SEMA 2020 Jack Roush Edition Mustang

This Roush Ford Mustang has an incredible 775 HP supercharged engine

SEMA 2020 Jack Roush Edition MustangOne of the major stars of the 2019 SEMA Show was a new limited-edition Mustang by famed tuning company Roush Performance. 

Designed to celebrate the induction of company founder Jack Roush into the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the 2020 Jack Roush Edition Mustang will see just 70 units produced.

To be fair, commemorating success with a muscle car powered by a 775 horsepower supercharged V-8 engine is far more exciting than cake or balloons. 

A true motorsport legend

SEMA 2020 Jack Roush Edition MustangJack Roush began his automotive career in the 1960s, initially working for Ford followed by a year with Chrysler. Roush would ultimately leave the major manufacturers to start his own engineering company. Roush Performance would begin in 1995.

Alongside running his businesses, Roush competed in various forms of motorsport, including NHRA drag racing, the IMSA GT series, and also the 24 hours of Daytona.

He founded his flagship NASCAR team in 1988, which has since competed in over 3,500 top-level Cup Series races, and seen his drivers win eight championships between them. It makes him the most successful team owner in NASCAR history. 

Help save the manuals!

SEMA 2020 Jack Roush Edition MustangHelping honor those achievements is the 2020 Jack Roush Edition Mustang, which hosts the most powerful engine ever fitted to a Roush Performance ‘Stang. 

At the core of this Mustang is a 5.0-liter V-8, fitted with a Roush Phase 3 supercharger, responsible for boosting total output to 775 horsepower. Torque is rated at an impressive 670 lb-ft. 

Roush is also keen to note that a six-speed manual transmission is fitted, making it one of the few remaining sports cars with a stick option.

A Roush active exhaust system gets added, along with a Powertrain Cooling Package to keep the engine, transmission, and differential chilled during track activities. 

Ready for the track

SEMA 2020 Jack Roush Edition MustangSuspension changes include the fitment of a custom-calibrated MagneRide setup, along with lowering springs and uprated Brembo brakes. Most impressive is the carbon fiber Active Aerodynamic rear spoiler, which adjusts to provide optimum downforce. 

An optional Competition Package can also be specified, which adds lightweight racing wheels combined with Continental racing slick rubber. Naturally, these can only be used on a race track, but do come with a track day-ready toolbox to help fit them.

For the interior, Roush fits a custom package that includes sports seats in a leather and suede combination. The steering wheel is also finished in suede for extra grip on track. 

Strictly limited supply

SEMA 2020 Jack Roush Edition MustangMaking sure everyone knows you have bought the Jack Roush Edition is an aero kit that includes a front splitter, functional hood vents, a rear diffuser, and a black rear panel. Special graphics and badging have also been added.

Roush plans to build just 70 examples of the Jack Roush Edition Mustang, with 60 of these allocated for North America. A further 10 have been reserved for international markets, with the first cars expected to be available in the spring of 2020.

It means if you happen to be a fan of Jack Roush, or just love quick Mustangs, you’ll need to be lucky to bag one of these special editions.

Mike Brewer Chevrolet Camaro SS

Chevrolet Camaro owned by TV’s Mike Brewer is heading to auction

Mike Brewer Chevrolet Camaro SSA 1968 Chevrolet Camaro, personally owned by Discovery Channel star Mike Brewer, will cross the block next month. 

Listed as part of the Classic Car Auctions December sale, the Camaro will be one of several American models up for grabs. 

However, this classic General Motors muscle car could prove to be a major star of the auction event.

Lovely jubbly!

Mike Brewer Chevrolet Camaro SSBrewer, best known for his role in Wheeler Dealers, bought the SS after a challenge by the president of the Camaro Club. Being told that he would never find an original Camaro SS, Brewer set out to do just that. 

Within 12 hours Mike had bought the 1968 example from Seattle, Washington. With just one owner, and a manual transmission, this was undoubtedly an incredible find.

Not content with just owning an amazing Camaro, Brewer then set to work having the SS restored and enhanced to his dream specification. 

Hold out your hand…

Mike Brewer Chevrolet Camaro SSThe 396-cubic inch (6.7-l) V-8 engine has been rebuilt, with a host of performance parts fitted. These include an Edelbrock inlet and carburettor, custom MagnaFlow exhaust system, and Classic Industries high-lift camshafts. 

