2019 Vision Mercedes Simplex

Radical Mercedes-Benz sculpture celebrates past and future models

2019 Vision Mercedes SimplexMercedes-Benz has unveiled a special sculpture, intended to recognise the development of the design language used by the brand

The Vision Mercedes Simplex is just for show, but incorporates styling cues taken from classic Mercedes models. Yet the materials used, and the technology contained within, are thoroughly modern in their origins. 

According to Mercedes-Benz, this sculpture shows that the company “is continuing to drive forward the transformation of the car and of mobility”.

The original Mercedes

2019 Vision Mercedes SimplexInspiration has been taken from the Mercedes 35 PS, built in 1901 as the first car to wear the Mercedes name. Created by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, it marked one of the earliest car designs to feature a bespoke chassis and a powerful engine. 

The 35 PS was also successful in early motorsport competition, dominating the 1901 Nice-La Turbie race week event. The race car could achieve speeds of up to 56 mph, and was also adapted for road use. 

Just like the 35 PS, the new Vision Mercedes Simplex has been created as a two-seater, with styling dominated by the large uncovered wheels.

2019 Vision Mercedes SimplexAlso taken from the 1901 original is the distinctive radiator grille. A rose gold surround has been used to emulate the bronze finish from the 35 PS. However, that car did not have a 3D black panel display to digitally display the Mercedes-Benz logo or other animations.

The technology is similar to that seen on the EQS concept car, revealed this week at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. 

There is no windscreen, and the rose gold bonnet latches are another neat nod towards the 35 PS. Wraparound LED rear lights are, however, totally contemporary in their execution.

Clean and contemporary 

2019 Vision Mercedes SimplexAn ultra-minimalist interior is, according to Mercedes, also said to pay homage to earlier racing models. Motorcycles and nautical elements are also said to have been incorporated into the exposed steering column and steering wheel.

It does give the Vision Mercedes Simplex a resemblance to a classic Ford Model T hot rod. Although we cannot recall seeing one of those fitted with an interactive digital instrument display, surrounded in rose gold. 

Chesterfield quilting has been used for the azure blue bench seat, whilst the storage compartment openers feature yet more rose gold. A handcrafted leather bag can also be found mounted between the rear wheels. 

2019 Vision Mercedes SimplexWhilst very much a concept, the Vision Mercedes Simplex is intended to illustrate the direction the company will take in the near future. 

Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener commented that only “a brand that is as strong as Mercedes-Benz is capable of the physical symbiosis of history and future” in creating the Vision Mercedes Simplex. Wagner also noted that the sculpture “symbolises the transformation of the brand-specific luxury of Mercedes-Benz”.

One of the four Mercedes-Benz International Design Centres is located in Nice, France, actually upon the route of the Nice-La Turbie race.

1989 Cadillac Trump Edition

You could come up golden with this rare 1989 Trump Cadillac

1989 Cadillac Trump EditionToday Donald Trump rides in a bespoke armored Cadillac limousine, used as the official United States presidential state car. 

However, Trump’s connection with custom stretched Cadillacs goes back to the 1980s. A partnership with coachbuilders and Cadillac saw a range of custom limos offered. 

One of these rare creations is now being listed for auction at the forthcoming Mecum Louisville sale, later this month. 

“The point is that you can’t be too greedy”

1989 Cadillac Trump EditionRewind three decades, and Donald J. Trump was the feted business icon of New York City. His deals were buying up large chunks of prime Manhattan real estate, and his 1987 Art of the Deal book made him a household name.

Trump approached Cadillac with the idea of making the most luxurious limousine ever built. A partnership with Dillinger-Gaines Coachworks was made on the basis of 50 examples being ordered by the President.

Two versions were planned, based upon the Brougham sedan. An entry-level Executive Series was priced from $55,000, whilst the opulent $65,000 Gold Edition would – naturally – include extravagant gold trim throughout.

1989 Cadillac Trump EditionGold Edition cars received gold pinstriping to the exterior bodywork, along with copious amounts of gold trim for the interior metalwork. Acres of rosewood and leather were also used.  

A unique front grille with vertical slats was also added, along with a raised vinyl roof and distinctive brushed metal side pillars. 

Inside would be every item that a 1980s business titan would need. This included a TV, VCR, fax machine, and even a paper shredder. Three cellular phones were added, along with writing desks and a built-in safe.

