over disagreements about the direction of the company.

Fisker Automotive would later be declared bankrupt due to financial difficulties, stemming from problems with the company responsible for supplying batteries.

Since leaving that company, Henrik Fisker has been involved in designing everything from yachts to the VLF Force 1 V10-powered supercar. He founded the new Fisker Inc. in October 2016.

Fisker has described the process behind his latest project as “a mission to create an affordable EV that’s more exciting and emotion-stirring than what the market has been offering. We’re now excited to be introducing a vehicle that truly reinvents the SUV.”

2019 Ford Mustang RTR four leaf clover drift

Watch this incredible 900hp Ford Mustang drift a four-leaf clover!

2019 Ford Mustang RTR four leaf clover drift

Ford Performance took a slightly different approach to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for 2019.

Forget the usual downtown parades or pints of Guinness. Instead, Ford’s ‘go-fast’ department opted for a dramatic drifting stunt on a clover leaf interchange.

Sensibly, the road in Fort Worth, Texas was closed to the public, allowing drifting maestro Vaughn Gittin Jr. to do his thing.

Given that Gittin Jr. became the first person ever to drift the entire length of the Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit, a simple highway junction should have been a walk in the park.

The 38-year-old Formula Drift racer used the same 900 horsepower Ford Mustang RTR machine that he drove in last year’s German extravaganza.

Although here it has fittingly been turned green for the special event, along with a lucky four-leaf clover hanging from the rear view mirror.

The green LED lights illuminating the smoke from the tortured rear rubber is also a neat touch.

For those feeling inspired by Vaughn’s latest escapade, they can attempt to recreate it virtually with the latest updates for the Xbox One Forza Motorsport series.

Both Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4 recently gained a trio of Ford Mustang RTR drift machines. The only challenge is to find a suitable four-leaf clover to cause havoc on in the game.  

BMW E30 M3 Redux

Ultimate evolution: restored BMW E30 M3 aims to reach perfection

BMW E30 M3 Redux

British-based company Redux has delivered the first enhanced BMW E30 M3 in a limited production series of 30 cars.

With interest in performance machinery from the 1980s and ‘90s at an all time high, Redux has taken on the formidable challenge of making an already desirable machine even more attractive.

It joins a growing band of companies such as Singer with the Porsche 911, Evoluto Automobili’s Ferrari 348, and the reborn Lancia Delta Integrale by Automobil Amos.

Back to basics

BMW E30 M3Although given the legendary status given to the original BMW M3, modernising an E30 requires serious effort. Not only could a botched job destroy a valuable classic, it also risks incurring the wrath of BMW purists.

Thankfully, the Redux team consists of BMW enthusiasts who understand the significance of the E30 M3. It means the work done is sympathetic to the original, and pays tribute to other BMW Motorsport efforts.

The process undertaken involves stripping the E30 M3 right back to the bare shell, and submitting the car to an extensive restoration even before any new parts are fitted.

Along with extra welding to the shell, lightweight carbon fibre replacements are used for the bumpers, wings, and the side skirts.

Boosted expectations

BMW E30 M3 ReduxIn the engine bay is where the most controversial change occurs. The existing S14 naturally aspirated 2.3-litre four-cylinder motor is thoroughly rebuilt, growing in displacement to 2.5-litres.

Redux then adds a turbocharger, which may well have had BMW fans up in arms. There has however been careful consideration given to the change. The firm toyed with the idea of swapping to another engine but wanted to maintain the balance of handling and performance.

Forced induction was the best solution, and also a nod to the epic BMW M12 1.5-litre turbocharged engines which tasted Formula 1 success in the 1980s.

For those who find a 390hp and 390lb-ft turbo motor a step too far, Redux also offers the engine in unboosted form.

Custom components

BMW E30 M3 ReduxThe rest of the process involves a similar level of attention to detail, using performance components to modernise the E30.

An upgraded drivetrain sees a six-speed manual gearbox added. Redux does plan to use a five-speed close-ratio unit on future cars, though. Bespoke EXE-TC suspension dampers are fitted, whilst substantial AP Racing brakes hide behind gorgeous Cinel DTM wheels.

The interior can be tailored to the exact specifications of each owner. Alcantara can be found covering the door cards and headlining, along with the removable rear bench seat.