Peak power from the engine is now said to exceed 410 horsepower. The four-speed Muncie manual transmission has been rebuilt, with a new fuel tank, new brakes, and upgraded suspension also added.

New carpets and headlining have been installed, with the paintwork refreshed to best capture the original Le Mans Blue. Optional Rally Sport headlight covers have been installed.

… you’ve got yourself a deal

Mike Brewer Chevrolet Camaro SSBrewer paid just $8,500 (£6,500) for the car originally, and has spent a considerable sum of money enhancing it. This means the estimated sale price of £50,000 to £60,000 ($64,500 to $77,000) seem relatively reasonable.

The Camaro is one of several American cars heading to the auction, which also includes a 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-C owned by Manchester City footballer Vincent Kompany.

A 1966 Ford Mustang, and a 1974 Chevrolet Corvette C3, are two other prime North American specimens ready for the block. The sale takes place on 7th December at the Warwickshire Event Centre. 

Formula 1 racing will be carbon-neutral by 2030

F1 net zero carbon 2030

F1 has announced it plans to reach ‘net zero carbon’ by 2030, and make its events fully sustainable by 2025.

What does this mean for the sport? Could the electric F1 car be on its way? Judging by the comments so far, not yet. The key word here is net. There’s talk of using hybrid systems, advanced sustainable fuels and energy recovery systems to reduce the sport’s carbon footprint. 

F1 net zero carbon 2030

“‘With over one billion of the 1.1 billion vehicles in the world powered by internal combustion engines, it has the potential to reduce carbon emissions globally,” said Chase Carey, CEO of Formula 1. “Few people know that the current F1 hybrid power unit is the most efficient in the world, delivering more power using less fuel, and hence CO2, than any other car.

“We believe F1 can continue to be a leader for the auto industry and work with the energy and automotive sector to deliver the world’s first net-zero carbon hybrid internal combustion engine that hugely reduces carbon emissions around the world.”

F1 also plans to adapt the rest of its operation towards the goal of net carbon neutrality. This includes the most efficient logistics possible, plus using offices, facilities and factories that are 100 percent renewably powered.

2025 – sustainable F1 events

F1 wants its events to be sustainable by 2025, which means using sustainable materials at events, and recycling or composting all waste. It also wants to incentivise fans to travel to F1 using greener means.

“In launching F1’s first-ever sustainability strategy, we recognise the critical role that all organisations must play in tackling this global issue,” Carey continued.

“By leveraging the immense talent, passion and drive for innovation held by all members of the F1 community, we hope to make a significant positive impact on the environment and communities in which we operate. The actions we are putting in place from today will reduce our carbon footprint and ensure we are net zero carbon by 2030.”

Girls given toy cars to combat gender stereotypes

Matchbox Mercedes-Benz car

Mercedes-Benz is donating 50,000 toy cars to young girls across America.

It’s part of a plan to challenge gender stereotypes while encouraging girls to pursue science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers.

More than 100 organisations will engineer toy racetracks, design cars, engage with female role models and attend STEM workshops. The aim: to expand how girls see their future.

Research show that women represent 29 percent of the current science and engineering workforce in the United States. When pressed for reasons for not majoring in STEM subjects, young women cite a lack of encouragement and role models.

Which is why Mercedes-Benz, in partnership with Mattel and the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP), launched the No Limits initiative.

The 50,000 girls participating in the No Limits project will be given a Matchbox Mercedes-Benz 220 SE toy car.

It was in this car that Ewy Rosqvist and co-driver Ursula Wirth became the first all-female crew to win a major rally. In 1962, Rosqvist won the Argentinian Touring Car Grand Prix, finishing over three hours ahead of the rest of the field.

‘Question the gender stereotypes’

Mercedes-Benz toy cars USA

“Whatever they aspire to be – an astronaut, engineer, judge, nurse, even the President, we want all children to dream big, dream bold and never give up on that dream,” said Mark Aikman, general manager of marketing services for Mercedes-Benz USA.

“We’ve seen that stories like Ewy’s – championing women trailblazers and achievers – can have a big impact by calling into question the gender stereotypes that children may inadvertently adopt.”