“Sometimes it pays to be a little wild”

1989 Cadillac Trump EditionDespite being notably teetotal, the Gold Edition even included a crazy ‘Perm-a-Pub’ bar system. A variety of drinks could be dispensed, with the licquor itself stored in trunk-mounted containers.

After the initial enthusiasm, Trump was said to have pulled back on the order for 50 cars. Instead, he reportedly ordered just one example for himself, whilst the weak financial market did not help demand from others. 

The final number of Trump limos made is disputed. Some sources suggest only two were created, whilst even the highest estimates suggest only seven examples were built. 

1989 Cadillac Trump EditionCuriously, the seller appears to have missed photographing many of the major Trump Gold Edition signifiers.  These include the ‘Trump Cadillac’ badging to the chrome B-pillar, and embroidered Trump logo on the rear seats. 

The gold Cadillac hood ornament also appears to have vanished, whilst the original Vogue-branded tires with gold pinstripes were replaced after clocking up 14,000 miles. 

Mecum Auctions does note that seller has all the paperwork from new, plus relevant brochures and instruction manuals.  

As with any car offered at auction, interested bidders should always make their own enquiries and use the opportunity to inspect a vehicle before flashing the cash. 

“Get in, get it done, get it done right, and get out”

1989 Cadillac Trump EditionIn terms of just how much money will secure this stretch Caddy, a remarkably similar Trump Gold Edition sold at auction earlier this year. 

The Barrett-Jackson Northeast 2019 sale saw a blue 1989 Trump Gold Edition achieve only $8,250 including fees, when it crossed the block on June 27th. 

Buying a thirty-year-old Cadillac limousine is always likely to be a niche prospect, although a genuine Trump connection could create some degree of collectability. 

1989 Cadillac Trump EditionIn the United Kingdom, a Trump Edition limousine – said to have been used by a family member – was offered for £50,000 ($61,500) in 2017. 

A Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster, actually owned and used by Trump, sold in 2016 for $460,000 on an eBay listing.

This lengthy Cadillac will cross the block on Friday September 20th at the Mecum Louisville sale. For those wanting something a little less golden, a further 600 cars will also be on sale over the auction weekend.

BaT 224mph Chrysler LeBaron

Go flat out with this incredible 224 mph Chrysler LeBaron

BaT 224mph Chrysler LeBaronThe third-generation Chrysler LeBaron is not a car typically associated with high performance. 

However, this special machine available on auction website Bring a Trailer might just manage to change your mind

With a potential top speed in excess of 220 mph, and even a Guinness World Record under its belt, this is anything but your grandfather’s LeBaron.

Born to run

BaT 224mph Chrysler LeBaronClearly this is not a regular road-going production LeBaron. Instead, this is a bespoke tube-framed race car, built in 1987 to compete in stock racing competitions. 

Initially it wore a Buick Somerset-inspired bodyshell. It was subsequently bought by a Chrysler-backed racing team, who added the LeBaron design and a 383-cubic inch Dodge NASCAR V-8 racing engine.

Several more years of racing in the ARCA series followed, before the car was finally sold to famed Open Road racer Chuck Shafer in 1995. 

BaT 224mph Chrysler LeBaronShafer wanted the car to compete in the Silver State Challenge event, held on a 90-mile closed stretch of the State Route 318 public highway in Nevada. 

In order to accomodate Shafer, and his navigator Gary Bockman, modifications were made including the installation of a pair of bucket racing seats and extra roll bars. 

The package worked, as Shafer and Bockman took victory in the 1999 Silver State Challenge, clocking an average speed of 199.99 mph along the route.

Setting new records in the desert sun

BaT 224mph Chrysler LeBaronA year later, Shafer and Bockman made the history books, recording an average speed of 207.8 mph on the event in May 2000. This led to the race being branded as the “fastest road race in the world” by the Guinness World Records company. 

It was on this occasion that the LeBaron posted a recorded top speed of 224 mph – comfortably quicker than what a usual ‘87 Chrysler would hit on a public highway. 

Shafer sadly passed away in the early 2000s, with the car then left unused until 2007. Then it was again entered in the Silver State Classic, driven by Gary Bockman. Shafer’s wife Cinde served as the navigator, with the duo finishing seventh in the 150 mph class.