A pair of bucket racing seats can be found in the front. A gear lever topped by a BMW Motorsport shifter nestles between them.

Enhanced and evolved

BMW E30 M3Just 30 examples are planned to be built, comprising of 27 limited editions and 3 special versions. Those interested will need to be patient, as Redux estimates a build time of 18-24 months per car.

Buyers can either supply their own car for conversion, or Redux can assist in tracking down an example to go under the knife.

With each car tailored to individual specifications, Redux does not quote prices. Improving on perfection is unlikely to be cheap though.

James Bond will return… in an electric Aston Martin

James Bond Aston Martin electric car

Daniel Craig will drive an electric Aston Martin in the next James Bond film, according to The Sun newspaper. The film will most likely see 007 at the wheel of the Rapide E – an all-electric EV with a price tag of £250,000.

Aston Martin will build just 155 units of its first all-electric production car, although Mr Bond will be among the first to drive the most eco-friendly form of transport since Roger Moore’s Union Flag parachute in The Spy Who Loved Me.

The Sun reports that director Cary Joji Fukunaga wants Bond to be seen in an electric vehicle, with an insider quoted as saying: “The decision was spearheaded by the film’s new director, who’s a total tree-hugger.

“He is working directly with Aston Martin to get one of their electric cars ready for its big close-up.

Daniel Craig Aston Martin

“It’s going to be the centre of an incredible action sequence in the movie. James Bond is known for driving amazing cars and this one won’t disappoint either.

“It’s going to have all the high-tech gadgets. To be clear, this is something Cary pushed for and Daniel and the producers are going along with.

“Everybody is afraid of Bond getting labelled ‘too PC’ but they all felt the time was right to put him in a zero-emission vehicle.”

Do you expect me to torque?

James Bond electric Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Rapide E is being developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering and will be powered by an 800 volt battery electrical architecture with 65 kWh installed capacity.

The 6.0-litre V12 engine, gearbox and fuel tank are removed and replaced with 5,600 lithium-ion cylindrical cells and two rear-mounted electric motors. The result is a combined output of 610 horsepower and 700 lb ft of torque.

It means that Bond’s next set of wheels will sprint to 60 mph in sub-4.0 seconds before hitting a top speed of 155 mph. Aston Martin’s range target of 200 miles should be enough for Bond to travel from MI6 to the casino without getting all shaken and stirred over range anxiety.

Shooting of the 25th James Bond film is expected to start at Pinewood studios in April, with Daniel Craig making his fifth and final outing. Rapide E customers are expected to take delivery by the end of the year. 

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2019 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry: America’s best-selling car now on sale in Britain

2019 Toyota CamryThe Toyota Camry returns to the UK this summer with prices for the new hybrid-only large saloon starting from £29,995. Sitting above the new British-built Corolla, on-sale ordering opens on 1 April and first deliveries are expected from 1 July.

Two grades are offered, called Design and Excel. Design costs £29,995 and has 17-inch alloys, leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control, LED headlights, all-round parking sensors plus electric and heated front seats.

2019 Toyota Camry

Standard safety kit includes an auto-brake system called Pre-Collision Safety (it also detects pedestrians), adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic high beam and a sensor that reads and displays road signs.

2019 Toyota Camry

Want more? Excel, the one pictured here, is £31,295, and adds 18-inch 10-spoke alloys, upgraded dual-beam projector LED headlights, LED fog lights, blind spot monitor and wireless smartphone charging.

Because the Camry comes on a boat from America, Toyota has limited the choice of colours down to just five.

2019 Toyota Camry

Every new UK-spec Camry is a hybrid, with the ‘self-charging’ 2.5-litre system that produces 215 horsepower, but emits incredibly low levels of CO2 for such a large petrol car: between 98g/km and 101g/km.

Combined fuel economy, on the stricter new WLTP combined cycle, is equally good: 50.5mpg to 53.3mpg.

We first drove the Toyota Camry back in late 2017, during testing for the World Car Awards. It impressed us with its refinement and quality; we described it as “Lexus-like”. Its arrival fills the gap in Toyota’s range previously occupied by the Avensis. 

Separately, a Honda executive revealed to Motoring Research last year that it has no plans to follow Toyota’s lead and bring back the U.S.-built Accord to Britain