Karen Peterson, founder and CEO of NGCP, added: “The No Limits initiative is important to the future success of our young girls.

“Demand for workers with STEM-based skills is rapidly growing, yet women are still significantly underrepresented in these fields. We know that gender associations are formed at a very young age. We applaud Mercedes-Benz and Mattel in their efforts to breakdown the gender stereotypes that keep young girls from engaging in STEM studies.”

If you’re not one of the 50,000 girls who’ll be gifted a Matchbox Mercedes, the toy car will be sold in stores across America from December. Just in time for Christmas… 

1978 Ford Bronco NEC Auction

Rare 1978 Ford Bronco 4×4 ready for sale at British auction this weekend

1978 Ford Bronco NEC Auction This weekend will see a rare second-generation Ford Bronco making its way across the auction block. 

But this particular retro SUV is not for sale in the United States. Instead, it is being auctioned in the United Kingdom, as part of the 2019 NEC Classic Motor Show Sale arranged by SIlverstone Auctions.

It means British fans of American trucks have a rare opportunity to grab this in-demand full-size SUV, without the hassle of importing one.

1978 Ford Bronco NEC AuctionProduced for the 1978 and 1979 model years, the launch of the second-generation Ford Bronco was hit with several delays. The 1973 oil crisis saw full-size SUVs rapidly fall out of approval, with Ford pushing back the planned 1974 release date for the second-gen Bronco as a result. 

It meant that rivals such as the Dodge Ramcharger and Chevrolet K5 Blazer had already established a foothold in the market. Despite this, the second coming of the Bronco still proved popular. Buyers were happy to wait months to get hold of the three-door SUV.

The short production period has boosted the collectability of the second-generation Bronco, as has the anticipation for the new 2020 version.

1978 Ford Bronco NEC AuctionWhilst North America was the intended target for the second-gen Bronco, this particular example escaped across the Atlantic in April 1978. Ford UK shipped the Bronco to its Dunton Technical Centre, and registered it for use in the United Kingdom.

Fitted with the smaller 351-cubic inch (5.8-l) Cleveland V-8 engine, this Bronco left the factory with 156 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. A selectable four-wheel drive system is fitted, along with a four-speed manual transmission.

The Bronco was placed in dry storage between 1996 and 2019, meaning it has covered just 33,750 miles since new.

1978 Ford Bronco NEC AuctionAccording to the Silverstone Auctions, substantial amounts of paperwork are present to support the ownership of the Bronco by Ford UK. A subsequent transfer to Ford New Holland in 1991 is also covered by the included paper records. 

In 1998 the Bronco was sold to a former Ford employee, before finally becoming the property of the current vendor. 

Restoration work was started by the previous owner, and continued by the seller. The period correct Silver Metallic paint has been resprayed, whilst new leather has been added to the four seats inside. 

1978 Ford Bronco NEC AuctionOpportunities to buy a second-generation Ford Bronco in the United Kingdom are limited at best. It means the chance to hook one officially imported from new is likely to appeal to fans of American metal. 

The Bronco is being sold as part of two days of auction action during the 2019 NEC Classic Motor Show. Other vehicles crossing the block include a Jaguar XJ200 supercar, and a Mercedes-Benz previously owned by musician, Jay Kay.

Silverstone Auctions has estimated a sale price of £18,000 to £20,000 ($22,500 to $25,000) for the Bronco. The Ford UK provenance, plus the novelty of being an American retro SUV with a removable roof, should easily help it find a new owner.

Tesla gets top score in low-carbon assessment

Tesla Moody's carbon assessment

Electric automaker Tesla has received top marks in an environmental impact study. The Carbon Transitional Assessment (CTA) score is awarded by research and analytics group Moody’s, and measures how effectively a marque is transitioning to low carbon cars.

In the assessment of 20 car manufacturers, Tesla was the only brand to receive a top CT-1 score, with the lowest possible rating being CT-9. BMW, Honda, Geely and Toyota all got respectable marks, thanks to their low-emissions models.

Tesla Moody's carbon assessment

“Our new assessment gives us a way of monitoring progress in aligning with the low carbon transition,” said vice president of Moody’s, James Leaton. 