BaT 224mph Chrysler LeBaronThe car was more recently displayed at the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon, following its retirement from racing. 

A rebuild on the Dodge NASCAR V-8 was undertaken in 2007, with the car having covered little ground since it last raced. An inspection and fluid flush has reportedly been undertaken prior to being listed for sale. 

Sending power to the rear wheels is a Tex Racing four-speed manual transmission, connected to a floating 9-inch differential. 

Ready for the next challenge

BaT 224mph Chrysler LeBaronDisc brakes and coil suspension are set up for open road racing, although the seller notes the car could be adapted for other types of competition. A set of 15-inch racing wheels are currently wearing Goodyear Eagle slick tires. 

The bodywork has been modified to cope with the high speed of open road competition, whilst the side windows can be removed for access. 

A removable steering wheel, Hurst gear shifter, and a Terratrip rally computer can be found in the cockpit. Race history paperwork, including the prized Guinness World Record achievement, will also be included in the sale. 

BaT 224mph Chrysler LeBaronThis car was previously listed on Bring a Trailer in March this year, where a bid of $17,250 failed to meet the reserve price. Now it is listed without reserve, offering a potentially affordable option to buy an award-winning race car. 

As one commenter on Bring a Trailer has noted: “Forget the fact that this car has a LeBaron body. The body doesn’t matter. The AVERAGING of 207.8 mph does… for ninety miles!! On a public high desert highway”. A neat reminder of just how fast this car is. 

To bag this true record-breaking LeBaron, you’ll need to be almost as quick as the Mopar machine itself. Bidding closes on Thursday September 12th, meaning you will just miss out on the chance to race in the Silver State Classic this year

Tesla Model 3 UK deliveries

Tesla shock: Model 3 becomes a UK top-10 best-seller

Tesla Model 3 UK deliveries

Tesla has helped create a stir in the UK new car registrations rankings in August thanks to the successful introduction of the Model 3 electric car.

The brand is listed under the ‘Other’ category by UK trade body the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders – and, in an unprecedented result, this category came out THIRD in the August best-sellers rankings, ahead of top sellers such as Ford Focus, Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Vauxhall Corsa.

It was an 847 percent increase for the ‘other imports’ category, driven largely by the long-awaited British introduction of the U.S.-built Model 3.

Tesla Model 3

Following a launch ceremony on June 20th, UK Model 3 deliveries gathered pace during August, which also contributed to a 377 percent increase in fully electric car deliveries in August, to 3,147 models.

In August 2018, just 659 battery electric vehicles were delivered to UK customers.

Tesla has previously not registered enough cars in Britain to be listed as a separate brand in the rankings. The immediate success of the Model 3 suggests this may soon change.

Motoring Research has approached the electric car firm for comment.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla boost helped limit last month’s decline in UK new car registrations to 1.6 percent. That’s just 1,521 fewer cars than August 2018.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: “August is typically the new car market’s quietest month so the huge increase in EV registrations is very visible but especially welcome. It’s great to see consumers respond to the massive industry investment made over many years.

“While this is encouraging, these figures also show the scale of the challenge ahead. It’s a long road to zero and while manufacturers can deliver the technology, they can’t dictate the pace of uptake.

“To support a smooth transition and deliver environmental gains now, we need a long-term government commitment to measures that give consumers confidence to invest in the latest technologies that best suit their needs.”

August 2019 new car best sellers

1: Ford Fiesta

2: Volkswagen Golf

3: Other

4: Ford Focus

5: Mercedes-Benz A-Class

6: Ford Kuga

7: Volkswagen T-Roc

8: Volkswagen Tiguan

9: Vauxhall Corsa

10: Ford Ecosport

Lewis Hamilton invests in meat-free burger chain

Lewis Hamilton invests in meat-free burger chain

Jim Clark had farming, Niki Lauda had his airline and Lewis Hamilton already has interests in the fashion industry. Now the British champion has invested in a meat-free burger chain. 

The business is called Neat Burger, and will use plant-based substitutes for meat. His co-investors are Ryan Bishti, a nightclub mogul, and Tommaso Chiabra, a backer of the US vegan burger maker, Beyond Meat.

Its first outlet opened near Regent Street in London yesterday (Monday, 2 September). Sites in Covent Garden and Kings Cross will follow, along with a US and European launch. A total of £15 million ($18 million) is being raised to fund the expansion. 

