MRAdvent 4 Dec: Driving Home for Christmas

Driving Home For Christmas

You get the distinct impression Chris Rea spends an awful lot of time just driving about. His love of cars has been well documented, but songs such as Looking for the SummerThe Road to Hell and Auberge bring to mind images of Middlesbrough’s finest at the wheel of his old Caterham Seven or a Ferrari.

Then there’s the Christmas favourite, Driving Home for Christmas. If our nation’s retail outlets are anything to go by, Chris sets off in mid October and normally arrives home about 6pm on Christmas Eve. That’s one heck of a long drive, Chris. One thing is for certain – according to this report in the Birmingham Post – he’ll be doing his level best to avoid the M6 outside Walsall.

The question is, what car would Chris Rea be driving? The Caterham Seven is too obvious and probably a bit draughty for a man of his age. No, we like to think of Chris Rea driving a MK1 Ford Granada, ashtray full of cigarette butts and some Ry Cooder playing on the eight-track.

MK1 Ford Granada

In so many ways, this video encapsulates the images that spring to mind when we hear the song. The slow and steady driving, the deep, crisp and even snow, along with scenes of a wintery nature. We understand the footage wasn’t recorded on the road between Congleton and Newcastle-under-Lyme. If only all commutes were this epic.

[bctt tweet=”Think of Chris Rea driving a MK1 Ford Granada, ashtray full of cigarette butts and Ry Cooder on the eight-track.” via=”no”]

It’s makes for strangely hypnotic viewing, even if we’re not entirely sure the driver actually made it home.

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