“2020 is set to be a critical year for automakers proving whether they can deliver electric vehicles at scale to achieve compliance in Europe and China.”

Moody’s says that car manufacturers should be aim to electrify at least a quarter of their fleets, in order to meet guidelines for sustainability set by the International Energy Agency.

Tesla misses out on top-10 sales spot

Tesla’s introduction of the Model 3 into the European market has markedly increased EV uptake. In September, the new all-electric executive car was Europe’s 11th best-seller. Tesla’s market share for EVs in Europe is nearly 50 percent. 

Meanwhile, in the second-hand market, it was recently revealed that the all-electric Renault Zoe is the UK’s fastest-selling used car

SEMA 2003 Ford Thunderbird BaT Charity Sale

Buy this SEMA star Ford Thunderbird and do your bit for charity

SEMA 2003 Ford Thunderbird BaT Charity Sale

With the 2019 SEMA Show currently dominating the automotive headlines, here is an opportunity to grab one of the cars previously shown at the Las Vegas event.

Compared to some of the modified metal on display at SEMA for 2019, this Ford Thunderbird is decidedly subtle.

Buying it also comes with the feel-good factor of helping support a charity, with the Childhelp organization set to benefit from 100 percent of the sale proceeds. Auction host Bring a Trailer will also donate the buyer’s fee to charity. 

It’s time to take flight

SEMA 2003 Ford Thunderbird BaT Charity Sale

Launched on a giant wave of expectation, the eleventh-generation Ford Thunderbird began production in 2001 for the 2002 model year. Retro-inspired styling was intended to evoke memories of the original Thunderbird, even though the personal luxury car market had all but ceased to exist. 

Although sales for the first year of the new Thunderbird exceeded predictions, every following year saw a continual decline. Ford finally pulled the plug in 2005, with a grand total of 68,000 examples produced.

With the passage of time, the eleventh-gen still Thunderbird looks reassuringly handsome, and this particular car has benefitted from neat show enhancements. 

Tangerine dream

SEMA 2003 Ford Thunderbird BaT Charity Sale

This 2003 model year Thunderbird was modified from new by DeBerti Design. The California-based speed shop has recently found fame through the Discovery Channel’s ‘Twin Turbos’ TV show. 

For the Thunderbird, Doug DeBerti smoothed the bodywork by deleting the side markers and fog lights. Also removed were the porthole windows from the removable hardtop roof, whilst a custom aluminum front fascia was installed.

Once completed, the car was then resprayed in the distinctive Tangerine Orange color. DeBerti also added ghost flames along each side, which are barely visible unless close up.  

Chopped and dropped to the floor

SEMA 2003 Ford Thunderbird BaT Charity Sale

To help the car sit better on the custom 20-inch Colorado chrome wheels, multiple modifications were made to the chassis and suspension. The Thunderbird received a 2-inch drop at the front, with the rear now closer to the ground by 3 inches. 

DeBerti left the 3.9-liter AJ35 V-8 engine untouched for SEMA. Standard output from this motor was 280 horsepower, with an accompanying 286 lb-ft of torque. A five-speed automatic transmission sends this all to the rear wheels. 

Despite being a sixteen-year-old, this T-bird has covered only 9,600 miles since new.  A service in October 2019 included an oil change, along with a pre-sale inspection being carried out. 

Leather-clad luxury

SEMA 2003 Ford Thunderbird BaT Charity Sale

DeBerti also modified the interior of the Thunderbird, adding seats which were upholstered in leather from Classic Soft Trim. The combination of red and white inserts contrasts with the overall black finish to the cabin.

Standard equipment when new included six-way power adjustable seats, keyless entry, and a stereo system with a subwoofer. Automatic headlights and dual-zone climate control were also fitted from the factory. 

The power-folding convertible roof is finished in black cloth and, with the removable hard top, gives the buyer the option to use this T-Bird all year. 

Doing it for the kids

SEMA 2003 Ford Thunderbird BaT Charity Sale

All proceeds from the sale of the Thunderbird will be donated to the Childhelp charity, which currently owns the title to the car. Childhelp specializes in providing support to abused, neglected, and at-risk children, through intervention and community work. 

Even if the legacy of the eleventh-generation Thunderbird might not have lived up to the original hype, this is an opportunity to own a true piece of SEMA Show history. 