Hamilton’s high-steaks investment

Lewis Hamilton invests in meat-free burger chain

According to Bishti, Lewis has taken a sizeable stake in the endeavour. As the UK’s richest sportsperson, he can afford to branch out. Meat-free eating is close to Hamilton’s heart, too. He’s a noted public proponent of vegetarianism and veganism. 

Beyond Meat has been working with the new chain to develop a plant-based imitation of meat, down to the infusing of beetroot juice so the patty can ‘bleed’. Beyond Meat’s other partners in meat-free food development include Honest Burgers and KFC on the development of a chicken substitute.

“We are not aiming for vegans or a plant-based niche, we are aiming to convert meat-eaters,” Bishti said.

“We are part of a movement happening when you look at the world today in the Amazon with deforestation for crops and agri-farming. This is a perfect way to make a change.”

Lewis Hamilton invests in meat-free burger chain

Meat-free foods are a solid area of investment for Hamilton. This year alone the beef industry has been taking a lot of criticism for its contribution to climate change.

The Vegan Society claims the number of vegans in the UK has shot up from 150,000 to over 600,000 during the last five years.


Corvette Museum takes delivery of a prototype C8

New C8 Corvette at the Corvette Museum

The Corvette Museum in Kentucky has taken delivery of a new C8 Stingray. The car is a prototype used for powertrain development and will remain on display for the foreseeable future.

It was built in 2018 and used primarily at the Milford Proving Ground in Michigan to record data from the 6.2-litre LT2 V8 engine. To that end, it was kitted out with a variety of sensors to measure efficiency, emissions and performance.

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While testing, it wore a good deal of camouflage, which has been stripped off for this display. What lies beneath is a patchwork Corvette, with a white bumper, white sills, black wheels, blackened ‘dummy’ lights and black bodywork.

Joining it will be a 40 percent-scale clay model of the new C8 from 2014. This was for aerodynamic testing, with ink drops used to demonstrate air flow.

New C8 Corvette at the Corvette Museum

The C8 is the most hotly-anticipated Corvette in the model’s near-70-year history. Neither development models will be far from base camp, given the National Corvette Museum is minutes from the Bowling Green production facility. 

The mid-engined Corvette has, of course, been a long time coming. Corvette design and race legend Zora Arkus-Duntov campaigned for the engine to move amidships as early as the late 1950s.

BaT 1994 Audi RS2 Avant in USA

No need to wait for a fast Audi station wagon with this RS2 Avant

BaT 1994 Audi RS2 Avant in USAAmerican Audi fans have long been denied access to the hottest RS-branded station wagons

That will change with the new 2020 RS6 Avant but, for those who just cannot wait, Bring a Trailer has a solution.

Up for auction right now is this rare 1994 Audi RS2 Avant, taking advantage of its 25-year-old age to become eligible for import into the USA.

Vorsprung Durch Technik 

BaT 1994 Audi RS2 Avant in USAThe limited-edition five-door RS2 Avant was developed in partnership with Porsche, using the Audi 80 sedan as a base. 

Production was undertaken between March 1994 and May 1995, with around 2,900 examples leaving the factory. The majority remained in Europe, with a handful of cars escaping overseas. None came officially to the United States. 

This particular car was sold new to an Italian buyer, before spending time in Belgium. It made the trip to the U.S. in May 2019, and is currently residing with the seller in Englewood, Colorado.

BaT 1994 Audi RS2 Avant in USAThe joint venture with Porsche resulted in substantial changes to the regular Audi 80 Avant. Styling changes included a front bumper inspired by a Porsche 911, whilst between the rear lights is a strip intended to replicate the rump of a Carrera 4.

Porsche’s 911 sports car also supplied the side mirrors for the RS2 Avant, along with the 17-inch ‘Cup’ alloy wheels, and the upgraded Brembo brakes which hide behind them. 

Discreet badges inscribed with ‘RS2 Porsche’ are the other subtle hints that this is not your average Audi station wagon.

The practical Porsche in disguise

BaT 1994 Audi RS2 Avant in USAPorsche was also involved in upgrading the 2.2-liter five-cylinder gasoline engine found beneath the hood of the RS2. In came a larger KKK turbocharger, combined with strengthened internals for the motor. 

Peak output was boosted to 315 horsepower, matched with 302-lb ft of torque. A six-speed manual transmission fed this power to all four wheels, using Audi’s iconic Quattro drivetrain. 

Performance was suitably startling. 0-30mph was clocked at a record-breaking 1.5 seconds, with 0-62mph taking 4.8 seconds. Top speed was 163mph, making this a seriously quick wagon for the early 1990s. 

BaT 1994 Audi RS2 Avant in USAInterior changes included a pair of Recaro bucket seats in the front, with the ones in this particular car finished in a leather and Alcantara combination. 

A three-spoke steering wheel was also added, along with a white-faced speedometer reading all the way to 180 mph. 

This car features wood trim in place of the optional carbon fiber finish. The black headliner has been replaced, whilst a new Blaupunkt stereo head unit has also been fitted.

Living the American Dream 

BaT 1994 Audi RS2 Avant in USAFollowing importation in May 2019, the dealership selling the RS2 has had small dents repaired ahead of sale. Work was undertaken on the air-conditioning system in August 2019 to fix a leaking line.

Servicing records from Europe are provided. These are said to show the belts and water pump being replaced in November 2018, along with engine oil, coolant, and other fluids being changed. 

Importantly, the RS2 is registered on a clean Colorado title, along with plenty of documentation from its life in Europe. The odometer currently displays a recorded 89,000 kilometers – equivalent to 55,000 miles.

BaT 1994 Audi RS2 Avant in USAAs the first RS-badged car, the RS2 Avant has established a cult following in both Europe and further afield. The relative rarity, and the incredible performance on offer, makes them a prized purchase. 

With news of Audi bringing the 2020 RS6 Avant to the USA, interest in classic examples like this RS2 is only likely to increase. 

Bidding on Bring a Trailer is open until Wednesday September 4th, with the car already attracting substantial interest from the hundreds of comments on the website.

Bugatti is first to break the 300mph barrier

Bugatti Chiron 300mph

Bugatti is officially back as the king of speed. Driving a specially-prepared Chiron, race ace Andy Wallace burst through the 300mph barrier, achieving a top speed of 304.77mph at Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien test-track.

It beats the official 277mph record that Koenigsegg scored two years ago with the Agera RS. 

The 300mph Bugatti

Bugatti Chiron 300mph

As you can tell by looking at the pictures, this is no ordinary Chiron (if any Chiron could be called ‘ordinary’). It features extensive modifications, both visible and under the skin, to make it a 300mph car.

At such speeds, the air is your enemy. To help defeat it, the Chiron has modified bodywork, including a 250mm longer tail with a reduced cross-section for increased stability.

Stacked quad exhausts protrude from the rear, to keep the hot gasses from interrupting airflow. These were also seen recently on the Bugatti Centodieci ‘EB110 tribute’, revealed at Pebble Beach. 

Bugatti Chiron 300mph

Speaking of interrupting airflow, this is the first Bugatti of the modern era without any sort of spoiler, active or fixed. The Chiron’s hydraulic item has been ditched to save weight. At the front, the horseshoe grille is engorged, along with the flanking vents, to suck in as much air as possible and cool the Chiron’s many radiators.

The front wheelarches evacuate air through new vents in the bodywork. The ones on the top, in particular, are very reminiscent of the EB110 SS.

Those radiators have more work to do than ever. The 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 engine in this prototype produces 1,600hp. That power goes to all four wheels via the regular Chiron transmission. On the inside, the passenger seat has been removed, although we don’t expect any production version to be a single-seater.

Bugatti Chiron 300mph

When the Chiron was first revealed, Bugatti seemed nonplussed about speed records. The car could top 260mph, but was electronically limited. It dismissed questions about an attempt, saying tyres were the limiting factor.

Clearly that’s no longer the case. Michelin has been working closely with the marque on the triple-tonne project over the past six months.

Bugatti Chiron 300mph

As for what this new Chiron actually is, it’s not clear. At the moment, it’s a one-off. Bugatti refers to it as ‘a near-production derivative of the hyper sportscar Chiron’, so we can probably expect a limited run soon, akin to the Veyron Super Sport of 2010.