Bidding on Bring a Trailer closes on Monday November 11th, with the final price likely to appear something of a bargain against the cars on display at SEMA this year.

2021 Chevrolet Silverado HD Carhartt Edition

Chevrolet reveals 2021 Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition for SEMA

2021 Chevrolet Silverado HD Carhartt EditionThree years after displaying a concept version the 2017 SEMA Show, Chevrolet has announced a production Silverado made in collaboration with Carhartt.

The link up with the Detroit-based clothing manufacturer is intended to create the “ultimate hard-working truck”, and sees a number of special features added.

Chevrolet already bills the current Heavy Duty range as the strongest, most capable, trucks in the Silverado lineage, which stretches back to 1999. 

Heavy Duty action machine

2021 Chevrolet Silverado HD Carhartt EditionAt the heart of the HD Carhartt Special Edition is a Silverado 2500 LTZ crew cab model. Chevrolet has specified key options as standard, including the Z71 Off-Road Package. This means Rancho shocks absorbers, Hill Descent Control, and extra skid plates all come fitted from the factory.

To ensure it stands out, the Carhartt Special Edition is finished in Mosaic Black Metallic paint on the outside. Also included is pinstripe detailing in the signature Carhartt gold color, adding extra definition to the big Chevy truck.

Gold Carhartt badges have also been added to the outside, along with black hood vents, a black Chevrolet bowtie emblem, and body-colored bumpers. A set of 20-inch alloy wheels with All-Terrain tires ensure it has a hardworking stance. 

Ready for a rugged lifestyle

2021 Chevrolet Silverado HD Carhartt EditionInside, the Carhartt Special Edition benefits from seats trimmed in exclusive two-tone Jet Black and Carhartt Brown leather. These also feature new stitching, along with that gold Carhartt logo making an appearance on the headrests. Carhartt-branded floor mats help finish the transformation.

According to Janet Ries, vice president of marketing at Carhartt, the new Silverado “represents a true collaboration of our brands coming together to create a durable, purpose-built truck for people who not only work hard on the jobsite, but also live a rugged lifestyle.” Originally founded in 1889, Carhartt is remarkable for still being a family-owned company.

Chevy truck fans have already endured a wait of three years for this special model, and are going to need to continue being patient. Sales of the Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition will begin in the fall of 2020, meaning plenty of time to ensure your wardrobe is stocked to match.

Jay Kay’s classic Mercedes estate heads to auction

Jay Kay Mercedes

Jay Kay has owned everything from a McLaren 675LT to a ‘Kermit Green’ LaFerrari. But the Mercedes-Benz estate heading under the hammer at this weekend’s NEC Classic Motor Show in Birmingham, England is a little more down-to-earth.

Not that it comes with a down-to-earth price tag. In fact, you could say that the pre-auction estimate for the 1983 Mercedes-Benz 280 TE wagon is cosmic, girl.

Silverstone Auctions has given the Thistle Green estate an estimate of between £20,000 to £25,000 ($26,000 to $32,000), which might seem steep for an ageing load-lugger, but there are many reasons why it stands every chance of reaching such heady heights.

The celebrity factor shouldn’t be underestimated. Although the Jamiroquai frontman only bought the car in 2009, his reputation as a collector of fine vehicles gives it real provenance. One suspects that Jay Kay doesn’t buy just any old motor.

But there’s more to this Mercedes-Benz than a link to a music icon. The estate version of the W123 series Mercedes is regarded as one of the finest vehicles of its kind – people pay good money for fine examples.

The original Mercedes ‘Stationswagen’

Jay Kay Mercedes estate

Known as the ‘T’ (for Tourism and Transport) – with an internal designation of ‘S’ for Stationwagen – this was the company’s first production estate car. Although it was technically similar to the saloon, the estate had a bespoke feel, thanks to upgrades including self-levelling hydropneumatic rear suspension and carpeting throughout.

These vehicles were pressed into hard service, often used on business during the week and for family and lifestyle reasons at the weekend. Which is why it’s remarkable that this 1983 car has covered a mere 30,000 miles from new. It would appear that Jay Kay has added just 1,500 miles during his time, which suggests he’d prefer to drive his Enzo or LaFerrari.