You can bet Bugatti’s sales team are already fielding phone calls from people whose bank balances have more digits than their phone numbers… 

14th Dalai Lama 1966 Land Rover auction

The Dalai Lama once owned this classic Land Rover up for auction

14th Dalai Lama 1966 Land Rover auctionMany cars come to auction with celebrity ownership stories. But very few will have ownership provenance like this humble Land Rover

Forget being part of a collection owned by a sports star or musician. This 1966 Series IIA was originally the property of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

It was even used as his official vehicle during the early years of his exile to India, and this special vehicle will soon be available for auction.

Holy roller

14th Dalai Lama 1966 Land Rover auctionBuilt in February 1966, the 88-inch short-wheelbase station wagon was delivered to Nepal the same month. 

There it entered ownership of the Dalai Lama, and became his personal vehicle. Based on the documents shown by RM Sotheby’s, the name of His Holiness, Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, does appears on Indian registration documents. 

Befitting the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama did not drive the Land Rover himself. Instead, his brother (Tenzin Cheogyal) took responsibility for ferrying him around the rocky roads of the Dharamsala region of India. 

14th Dalai Lama 1966 Land Rover auctionFor a decade the Series IIA was put to use in the hills of India, whilst the Dalai Lama remained exiled from Tibet. Tenzin Cheogyal was in charge of maintaining the Land Rover and its four-cylinder engine. 

Even after His Holiness had stopped using the Series IIA, Tenzin Cheogyal and his family continued to keep it running until 2005.

Then the four-wheel drive vehicle was donated to the Dalai Lama Foundation in Palo Alto, California in December 2005. The aim was to help raise funds for Tibetan refugees living in the United States.

Reborn from the original

14th Dalai Lama 1966 Land Rover auctionUpon arrival in California, it became clear that the Land Rover was in need of restoration work to capture its original glory. 

Worked on by Land Rover specialists throughout 2006, the final bill for repairs came to an impressive $49,000 (£40,000). This included bringing the classic Bronze Green paint scheme back to life.

Tenzin Cheogyal had preserved the original seats, interior parts, and even the tires from when the vehicle was new, adding to its history.

14th Dalai Lama 1966 Land Rover auctionDue to the incredible ownership lineage of this particular Series IIA, it has been the cover star of Land Rover Lifestyle magazine. Original documents, including the insurance policy listing His Holiness as the owner are included as part of the sale. 

The Series IIA is set to be sold at the RM Sotheby’s Auburn Fall sale, held at Auburn Auction Park in Auburn, Indiana. 

Crossing the block on Saturday August 31st, bidding is expected to be high for the chance to own this unique vehicle.

Porsche expands US subscription service

Four new North American cities join Porsche subscription schemes

Porsche expands US subscription servicePorsche has announced the expansion of its vehicle subscription and rental schemes to four new cities across North America.

The news follows an 18-month pilot scheme, undertaken in Atlanta, Georgia, which saw more than 1 million miles driven. In addition, 80 percent of users in the trial period were new to the Porsche brand.  

Now San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Toronto residents will all be able to access Porsche Passport and Porsche Drive. 

Passport to a new motoring lifestyle

Porsche expands US subscription servicePorsche Passport is the company’s monthly subscription service. Users can reserve a range of Porsche cars via a smartphone app, and swap their ride as many times as they like.

Cars are then delivered to the user by a concierge, and collected when they are finished with it. The aim is to offer drivers the flexibility to use a car which meets their changing needs. 

Passport subscriptions start at $2,100 per month for ‘Launch’ specification cars. This set of six cars includes the 718 Cayman and Panamera. 

Upgrading to the $3,100 per month ‘Accelerate’ plan opens up the potential for seven more cars, which includes the Porsche 911 Carrera.

Get ready for date night in style

Porsche expands US subscription serviceBy contrast, Porsche Drive is aimed at short-term rental users who may need a Porsche for a few hours or days. 

Porsche believes that this could be for useful for weekend getaways, or even just making ‘date night’ extra special. 

As with Porsche Passport, rental users can have cars delivered and collected to locations which suit them best.

Increasing the options

Porsche expands US subscription serviceExpanding these two programmes in North America adds to the growing number of options for people to drive a Porsche. In California, Porsche worked with car-sharing outfit Turo to offer the Porsche Host service.  

Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA, commented that the expansion is important “because consumers increasingly want more flexibility, more individual choice, and to have this on their mobile devices.

“We want these consumers to have the same superb level of Porsche experience that we provide for our customers who buy or lease”.