It’s also worth noting that the car’s MOT expired in August 2019, so the winning bidder won’t be driving it away from the NEC unless it’s tested before the auction.

Jay Kay Mercedes interior

The 280 TE, powered by the six-cylinder petrol engine, is the pinnacle of the W123 estate range, and Jay Kay’s motor features cruise control, air conditioning, ABS, alloy wheels and headlight wash-wipe.

It’s not cheap, but when you consider that the top estimate is roughly the same as an entry-level Mercedes-Benz A-Class or GLA, it begins to make more sense. Besides, neither of these cars offers a rear-facing child bench in the boot.

If Jay Kay’s Mercedes-Benz appeals to you, it will be going under the hammer at the NEC Classic Motor Show Sale on 9 November 2019.

1999 Honda Civic Si Heritage SEMA Show

Is this Honda Civic Si at SEMA the ultimate import tuner icon?

1999 Honda Civic Si Heritage SEMA ShowOne of the highlights on the Honda stand for the 2019 SEMA Show will be a tuned 1999 Honda Civic Si, taken from the company’s heritage collection.

Set to be placed alongside a range of modified modern Hondas, this 20-year-old example demonstrates just how far the company, and tuning trends, have come. 

But what is it that makes this compact coupe such an icon of the import tuning scene?

Gonna party like it’s 1999

1999 Honda Civic Si Heritage SEMA ShowCan 1999 really be that long ago? From worries about the Millenium Bug, to the debut of The Matrix in cinemas, the sixth-generation Civic Si coupe inhabits an era old enough for this car to classed as ‘heritage’ by American Honda.

The sixth-gen Civic Si was sold for only two model years between 1999 and 2000, making it a relative rarity. But it finally brought the mythical B16A2 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine to the United States Civic.

Previously featured in the open-top del Sol two-seater, the B16A2 produced 160 horsepower at an incredible 7,600 rpm, and would rev all the way to an 8,000 rpm redline. It would also accelerate the EM1 Civic Si from 0-60 mph in 7.1 seconds, with the accompanying aural kick of the DOHC VTEC system.

Up for the challenge

1999 Honda Civic Si Heritage SEMA ShowHonda had clearly sensed that the Civic Si coupe would have major appeal to the tuning scene, and used is part of the eponymous Civic Si Challenge in 2000.

This saw competitors invited to spend a $10,000 budget to create the ultimate street, drag, or show car version of the new Civic Si. The cars were then subjected to a number of tests, designed to evaluate who had done the best job. 

The car set to be featured at SEMA this year was created by Super Street magazine, who won the top prize in the 2000 contest. Along with the glory of winning, a 1:18-scale diecast replica of the finished car was created by Mattel.

Think less Plain Jane, more blank canvas

1999 Honda Civic Si Heritage SEMA ShowWhat the Super Street-created car did was show the inherent potential within the Civic Si. On leaving the factory, the standard car was a fairly indistinctive-looking two-door coupe, with only a handful of small decals to show how special it was. 

Yet that was simply a blank canvas for modifiers to put their own personal stamp on the Civic shape. You only need to look at the ‘shopping list’ of parts on the SEMA Civic, featuring brands like Wings West, Momo, and Racing Hart to understand the range of options tuners had available. 

A price of $17,445 in 1999, slightly more than a base V-6 Ford Mustang, also made the Civic Si accessible to a wide range of potential owners. Honda does not have exact figures, but estimates around 30,000 of the two-door Si models found homes between 1999 and 2000.

A screaming VTEC legacy

1999 Honda Civic Si Heritage SEMA ShowThe affordable and tunable legacy the 1999 Civic Si left, is one that Honda is still keen to pursue today. The current 2020 Civic Si Coupe might be turbocharged, and won’t rev to 8,000 rpm, but it does cost only $25,200 and comes with 205 horsepower. 

A $25,000 price tag is also what buyers now need for the finest unmolested examples of the EM1 Civic Si, like this one which sold on Bring a Trailer last year. That may seem a lot of money for a simple Honda coupe from the 1990s, but it demonstrates the impact this car had. 

Although other cars on the import tuner scene may have had more power or fancier designs, the humble Civic Si managed to be an accessible starting point for many into the world of VTEC performance.